How Can I


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Y-Not - How Can I

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Y-not, a.rahimÂ…Â….
Hey tato,
Ever since youÂ’ve been gone,
ItÂ’s been going up and down for me and my moms, u just/
Left without a warning, or a proper goodbye/
God took you away from us and we donÂ’t really know why/
I see you looking down, from them clear blue skys/
With a grin on your face, and a wink from your eye/
Wish you were here, by my side/
Telling me how proud you are, ‘cuz i signed that dotted line/
All this pain, that iÂ’m trying to hide/
ItÂ’s been really building up for a real long time/
But now i donÂ’t feel like my tung is tied,
You turned me into the man i am, that i canÂ’t denie/
Even to this day, i canÂ’t believe your gone, and i/
Want you to know that we all still mourn/
And your memory, lives on and on/
Our heart, minds and souls, canÂ’t live without your love/
How can i live,
How can i breathe,
How can i eat, without your love/
How can i sleep,
How can i see,
How can i go on without your love/
‘cuz everytime that i try to forget,
My broken heart donÂ’t wanna quit/
How can i live,
How can i breathe,
How can i eat without your loving.
ItÂ’s been over 2 years since you left this earth,
Now youÂ’re in godÂ’s care but we still search/
For the reason he decided to take you away,
I never got the chance to tell you what i wanted to say/
You should see moms now, she will never be the same/
All we have left of you, is some old picture frames/
But donÂ’t worry about it dad, not to much/
I stepped up to the plate ever since you left us/
Mom is in good hands, in god we trust/
Now the familyÂ’s stronger, we try to keep in touch/
I tell my nieces and my nephews, to keep their head up/
‘cuz the love you have for them will never stop.
Ohh, ohh, ohh!
You werenÂ’t always the perfect man/
Sometimes you would freak out, make my mamma real sad/
Sometimes you would leave and not come back for days/
Hustling and gambling, trying to get paid/
But still i knew, that was the only way/
You could make that money dad, everyday/
(build up)
(chorus) {#2}
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