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Valery Gore - Delorla

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I feel so bombarded by this twisted rage
No one's to say what I'll do, but
I will lead you around the kitchen floor behind
Our home's closed doors
Toes are fragile and we
Try to step around the cracks in my mind

Rattle snakes
It's very bold
But I don't think you should go alone
Take me with you off to
My inner catastrophe

The tide won't bite, but you never know
Sure may try to tip your boat
I catch the rain with the only quench I will ever know

Through morning soft light I'll keep it
in my heart
You painting the world with your red dress
Kiss me, Delorla, stretch your arms around me
Neglect the world like some American president

You break it all with the slight of a hand
You break it all with the weight of your
Your red lips
Your dance steps and smooth hips
I'm a lucky man
Your calm words and laughter
And the space between your front teeth
The way you say I am not cruel to you
Thank you
Thank you

This life, so full of regret
It suffers you until you're only what
you dream
Not what you say out loud

You're screaming through the front door
I hear the cause in the trembling, my love
only in an empty house

Dance our favourite song, on the player piano
Toes were fragile and we tried to step around
The cracks in my mind

Kiss me, Delorla
Your hands moved like water

I'm a lucky man
I'm a lucky man Esta letra foi retirada do site

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