Life Is Great

The Young Playthings

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The Young Playthings - Life Is Great

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When you're young, everybody wants to go far
Whether it's to the moon or driving a convertible car
I do both and i go as fast as i can
I get my top down, my rockets on, so you can
Get your rocks off, oh you're such a man
My parents would hate to hear me say it,
But the game is beautiful, and so are the players

Hey life is great,
Yeah life is great,
Moving to la,
From the show me state,
Hey life is great,
We find ways to compensate

Beautiful bodies, they're are works of art,
With sculptured flesh, and plastic covering their hearts
[star] wanted to star in feature films,
But now she's featured in those different scenes,
Yeah so?
You know the scars don't show.
Push hard, now you know you were gonna get away
From the providing lines of life is the american way

Hey life is great,
Yeah life is great,
We'll be praying for soul to be saved,
Watching my face,
Oh so profane on a videotape

The industry reflects,
That you are all into me, i guess.
So iÂ’m sitting in secrecy
Whose lives are a mess? whose lives are a mess?

I drove into emptiness,
On the 101,
While the sun was setting on the west
The valley sleeps
Away its past.
Suburban backyards are silent
I get a roar of automotive violence
Whose moans rumble through the darkness.
Wealth does not mean sadness.
Wealth does not breed sadness.

By the swimming pool,
In the vestibule,
On the stairs, in the cars
I whisper the words of my co-stars

To keep in ?
To help me concentrate,
Do you believe in fate?
Do you believe in wait til it's too late
To appreciate, that life is great
Yeah life is great, and we find ways to celebrate
Do you appreciate, do you appreciate?
That life is great, and we find ways to celebrate Esta letra foi retirada do site

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