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The Wailers

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  1. The Wailers - 400 Years 400 years (400 years, 400 years). And it's the same ...Excluir    Renomear
  2. The Wailers - Adam and Eve The lord named Adam and Eve,. to live a happy life. ...Excluir    Renomear
  3. The Wailers - Africa Unite Africa, Unite. 'Cause we're moving right out of Bab ...Excluir    Renomear
  4. The Wailers - African Herbsman All twinklin' lee. Can't see the right rose when th ...Excluir    Renomear
  5. The Wailers - All Day All Night Said I'll never gonna give my love to nobody but y ...Excluir    Renomear
  6. The Wailers - All In One This is all in one. And one in all. So swing it. Let' ...Excluir    Renomear
  7. The Wailers - Am A Do Am do ui. You got to pay your dues ui. I´m do baby u ...Excluir    Renomear
  8. The Wailers - Ambush In The Night (Ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!). See them fighting for ...Excluir    Renomear
  9. The Wailers - Amen Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen. Everybody now. Amen, a ...Excluir    Renomear
  10. The Wailers - Baby We've Got a Date Baby baby we've got a date. Oh, baby, baby don't yo ...Excluir    Renomear
  11. The Wailers - Babylon By Bus This album recorded durring the Wailers 1978 world ...Excluir    Renomear
  12. The Wailers - Babylon System We refuse to be. What you wanted us to be. We are wh ...Excluir    Renomear
  13. The Wailers - Bad Boys UH !Bad boys watcha gon,watcha gon,watcha gonna do ...Excluir    Renomear
  14. The Wailers - Bad Card You a go tired fe see me face. Can't get me out of ...Excluir    Renomear
  15. The Wailers - Bend Down Low Bend down low, . Let me tell you what I know, yeah. ...Excluir    Renomear
  16. The Wailers - Big Brown Eyes I've been watching you. alalalalalong alalalalalong ...Excluir    Renomear
  17. The Wailers - Black Out Back out, this is the rout!. Back out, and shut you ...Excluir    Renomear
  18. The Wailers - Blackman Redemption Whoa-a Natty congo. A dreadlock congo I. Whoa-a Natt ...Excluir    Renomear
  19. The Wailers - Brain Washing Wooo-ohhhh. Old Mr. Joe he build a house, yeah. On t ...Excluir    Renomear
  20. The Wailers - Brand New Second Hand You're only acting like. You are somebody. But i don ...Excluir    Renomear
  21. The Wailers - Buffalo Soldier Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta. There was a Buffa ...Excluir    Renomear
  22. The Wailers - Burnin And Lootin This morning I woke up in a curfew. O God, I was a ...Excluir    Renomear
  23. The Wailers - Bus Dem Shut Life is for man to live . (Let man live life! Ba, b ...Excluir    Renomear
  24. The Wailers - By The Rivers Of Babylon By the rivers of Babylon. Where he sat down. And the ...Excluir    Renomear
  25. The Wailers - Catch a fire Ooh-ooh-oo-ooh. Oo-oo-ooh! Oo-oo-ooh.. Slave driver ...Excluir    Renomear
  26. The Wailers - Caution Wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo. Wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-wo. Wo ...Excluir    Renomear
  27. The Wailers - Chances Are Chances are we're gonna leave now. Sorry for the vi ...Excluir    Renomear
  28. The Wailers - Chant Down Babylon Come we go burn down Babylon. One more time, Come w ...Excluir    Renomear
  29. The Wailers - Cheer Up Cheer up my brothers, cheer up my sisters. Cheer up ...Excluir    Renomear
  30. The Wailers - Coming In From The Cold (Coming in from the cold). (Coming in from the cold ...Excluir    Renomear
  31. The Wailers - Comma Comma Comma, comma, come back here,. My-y young lady;. Com ...Excluir    Renomear
  32. The Wailers - Concrete Jungle No sun will shine in my day today; (no sun will sh ...Excluir    Renomear
  33. The Wailers - Could You Be Loved Could you be loved and be loved?. Could you be love ...Excluir    Renomear
  34. The Wailers - Craven Choke Puppy Craven a-go choke puppy;. Craven a-go choke puppy n ...Excluir    Renomear
  35. The Wailers - Crazy Baldhead Them crazy, them crazy -. We gonna chase those craz ...Excluir    Renomear
  36. The Wailers - Crisis They say the sun, shines for all. But in some peopl ...Excluir    Renomear
  37. The Wailers - Cry To Me Cry to me yeah!. You're gonna walk back through the ...Excluir    Renomear
  38. The Wailers - Dewdrops Mm-mm-hm.. I´ve been searchin´ the whole darn day. F ...Excluir    Renomear
  39. The Wailers - Do It Twice You know that I love you,. Baby, but you just won't ...Excluir    Renomear
  40. The Wailers - Don't Rock The Boat Please don't you rock my boat,. 'Cause I don't want ...Excluir    Renomear
  41. The Wailers - Don't Worry, Be Happy Here's a little song i wrote,. You might want to si ...Excluir    Renomear
  42. The Wailers - Dreamland There's a land that I have heard about. So far acro ...Excluir    Renomear
  43. The Wailers - Duppy Conqueror Oh, oh. op-bo, bo, bo-bo-bo!. Oh, oh. op-bo, bo, bo ...Excluir    Renomear
  44. The Wailers - Easy Skanking Easy skanking (skankin' it easy). Easy skanking (sk ...Excluir    Renomear
  45. The Wailers - Exodus Exodus: Movement of Jah people! . Oh-oh-oh, yea-eah ...Excluir    Renomear
  46. The Wailers - Forever Loving Jah We'll be forever loving jah. We'll be forever lovin ...Excluir    Renomear
  47. The Wailers - Free Like We Wont To Be Free like we want to be. Some time you want to get ...Excluir    Renomear
  48. The Wailers - Fussing and Fighting Why's this fussing and a-fighting?. I wanna know, L ...Excluir    Renomear
  49. The Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!. Get up ...Excluir    Renomear
  50. The Wailers - Give Thanks And Praise Give thanks and praises to the Most High. Give than ...Excluir    Renomear
  51. The Wailers - Good Lovin' Turn your lights down low. And pull your window cur ...Excluir    Renomear
  52. The Wailers - Guava Jelly You said you love me. I said I love you. Why won't y ...Excluir    Renomear
  53. The Wailers - Guiltiness Guiltiness (talkin' 'bout guiltiness). Pressed on t ...Excluir    Renomear
  54. The Wailers - Hallelujah Hear the children cryin',. but I know they cry not ...Excluir    Renomear
  55. The Wailers - Hammer They just keep holdin' me. A-won't let go. Holdin' m ...Excluir    Renomear
  56. The Wailers - Hang on Sloopy Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on. Hang on Sloopy, Slo ...Excluir    Renomear
  57. The Wailers - High Tide Or Low Tide In high seas or-a low seas,. I'm gonna be your frie ...Excluir    Renomear
  58. The Wailers - Hotel California On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair. War ...Excluir    Renomear
  59. The Wailers - How Many Times How Many Times. How many times I've told you I love ...Excluir    Renomear
  60. The Wailers - Hypocrites Dip for diplomatic. 'Yp for hypocratic;. Dry for dry ...Excluir    Renomear
  61. The Wailers - I Am Going Home I am going home). Aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-a ...Excluir    Renomear
  62. The Wailers - I Can See Clearly I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,. I can see ...Excluir    Renomear
  63. The Wailers - I Know Wo, man, deh you are!. . When the race gets hard to ...Excluir    Renomear
  64. The Wailers - I Know A Place When the whole world let you down. And there's nowh ...Excluir    Renomear
  65. The Wailers - I Made a Mistake I made a mistake, yes, I did, yes, I did. Made a mi ...Excluir    Renomear
  66. The Wailers - I Shot The Sheriff I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy ...Excluir    Renomear
  67. The Wailers - I'm Hurting Inside Mm-mm-hm. I've been searchin' the whole darn day. Fo ...Excluir    Renomear
  68. The Wailers - I'm Still Waiting I'm still waiting;. I'm still waiting for you,. Why, ...Excluir    Renomear
  69. The Wailers - Iron Lion Zion Eh! I am on the rock. And then I check a stock. I ha ...Excluir    Renomear
  70. The Wailers - Is This Love I wanna love you and treat you right. I wanna love ...Excluir    Renomear
  71. The Wailers - It Hurts To Be Alone After he, breaks your heart. Then you'll be sad. And ...Excluir    Renomear
  72. The Wailers - Jah Live Jah live, children, ye-ah!. Jah - Jah live, childre ...Excluir    Renomear
  73. The Wailers - Jailhouse Jailhouse keeps empty [rudie gets healt´y]. Baton s ...Excluir    Renomear
  74. The Wailers - Jammin Jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam, jam!. ...Excluir    Renomear
  75. The Wailers - Johnny Was Woman hold her head and cry,. 'Cause her son had be ...Excluir    Renomear
  76. The Wailers - Judge Not Don't you look at me so smug. And say I goin' bad,. ...Excluir    Renomear
  77. The Wailers - Jump Nyabinghi Love to see, when ya move in. The rhythm, I love to ...Excluir    Renomear
  78. The Wailers - Kaya Wake up and turn I loose. Wake up and turn I loose. ...Excluir    Renomear
  79. The Wailers - Keep On Movin Wo-o-oo-er. Push on through! Wo-o-o!. Lord, I got t ...Excluir    Renomear
  80. The Wailers - Kinky Reggae I went downtown. I saw Miss Brown. She had brown sug ...Excluir    Renomear
  81. The Wailers - Knocking on heavens door Mama take this badge from me. I can't use it anymor ...Excluir    Renomear
  82. The Wailers - Legalize Marijuana (CHORUS) LEGALIZE IT. DON'T CRITICIZE IT. LEGALIZE I ...Excluir    Renomear
  83. The Wailers - Let Him Go Rudie come from jail 'cause rudie get bail. Rudie c ...Excluir    Renomear
  84. The Wailers - Lick Samba Lick Samba, lick Samba, . Lick Samba, wo-oh, lick s ...Excluir    Renomear
  85. The Wailers - Lion Of Judah (conquering Lion) The Lion of Judah shall break every chain,. the Lio ...Excluir    Renomear
  86. The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself You're gonna lively up yourself, and don't be no d ...Excluir    Renomear
  87. The Wailers - Love And Affection Dis was cause(d) t'ru (through) love and affection ...Excluir    Renomear
  88. The Wailers - ls This Love I wanna love you and treat you right. I wanna love ...Excluir    Renomear
  89. The Wailers - Many Rivers To Cross Many rivers to cross,. But I can`t seem to find my ...Excluir    Renomear
  90. The Wailers - Mellow Mood I'll play your fav'rite song, darlin'. We can rock ...Excluir    Renomear
  91. The Wailers - Midnight Ravers Can't tell the woman from the man, no I say you ca ...Excluir    Renomear
  92. The Wailers - Misty Morning Misty mornin', don't see no sun;. I know you're out ...Excluir    Renomear
  93. The Wailers - Mix Up, Mix Up Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Yeah. Well it's not easy ...Excluir    Renomear
  94. The Wailers - Mr Chatterbox Mr. Chatterbox how long will you live?. Always to r ...Excluir    Renomear
  95. The Wailers - Mr. Brown (Ooh - ooh - ooh - ooh). (It's Mr Brown) Mr Brown i ...Excluir    Renomear
  96. The Wailers - My Cup my cup is running over and I don't know what to do ...Excluir    Renomear
  97. The Wailers - Natty Dread Dread, Natty Dread now, (Natty Dread). Dreadlock Co ...Excluir    Renomear
  98. The Wailers - Natural Mystic There's a natural mystic blowing through the air;. ...Excluir    Renomear
  99. The Wailers - Nice Time Long time we no have no nice time. You-you doo-doo- ...Excluir    Renomear
  100. The Wailers - Night Shift The sun shall not smite i. By day, nor the moon by ...Excluir    Renomear
  101. The Wailers - No More Trouble (We don't need) No, we don't need . (no more troubl ...Excluir    Renomear
  102. The Wailers - No Sympathy I can't find no love. No sympathy. What kind of love ...Excluir    Renomear
  103. The Wailers - No Woman, No Cry I remember when-a we used to sit. In a government y ...Excluir    Renomear
  104. The Wailers - One Cup Of Coffe One cup of coffee, then I'll go;. Though I just dro ...Excluir    Renomear
  105. The Wailers - One Drop Feel it in the one drop. And we'll still find time ...Excluir    Renomear
  106. The Wailers - One Dub bob marley] [dub version of "one drop"]. [mainly in ...Excluir    Renomear
  107. The Wailers - One Foundation Got to build our love on one foundation;. Got to bu ...Excluir    Renomear
  108. The Wailers - One Love One Love!. One Heart!. Let's get together and feel a ...Excluir    Renomear
  109. The Wailers - One Love/People Get Ready One love, one heart. Let's get together and feel al ...Excluir    Renomear
  110. The Wailers - Pass It On What your hands do,. It's your own eyes that've see ...Excluir    Renomear
  111. The Wailers - Pimpers Paradise She love to party, have a good time. She looks so h ...Excluir    Renomear
  112. The Wailers - Positive Vibration Live if you want to live. Rastaman vibration yeah! ...Excluir    Renomear
  113. The Wailers - Punky Reggae Party Punky punky punk. Said you're gonna punky punky pun ...Excluir    Renomear
  114. The Wailers - Put It On Feel them spirit. Feel them spirit. Feel them spirit ...Excluir    Renomear
  115. The Wailers - Rainbow Country Hey mr music. Sure feels good to me. And i can't ref ...Excluir    Renomear
  116. The Wailers - Rastaman Chant I hear the words of the rasta man say. Babylon your ...Excluir    Renomear
  117. The Wailers - Rastaman Live Up Rastaman live up, Bongoman don't give up. Congoman ...Excluir    Renomear
  118. The Wailers - Rat Race Ah! Ya too rude. Oh what a rat race. Oh what a rat r ...Excluir    Renomear
  119. The Wailers - Real Situation Check out the real situation. Nation war against na ...Excluir    Renomear
  120. The Wailers - Rebel Music (Do do do do-do do do!. Do do do do-do do do!. I reb ...Excluir    Renomear
  121. The Wailers - Red Wine Red, red wine. Go to my head. Makes me forget that I ...Excluir    Renomear
  122. The Wailers - Redder Than Red Uh, uh, uh, uh. Woah now. [Red, red, red, redder tha ...Excluir    Renomear
  123. The Wailers - Redemption Song Old pirates, yes, they rob I;. Sold I to the mercha ...Excluir    Renomear
  124. The Wailers - Reincarnated souls We are reincarnated souls from that time. Living on ...Excluir    Renomear
  125. The Wailers - Revolution Revelation reveals the truth - revelation.. (revolu ...Excluir    Renomear
  126. The Wailers - Ride Natty Ride Dready got a job to do. And he's got to fulfill tha ...Excluir    Renomear
  127. The Wailers - Riding High You've been riding. You've been riding quite a whil ...Excluir    Renomear
  128. The Wailers - Rock It Baby Baby, baby, we've got a date; (ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo). O ...Excluir    Renomear
  129. The Wailers - Roots Roots natty roots. Dread binghi dread. I and I are t ...Excluir    Renomear
  130. The Wailers - Roots, Rock, Reggae Play I some music, this a reggae music. Play I some ...Excluir    Renomear
  131. The Wailers - Rumors Deep in the countryside lives a man. think he knew ...Excluir    Renomear
  132. The Wailers - Running away You running and you running. And you running away ( ...Excluir    Renomear
  133. The Wailers - Satisfy My Soul Oh! please don't you rock my boat. Cause I don't wa ...Excluir    Renomear
  134. The Wailers - Screw Face [bob marley]. Whoa, now!. Screwface know-a who fi fr ...Excluir    Renomear
  135. The Wailers - She's Gone My woman is gone, my woman is gone. . She had left m ...Excluir    Renomear
  136. The Wailers - Simmer Down Simmer down: you lickin' too hot, so!. Simmer down: ...Excluir    Renomear
  137. The Wailers - Slogans Can't take your slogans no more,. can't take your s ...Excluir    Renomear
  138. The Wailers - Small Axe Why boasteth thyself, O evil men. Playing smart and ...Excluir    Renomear
  139. The Wailers - Smile Jamaica Feeling now, feeling down. This feeling wouldn't le ...Excluir    Renomear
  140. The Wailers - Smoke Two Joints I smoke two joints in the morning. I smoke two join ...Excluir    Renomear
  141. The Wailers - So Jah Seh So Jah seh,. "Not one of my seeds. Shall sit in the ...Excluir    Renomear
  142. The Wailers - So Much Things To Say Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ...Excluir    Renomear
  143. The Wailers - So Much Trouble So much trouble in the world now. So much trouble i ...Excluir    Renomear
  144. The Wailers - Soon Come everytime I call, they tell me that you're soon co ...Excluir    Renomear
  145. The Wailers - Soul Almighty Hey happy people, this here is something new. I kno ...Excluir    Renomear
  146. The Wailers - Soul Rebel I'm a rebel, soul rebel.. I'm a capturer, soul adve ...Excluir    Renomear
  147. The Wailers - Soul Shakedown Party We gonna have a soul shakedown party tonight. We go ...Excluir    Renomear
  148. The Wailers - Sound The Trumpet Sound the trumpets loud and clear. [christmas time ...Excluir    Renomear
  149. The Wailers - Stand Alone There you are, cryin' again. But your loveliness wo ...Excluir    Renomear
  150. The Wailers - Stiff Necked Fools Stiff necked fools, you think you're cool. To deny ...Excluir    Renomear
  151. The Wailers - Stir It Up Stir it up!. Little darling, stir it up!. Come on ba ...Excluir    Renomear
  152. The Wailers - Stop That Train Stop that train I'm leaving. Stop that train I'm le ...Excluir    Renomear
  153. The Wailers - Sugar Sugar Sugar, oh honey honey, you are my candy girl [got ...Excluir    Renomear
  154. The Wailers - Sun Is Shining ...... Wo-o-wo!. Sun is shinin', the weather is swe ...Excluir    Renomear
  155. The Wailers - Survival How can you be sitting there. Telling me that you c ...Excluir    Renomear
  156. The Wailers - Talkin Blues Yeah, oh yeah, no!. Cold ground was my bed last nig ...Excluir    Renomear
  157. The Wailers - Teenager In Love Each night I ask, the stars up above. Why must I be ...Excluir    Renomear
  158. The Wailers - Thank You Lord Thank You Lord. . ---------------------------------- ...Excluir    Renomear
  159. The Wailers - The Heathen Rise up fallen fighters. Rise and take your stance ...Excluir    Renomear
  160. The Wailers - The Mummy MUMMY: I'm a mummy. I scare people. Watch what hap ...Excluir    Renomear
  161. The Wailers - Them Belly Full Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na;. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-n ...Excluir    Renomear
  162. The Wailers - There She Goes There she goes with the pieces from my heart. There ...Excluir    Renomear
  163. The Wailers - This Train uh-uh-uh,uh-uh-uh,uh-uh-uh.... When I was just a ki ...Excluir    Renomear
  164. The Wailers - Three Little Birds Don't worry about a thing,. 'Cause every little thi ...Excluir    Renomear
  165. The Wailers - Time Will Tell JAH would never give the power to a baldhead. Run c ...Excluir    Renomear
  166. The Wailers - Top Rankin' They don't want to see us unite:. All they want us ...Excluir    Renomear
  167. The Wailers - Touch me touch me. every minute, please touch me. Oh i see yo ...Excluir    Renomear
  168. The Wailers - Trench Town Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoo-doo;. Scoop, scoop wa-doo ...Excluir    Renomear
  169. The Wailers - Trenchtown Rock One good thing about music, when it hits you (you ...Excluir    Renomear
  170. The Wailers - Try Me Try me [try me]. Try me [try me]. Try me [try me]. Tr ...Excluir    Renomear
  171. The Wailers - Turn Your Lights Down Low Turn your lights down low. And pull your window cur ...Excluir    Renomear
  172. The Wailers - Unchained Melody Oh my love, my darling. I've hungered for your touc ...Excluir    Renomear
  173. The Wailers - Waiting In Vain I don't wanna wait in vain for your love. I don't w ...Excluir    Renomear
  174. The Wailers - Wake Up And Live One, two, three, four!. . Wake up and live, y´all,. W ...Excluir    Renomear
  175. The Wailers - Want More Now you get what you want,. Do you want more? (want ...Excluir    Renomear
  176. The Wailers - War Until the philosophy which hold one race. Superior ...Excluir    Renomear
  177. The Wailers - We And Dem We now know how we and them. A go work this out. We ...Excluir    Renomear
  178. The Wailers - We And Then We And Them. . We no know how we and them. A go work ...Excluir    Renomear
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