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The Kooks - Letras de Músicas

  1. The Kooks - All Over Town Dear Sir did I see you fleeting. I care for your he ...Excluir    Renomear
  2. The Kooks - All That She Wants She leads a lonely life. she leads a lonely life. . w ...Excluir    Renomear
  3. The Kooks - Always Free what is going on? I can't hear myself. all this peo ...Excluir    Renomear
  4. The Kooks - Always Where I Need To Be She don't know who she is,. Oh,I can take her anywh ...Excluir    Renomear
  5. The Kooks - Always Where I Need To Be (versão Correta) She don't know who she is,. Oh, I can take her anyw ...Excluir    Renomear
  6. The Kooks - Around Town If you get yourself in a fight. . If that's the way ...Excluir    Renomear
  7. The Kooks - Bad Taste in My Mouth The night's just getting longer. Oh, am I still lon ...Excluir    Renomear
  8. The Kooks - Be Mine I never thought we'd come this far . But then how w ...Excluir    Renomear
  9. The Kooks - Belly Love 've got a fire in my belly. I'm gonna take it and g ...Excluir    Renomear
  10. The Kooks - Brooklyn Nobody sees my disease. Nobody sees my disease. Sat ...Excluir    Renomear
  11. The Kooks - Bus song Do...do...do... . You know today I stayed on the bus ...Excluir    Renomear
  12. The Kooks - By My Side When you feel like you're falling out of use,. Come ...Excluir    Renomear
  13. The Kooks - California Don't you know baby I'm a leading man. I dig down d ...Excluir    Renomear
  14. The Kooks - Crazy I remember when, I remember, I remember when I los ...Excluir    Renomear
  15. The Kooks - Do You Love Her I'm gonna take a point my self. To be with you and ...Excluir    Renomear
  16. The Kooks - Do You Love Me Still? I have thought that you have come back lately. Yo t ...Excluir    Renomear
  17. The Kooks - Do You Wanna I was hoping. That you had an atlas in your head. So ...Excluir    Renomear
  18. The Kooks - Down Woah yeah. . I've been round town. . There's a rumour ...Excluir    Renomear
  19. The Kooks - Down to the Market I'm gonna take you down to the market, lover. Cuz t ...Excluir    Renomear
  20. The Kooks - Eaten By Your Lover Eaten by your lover,. Don't you, you're no friend o ...Excluir    Renomear
  21. The Kooks - Eddie's Gun Did you see the way she looked at me?. Honey bee go ...Excluir    Renomear
  22. The Kooks - Fa La La You're out there having fun, . and I need you.. I'm ...Excluir    Renomear
  23. The Kooks - Gap So put a spanner it in the works,. of Your mind,. It ...Excluir    Renomear
  24. The Kooks - Give In I want you. And you want me. And there's nothing sto ...Excluir    Renomear
  25. The Kooks - Got No Love You . You ain't got no love today . You . You ain't g ...Excluir    Renomear
  26. The Kooks - Hatful Of Love I've got a hatful of love for you,. So why are you ...Excluir    Renomear
  27. The Kooks - Hiding Low Hiding low, low. Without you. The world can be so ca ...Excluir    Renomear
  28. The Kooks - Higher Ground Call me a monster. Well baby, you're a monster too. ...Excluir    Renomear
  29. The Kooks - Hold On We are the kings of passion. . We are the dynasty. . Y ...Excluir    Renomear
  30. The Kooks - I Already Miss You I know you're feeling bitter. What i said last i di ...Excluir    Renomear
  31. The Kooks - I Want You Back Take me back to the place where I. Loved that girl ...Excluir    Renomear
  32. The Kooks - I'm Always Willing To Be Say what ever you want, I, I'll never judge you. Be ...Excluir    Renomear
  33. The Kooks - If Only So hold your head, and hold your tongue. But only s ...Excluir    Renomear
  34. The Kooks - In My Opinion only i can find . a little piece of my mind . take y ...Excluir    Renomear
  35. The Kooks - Jackie Big Tits I'd like to say, that I was on your mind. So I phon ...Excluir    Renomear
  36. The Kooks - Kids You were a child,. crawlin' on your knees toward it ...Excluir    Renomear
  37. The Kooks - Lonely cat Life is simple if you've got faith, oh yeah. You do ...Excluir    Renomear
  38. The Kooks - Love It All See I've got this woman here. She loves me all the ...Excluir    Renomear
  39. The Kooks - Luby Lou Oh Louby Lou She's got time for you, time for me; ...Excluir    Renomear
  40. The Kooks - Matchbox Viciously, she sleeps . Walks alone her lonely beat ...Excluir    Renomear
  41. The Kooks - Mr. Maker Mr. Maker he's got it made. A beautiful wife and a ...Excluir    Renomear
  42. The Kooks - Mrs. Thompson Oh Mrs. Thompson,. Won't you open your legs again,. ...Excluir    Renomear
  43. The Kooks - Naive I'm not saying it was your fault. Although you coul ...Excluir    Renomear
  44. The Kooks - No Longer I'm must say that I worry for. You can't live like ...Excluir    Renomear
  45. The Kooks - Nothing Ever Changes I'd like to meet the girl I'm gonna marry. I'd like ...Excluir    Renomear
  46. The Kooks - One Last Time Can I hold you . One last time. To fight the feeling ...Excluir    Renomear
  47. The Kooks - Ooh La In their eyes is the place that you find. You disco ...Excluir    Renomear
  48. The Kooks - Pull me in I get this feeling sometimes. Like theres nothing i ...Excluir    Renomear
  49. The Kooks - Put Your Back To My Face Put your back to my face . No love to give but I wa ...Excluir    Renomear
  50. The Kooks - Seaside Seaside. . Do you want to go to the seaside?. I'm not ...Excluir    Renomear
  51. The Kooks - See The Sun Oh you can have it all and wrap it in the world. Yo ...Excluir    Renomear
  52. The Kooks - See The Sun (Alternate Version) Oh no, I didn't mean to say what I did say. About l ...Excluir    Renomear
  53. The Kooks - See The World Do you want to see the world?. Do you want to see t ...Excluir    Renomear
  54. The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way So at my show on Monday. I was hoping someday. You'd ...Excluir    Renomear
  55. The Kooks - Shine On Safety pins. Holding up the things. That make you mi ...Excluir    Renomear
  56. The Kooks - Slave to the game Slave to the game of insecurity . I'm the first one ...Excluir    Renomear
  57. The Kooks - Sofa Song The city freeze for. I just realised I don't like y ...Excluir    Renomear
  58. The Kooks - Something to say Oh lady come on over. Oh won't you please hold my h ...Excluir    Renomear
  59. The Kooks - Stormy Weather You sight like stormy weather. from my window sil,. ...Excluir    Renomear
  60. The Kooks - Sway Say whatever you have to say,. I'll stand by you,. D ...Excluir    Renomear
  61. The Kooks - The window song I look out, of my window . Oh just to see her arriv ...Excluir    Renomear
  62. The Kooks - Tick Of Time Oh, honey please . Don't shed no tears. As long as i ...Excluir    Renomear
  63. The Kooks - Time Awaits Time waits for no man but you. Time waits for no ma ...Excluir    Renomear
  64. The Kooks - Too Much Of Nothing I just killed my tv and i feel so free,. oh yeah. no ...Excluir    Renomear
  65. The Kooks - Vicious All in my head,. Were thoughts of the underground,. ...Excluir    Renomear
  66. The Kooks - Victoria Long ago life was clean. Sex was bad and obscene. An ...Excluir    Renomear
  67. The Kooks - Walk away Walk away. Lover don't you walk away. Near me always ...Excluir    Renomear
  68. The Kooks - Watching The Ships Roll In Watching the ships roll in. hoping that I will stil ...Excluir    Renomear
  69. The Kooks - When Your Heart Stops Beating Turn it up, i never wanna go home. I only wanna be ...Excluir    Renomear
  70. The Kooks - You Don't Love Me Oh you don't love me the way that I love you. Cause ...Excluir    Renomear
  71. The Kooks - Young Folks If I told you things I did before. Told you how I u ...Excluir    Renomear
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