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  • Genero: Rock Internacional
  • Website: www.queenonline.com
  • Nacionalidade: Inglesa
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Queen - Letras de Músicas

  1. Queen - '39 'In the year of thirty-nine'. . Assembled here the v ...Excluir    Renomear
  2. Queen - '39 (tradução) '39. . . . No ano de trinta e nove. . Se reuniram aqui o ...Excluir    Renomear
  3. Queen - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care You don't like crazy music, you don't like rockin' ...Excluir    Renomear
  4. Queen - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (tradução) (Você é Tão Quadrada) Baby eu não me importo. . . . Vo ...Excluir    Renomear
  5. Queen - A Human Body They were talking in whispers. . In bear skins and f ...Excluir    Renomear
  6. Queen - A Kind Of Magic It's a kind of magic. . It's a kind of magic. . A kind ...Excluir    Renomear
  7. Queen - A Kind Of Magic (tradução) Um Tipo de Magia. . . . É um tipo de magia,. . É um tipo ...Excluir    Renomear
  8. Queen - A Winter's Tale It's Winter-fall. . Red skies are gleaming - oh -. . S ...Excluir    Renomear
  9. Queen - Action This Day Action. . . . This street honey is a mean street. . Livi ...Excluir    Renomear
  10. Queen - Ain't Put Nothin' Down You ain't put nothin' down down. You ain't put noth ...Excluir    Renomear
  11. Queen - All Dead, All Dead She came without a farthing. . A babe without a name ...Excluir    Renomear
  12. Queen - All God's People So all you people give freely. . Make welcome inside ...Excluir    Renomear
  13. Queen - All Right NOw Paul: Now when I wrote the lyrics to this a, this ...Excluir    Renomear
  14. Queen - Another One Bites The Dust Steve walks warily down the street . . With his brim ...Excluir    Renomear
  15. Queen - Another World In another world Under another skyI see another st ...Excluir    Renomear
  16. Queen - April Lady She won our hearts the arts she loved . . Is paintin ...Excluir    Renomear
  17. Queen - Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  18. Queen - Baby It's Allright I could be your lover. I could be your friend. It's ...Excluir    Renomear
  19. Queen - Back Chat Yeah. . Get back get back. . Back chat back chat. . You ...Excluir    Renomear
  20. Queen - Back to The Light Far, far from the light. . Here the night creatures ...Excluir    Renomear
  21. Queen - Back To The Light (tradução) Para Trás Da Luz. . . . Distante, longe da luz. . Aqui a ...Excluir    Renomear
  22. Queen - Bad Attitude Bad Attitude (Mal Exemplo). . Espada chamando garo ...Excluir    Renomear
  23. Queen - Bad Queen My mental stability reaches its bitter end. And all ...Excluir    Renomear
  24. Queen - Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona. Barcelona Barcelona. Viva. . I ha ...Excluir    Renomear
  25. Queen - Barcelona (tradução) Barcelona. . . . Barcelona, Barcelona. . Barcelona, Barc ...Excluir    Renomear
  26. Queen - Battle Theme Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  27. Queen - Bet Your Bottom Dollar Bill YouÂ’re a Playboy Daddy cool with a ninety dollar smile. Took my mone ...Excluir    Renomear
  28. Queen - Better Things I'm gonna go where the sun's in the sky. And I'm go ...Excluir    Renomear
  29. Queen - Beyond The Sea Somewhere beyond the sea. Somewhere waiting for me. ...Excluir    Renomear
  30. Queen - Bicycle Race Bicycle bicycle bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle ...Excluir    Renomear
  31. Queen - Bicycle Race (tradução) Corrida de bicicleta. . . . Bicicleta, bicicleta, bici ...Excluir    Renomear
  32. Queen - Big Bad Caused a Mighty Fine Sensation Gone and got himself elected president. (we want le ...Excluir    Renomear
  33. Queen - Big Spender The minute you walked in the joint. I could see you ...Excluir    Renomear
  34. Queen - Bijou You and me we are destined you'll agree. . To spend ...Excluir    Renomear
  35. Queen - Blag Do do do... . . Take away my sunshine . . You take awa ...Excluir    Renomear
  36. Queen - Blurred Vision One one one one.... One vision.... One flesh one bon ...Excluir    Renomear
  37. Queen - Body Count All the young kids learn to dance in the combat zo ...Excluir    Renomear
  38. Queen - Body Language Give me body give me body body. . Give me your body. ...Excluir    Renomear
  39. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Is this the real life? . Is this just fantasy? . Cau ...Excluir    Renomear
  40. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (tradução) Rapsódia Boêmia. . . . Isso é a vida real?. . Isso é só ...Excluir    Renomear
  41. Queen - Breakthru When love breaks up, when the dawn light wakes up, ...Excluir    Renomear
  42. Queen - Brighton Rock Happy little day Jimmy went away. . Met his little J ...Excluir    Renomear
  43. Queen - Bring Back That Leroy Brown Bring back bring back bring back that Leroy Brown. ...Excluir    Renomear
  44. Queen - Bycicle Race Bicycle bicycle bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle ...Excluir    Renomear
  45. Queen - C-lebrity Ain't got no hope, got no idea . What to do or why ...Excluir    Renomear
  46. Queen - Call Me Call me if you need my love . Call me if you need m ...Excluir    Renomear
  47. Queen - Calling All Girls Calling all boys calling all girls. . Calling all pe ...Excluir    Renomear
  48. Queen - Calling You A desert road from Vegas to nowhere. Someplace bett ...Excluir    Renomear
  49. Queen - Can't Get Enough Alright, we love you, we love you so much, we can' ...Excluir    Renomear
  50. Queen - Coming Soon Ooooooooooo. . Oh Oh Oh. . I get some headaches when I ...Excluir    Renomear
  51. Queen - Contact Feeling strange, turn around do it again. Feeling a ...Excluir    Renomear
  52. Queen - Cool Cat Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah!. . You're taking all the su ...Excluir    Renomear
  53. Queen - Cosmos Rockin' What planet is this, mmmh ?. Let there be rock 'n' ...Excluir    Renomear
  54. Queen - Covered in Rain These days with the world getting colder. She spend ...Excluir    Renomear
  55. Queen - Crash Dive on Mingo City Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  56. Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love This thing called love - I just can't handle it. Th ...Excluir    Renomear
  57. Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (tradução) Coisinha Maluca Chamada Amor. . . . Eu simplesmente nã ...Excluir    Renomear
  58. Queen - Crazy Love I met her when I was 16.. A common "friend" introdu ...Excluir    Renomear
  59. Queen - Crazy Love (tradução) Louco Amor. . Eu a encontrei quando tinha 16, um ami ...Excluir    Renomear
  60. Queen - Dancer I'm not invited to the party. . Been sitting here al ...Excluir    Renomear
  61. Queen - Dead on Time Fool always jumpin' never happy where you land. . Fo ...Excluir    Renomear
  62. Queen - Dear Friends So dear friends. . Your love has gone. . Only tears to ...Excluir    Renomear
  63. Queen - Death on Two Legs You suck my blood like a leech. . You break the law ...Excluir    Renomear
  64. Queen - Delilah Delilah, Delilah, oh my, oh my, oh my. . You're irre ...Excluir    Renomear
  65. Queen - Dog With a Bone Hey, you say you wonÂ’t you canÂ’t give me any mor ...Excluir    Renomear
  66. Queen - Doing All Right Yesterday my life was in ruin. . Now today I know wh ...Excluir    Renomear
  67. Queen - Don't Lose Your Head Don't lose your head. . Don't lose your head. . Don't ...Excluir    Renomear
  68. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time. I f ...Excluir    Renomear
  69. Queen - Don't Try So Hard If you're searching out for something,. . Don't try ...Excluir    Renomear
  70. Queen - Don't Try Suicide A-one two three four one. . Yeah. . . . OK. . Don't do it ...Excluir    Renomear
  71. Queen - Drag Puncture me. Make me feel. Like I am real. Torture me ...Excluir    Renomear
  72. Queen - Dragon Attack Take me to the room where the red's all red. . Take ...Excluir    Renomear
  73. Queen - Dreamer's Ball Oh I used to be your baby. . Used to be your pride a ...Excluir    Renomear
  74. Queen - Driven by You Oh - everything I do I do for you. Oh yeah. We touch ...Excluir    Renomear
  75. Queen - Drowse It's the sad eyed goodbye. . Yesterday's moments I r ...Excluir    Renomear
  76. Queen - Ensueño En mi sueño te vi . Tu luz llegaba de tan lejos . . T ...Excluir    Renomear
  77. Queen - Escape from the Swamp Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  78. Queen - Execution of Flash Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  79. Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls Are you gonna take me home tonight. . Ah down beside ...Excluir    Renomear
  80. Queen - Father To Son A word in your ear. . From father to son. . Hear the w ...Excluir    Renomear
  81. Queen - Fight From The Inside Hey you boy hey you hey you boy. . Think that you kn ...Excluir    Renomear
  82. Queen - Flash Flash - a-ah - saviour of the universe. . Flash - a- ...Excluir    Renomear
  83. Queen - Flash to the Rescue Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  84. Queen - Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  85. Queen - Flick of The Wrist Dislocate your spine if you don't sign. . He says I' ...Excluir    Renomear
  86. Queen - Fooling Around You're so beautiful you just lay it on me . Foxy la ...Excluir    Renomear
  87. Queen - Football Fight Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  88. Queen - Friends Will Be Friends Another red letter day. . So the pound has dropped a ...Excluir    Renomear
  89. Queen - Fun It Ev'rybody in the mornin'. . Should do a good turn al ...Excluir    Renomear
  90. Queen - Funny How Love Is Funny how love is everywhere just look and see. . Fu ...Excluir    Renomear
  91. Queen - Get Down, Make Love Get down make love. . Get down make love. . Get down m ...Excluir    Renomear
  92. Queen - Gimme Some LovinÂ’ Hey!. Well my temperatureÂ’s rising. And my feet lef ...Excluir    Renomear
  93. Queen - Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) '..garage and water from the sprinklers. . It also ...Excluir    Renomear
  94. Queen - God Save The Queen God save our gracious Queen!. . Long live our noble ...Excluir    Renomear
  95. Queen - Going Back I think IÂ’m going back. To the things I learnt so ...Excluir    Renomear
  96. Queen - Good Company Take good care of what you've got. . My father said ...Excluir    Renomear
  97. Queen - Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sa ...Excluir    Renomear
  98. Queen - Great King Rat Great King Rat died today. . Born on the twenty firs ...Excluir    Renomear
  99. Queen - Guide Me Home Now the wind has lost my sail . Now the scent has l ...Excluir    Renomear
  100. Queen - Hammer To Fall Here we stand or here we fall. . History won't care ...Excluir    Renomear
  101. Queen - Hang on in There DonÂ’t let go, donÂ’t lose your mystique,. Wait a l ...Excluir    Renomear
  102. Queen - Headlong And you're rushing headlong you've got a new goal. ...Excluir    Renomear
  103. Queen - Heartland How long can this go on. How long can we see this w ...Excluir    Renomear
  104. Queen - Heaven For Everyone This could be heaven. . This could be heaven. . This c ...Excluir    Renomear
  105. Queen - Hello Mary Lou I said hello mary lou. Goodbye heart. Sweet mary lou ...Excluir    Renomear
  106. Queen - Hijack My Heart Just walking down the street one cloudless sunny d ...Excluir    Renomear
  107. Queen - How Can I Go On How Can I Go On. . How can I go on ?. How can I go on ...Excluir    Renomear
  108. Queen - I Can Hear Music This is the way I always dreamed it would be. The w ...Excluir    Renomear
  109. Queen - I Can't Live With You I can't live with you. . But I can't live without yo ...Excluir    Renomear
  110. Queen - I Go Crazy I took my baby to see a heavy band. But I never saw ...Excluir    Renomear
  111. Queen - I Guess We're Falling Out You stabbed your knife right in my back. Was it jus ...Excluir    Renomear
  112. Queen - I Want It All Adventure seeker on an empty street. . Just an alley ...Excluir    Renomear
  113. Queen - I Want It All (tradução) eu quero tudo. . . . eu quero tudo, sim, sim...eu quer ...Excluir    Renomear
  114. Queen - I Want to Break Free I want to break free. . I want to break free. . I want ...Excluir    Renomear
  115. Queen - I Was Born to Love You I was born to love you. . With every single beat of ...Excluir    Renomear
  116. Queen - I Was Born to Love You (tradução) Nasci pra te amar. . . . Nasci para te amar. . A cada ba ...Excluir    Renomear
  117. Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad When the outside temperature rises. And the meaning ...Excluir    Renomear
  118. Queen - I'm In Love My Car The machine of a dream. . Such a clean machine. . With ...Excluir    Renomear
  119. Queen - I'm in Love With My Car The machine of a dream. Such a clean machine. With t ...Excluir    Renomear
  120. Queen - If You Can't Beat Them Keep your chin up when you're feelin' lonely. . Don' ...Excluir    Renomear
  121. Queen - If You CanÂ’t Beat Them Keep your chin up when youÂ’re feelinÂ’ lonely. Don ...Excluir    Renomear
  122. Queen - In My Defence In my defence what is there to say. All the mistake ...Excluir    Renomear
  123. Queen - In Only Seven Days Monday the start of my holiday. . Freedom for just o ...Excluir    Renomear
  124. Queen - In the Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  125. Queen - In The Lap of The Gods Ah ah ah ah ah . . Ah ah ah . . Leave it in the lap of ...Excluir    Renomear
  126. Queen - In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited It's so easy but I can't do it. . So risky but I got ...Excluir    Renomear
  127. Queen - In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  128. Queen - Innuendo While the sun hangs in the sky and the desert has ...Excluir    Renomear
  129. Queen - Is Everybody Happy? Is everybody happy? . Is everybody really feeling g ...Excluir    Renomear
  130. Queen - Is this The World We Created Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to fe ...Excluir    Renomear
  131. Queen - It's a Beautiful Day It's a beautiful day. . The sun is shining. . I feel g ...Excluir    Renomear
  132. Queen - It's a Beautiful Day (reprise) It's a beautiful day. . The sun is shining. . I feel g ...Excluir    Renomear
  133. Queen - It's a Hard Life I don' t wamt my freedom. . There' s no reason for l ...Excluir    Renomear
  134. Queen - It's Late You say you love me. . And I hardly know your name. . ...Excluir    Renomear
  135. Queen - Jailhouse Rock The warden threw a party in the county jail.. The p ...Excluir    Renomear
  136. Queen - Jealousy Oh how wrong can you be?. . Oh to fall in love. . Was ...Excluir    Renomear
  137. Queen - Jesus And then I saw Him in the crowd. A lot of people ha ...Excluir    Renomear
  138. Queen - Keep Passing The Open Windows This is the only life for me. . Surround myself arou ...Excluir    Renomear
  139. Queen - Keep Yourself Alive I was told a million times. . Of all the troubles in ...Excluir    Renomear
  140. Queen - Khashoggi's Ship Who said that my party was all over. . Huh huh I'm i ...Excluir    Renomear
  141. Queen - Killer Queen She keeps Möet et Chandon . . in her pretty cabinet. ...Excluir    Renomear
  142. Queen - La Japonaise Subarashii asaga akeru. . Yoakega yobikakeru. Kokoron ...Excluir    Renomear
  143. Queen - Las Palabras De Amor Las Palabras De Amor. (The Words of Love) . Letra e ...Excluir    Renomear
  144. Queen - Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love) Don't touch me now . . Don't hold me now . . Don't bre ...Excluir    Renomear
  145. Queen - Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon I go out to work on Monday morning. . Tuesday I go o ...Excluir    Renomear
  146. Queen - Leaving Home Ain’t Easy (Queen) I take a step outside. . And I breathe the air. . And ...Excluir    Renomear
  147. Queen - Let Me Entertain You Hey - it's a sellout. . . . Hey - let me welcome you l ...Excluir    Renomear
  148. Queen - Let me Live Why don't you take another little piece of my hear ...Excluir    Renomear
  149. Queen - Let's Turn It On Let's Turn It On . (Vamos acender isso). . Vamos ...Excluir    Renomear
  150. Queen - Liar I have sinned dear Father Father I have sinned. . Tr ...Excluir    Renomear
  151. Queen - Life is Real Guilt stains on my pillow. Blood on ny terraces. Tor ...Excluir    Renomear
  152. Queen - Life is Real (Song For Lennon) Guilt stains on my pillow. . Blood on my terraces. . T ...Excluir    Renomear
  153. Queen - Lily of The Valley I am forever searching high and low. . But why does ...Excluir    Renomear
  154. Queen - Living on My Own Sometimes I feel IÂ’m gonna break down and cry (so ...Excluir    Renomear
  155. Queen - Long Away You might believe in heaven. . I would not care to s ...Excluir    Renomear
  156. Queen - Lost Opportunity With the morning I face the sun. I lift my head and ...Excluir    Renomear
  157. Queen - Love Makin' Love Yeah. You just say you want out. Take no more of thi ...Excluir    Renomear
  158. Queen - Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow You had to kill the conversation. You always had th ...Excluir    Renomear
  159. Queen - Love Of My Life Love of my life you´ve hurt me . You´ve broken my h ...Excluir    Renomear
  160. Queen - Love Of My Life (tradução) Amor Da Minha Vida. . . . Amor da minha vida, você me ...Excluir    Renomear
  161. Queen - Machines ItÂ’s a machineÂ’s world. DonÂ’t tell me I ainÂ’t g ...Excluir    Renomear
  162. Queen - Machines (or 'Back to Humans') Machines.... . . . It's a machines world. . Don't tell m ...Excluir    Renomear
  163. Queen - Mad The Swine Been here before a long time ago. But this time I w ...Excluir    Renomear
  164. Queen - Made in Heaven I'm taking my ride with destiny. . Willing to play m ...Excluir    Renomear
  165. Queen - Man Made Paradise I want to gaze into your eyes . and see the fire in ...Excluir    Renomear
  166. Queen - Man On The Prowl I'm gonna take a little walk on the wild side. . I'm ...Excluir    Renomear
  167. Queen - March of The Black Queen Do you mean it do you mean it do you mean it. Why d ...Excluir    Renomear
  168. Queen - Marriage of Dale and Ming (and Flash Approaching) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  169. Queen - Ming's Theme (In the Court of Ming the Merciless) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  170. Queen - Misfire Don't you misfire fill me up. . With the desire to c ...Excluir    Renomear
  171. Queen - Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll Had to make do with a worn out rock and roll scene ...Excluir    Renomear
  172. Queen - Modern Times Rock And Roll Had to make do with a worn out rock and roll scene ...Excluir    Renomear
  173. Queen - Money Can't Buy Me Happiness Hey, there seem to be a lot of things going round. ...Excluir    Renomear
  174. Queen - More of That Jazz If youÂ’re feeling tired and lonely. Uninspired and ...Excluir    Renomear
  175. Queen - Mother Love I don’t want to sleep with you. . I don’t need the p ...Excluir    Renomear
  176. Queen - Mr. Bad Guy Let's go chasing rainbows in the sky. It's my invit ...Excluir    Renomear
  177. Queen - Mr. Bad Guy (tradução) Homem Mau. . . . Vamos caçar arcos-íris no céu. . O conv ...Excluir    Renomear
  178. Queen - Mr. Roboto Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. Mata au hima de. Domo arig ...Excluir    Renomear
  179. Queen - Mustapha Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Ibrahim,. . Allah, Allah, Allah, A ...Excluir    Renomear
  180. Queen - My Baby Does Me Turn it up a bit please. . . . My baby. . Baby does. . My ...Excluir    Renomear
  181. Queen - My Fairy King In the land where horses born with eagle wings. . An ...Excluir    Renomear
  182. Queen - My Life Has Been Saved This is where we are today. . People going separate ...Excluir    Renomear
  183. Queen - My Love Is Dangerous My love is dangerous, dangerous, my love is danger ...Excluir    Renomear
  184. Queen - My Melancholy Blues Another party's over. . And I'm left cold sober. . My ...Excluir    Renomear
  185. Queen - Need Your Loving Tonight No I'll never look back in anger. . No I'll never fi ...Excluir    Renomear
  186. Queen - Nevermore There's no living in my life anymore. . The seas hav ...Excluir    Renomear
  187. Queen - News Of The World We Will Rock You. . Buddy you're a boy. Make a big no ...Excluir    Renomear
  188. Queen - No One But You A hand above the water. An angel reaching for the s ...Excluir    Renomear
  189. Queen - No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) A hand above the water. . An angel reaching for the ...Excluir    Renomear
  190. Queen - Now IÂ’m Here Here I stand (here I stand..). Look around around a ...Excluir    Renomear
  191. Queen - Now I’m Here Here I stand (here I stand..). . Look around around ...Excluir    Renomear
  192. Queen - Ogre Battle Now once upon a time. . An old man told me a fable. . ...Excluir    Renomear
  193. Queen - Old Men (lay down) Take a trip to china, if you dare. . They gotta lott ...Excluir    Renomear
  194. Queen - One Vision One man one goal one mission. . One heart one soul j ...Excluir    Renomear
  195. Queen - One Year Of Love Just one year of love is better than a lifetime al ...Excluir    Renomear
  196. Queen - Overture Piccante Ah ah ah ah. Shaking all our lives. Oooooh. . Guide me ...Excluir    Renomear
  197. Queen - Pain is so Close to Pleasure Ooh ooh pain is so close to pleasure oh yeah. . Suns ...Excluir    Renomear
  198. Queen - Party We had a good night jamming away. . There was a full ...Excluir    Renomear
  199. Queen - Play The Game Open up your mind and let me step inside. . Rest you ...Excluir    Renomear
  200. Queen - Polar Bear In the bright shop window sits the polar bear. Make ...Excluir    Renomear
  201. Queen - Princes Of The Universe Here we are. Born to be kings . . We're the princes ...Excluir    Renomear
  202. Queen - Procession Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  203. Queen - Put Out The Fire They called him a hero. . In the land of the free. . B ...Excluir    Renomear
  204. Queen - radio ga ga Radio I´d sit alone and watch your light . My only ...Excluir    Renomear
  205. Queen - Radio Ga Ga (tradução) Radio Ga Ga. . . . Eu me sentaria sozinho e olharia su ...Excluir    Renomear
  206. Queen - Rain Must Fall I can see it in your stars. . Life is so exciting. . A ...Excluir    Renomear
  207. Queen - Revalation I went to the ukraine . they don't have much to eat ...Excluir    Renomear
  208. Queen - Ride The Wild Wind Ride the wild wind. . Push the envelope don't sit on ...Excluir    Renomear
  209. Queen - Rock It (Prime Jive) When I hear that rock and roll. . It gets down to my ...Excluir    Renomear
  210. Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister Hey little babe youÂ’re changing. Babe, are you fee ...Excluir    Renomear
  211. Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had) Hey little babe you're changing. . Babe are you feel ...Excluir    Renomear
  212. Queen - Save Me It started off so well. They said we made a perfect ...Excluir    Renomear
  213. Queen - Say It's Not True The harder we play. . The faster we fall. . When we th ...Excluir    Renomear
  214. Queen - Scandal Scandal - now you’ve left me all the world’s gonna ...Excluir    Renomear
  215. Queen - Seaside Rendezvous Seaside whenever you stroll along with me. . I'm mer ...Excluir    Renomear
  216. Queen - See What a Fool I've Been Veja o idiota que eu tenho sido. Bem ela se foi foi ...Excluir    Renomear
  217. Queen - See What a Fool IÂ’ve Been Well sheÂ’s gone gone this morning. See what a fool ...Excluir    Renomear
  218. Queen - Self Made Man See your face - you've got no-one to love you back ...Excluir    Renomear
  219. Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye Fear me you lord and lady preachers. . I descend upo ...Excluir    Renomear
  220. Queen - She Blows Hot & Cold SheÂ’s a sexy lady she can do it then sheÂ’d kick ...Excluir    Renomear
  221. Queen - She Makes Me I love she makes me. She is my heart. She is my love ...Excluir    Renomear
  222. Queen - She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos) I love she makes me. . She is my heart. . She is my lo ...Excluir    Renomear
  223. Queen - Sheer Heart Attack Well you're just 17 and all you want to do is. . dis ...Excluir    Renomear
  224. Queen - Show Must Go On Empty spaces - what are we living for. Abandoned pl ...Excluir    Renomear
  225. Queen - Sleeping On The Sidewalk I was nothin' but a city boy. . My trumpet was my on ...Excluir    Renomear
  226. Queen - Small I like to sit here . in the sunshine . trees in the ...Excluir    Renomear
  227. Queen - Some Day One Day You never heard my song before. . The music was too ...Excluir    Renomear
  228. Queen - Some Things That Glitter Once I loved a butterfly . Don't wonder how, don't ...Excluir    Renomear
  229. Queen - Somebody To Love Each morning I get up I die a little. . Can barely s ...Excluir    Renomear
  230. Queen - Son & Daughter Tried to be your son and daughter rolled into one. ...Excluir    Renomear
  231. Queen - Son And Daughter I want you. . . . Tried to be a son and daughter rolle ...Excluir    Renomear
  232. Queen - Soul Brother God bless my soul here he comes now. The man with t ...Excluir    Renomear
  233. Queen - Spread Your Wings Sammy was low. . Just watching the show. . Over and ov ...Excluir    Renomear
  234. Queen - Stand By Me When the night has cone. And the land is dark. And t ...Excluir    Renomear
  235. Queen - Staying Power Let me show it to you yeah. . . . See what I got - I g ...Excluir    Renomear
  236. Queen - StealinÂ’ ThatÂ’s the way I am. Does everybody want to know. T ...Excluir    Renomear
  237. Queen - Step on Me Know what I said when I saw you crying. Hang on tha ...Excluir    Renomear
  238. Queen - Still Burning I can't wake in the mornin' . I can't sleep at nigh ...Excluir    Renomear
  239. Queen - Stone Cold Crazy Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning. . I was ...Excluir    Renomear
  240. Queen - Stop All The Fighting Stop all stop all (stop all) the fighting. Stop all ...Excluir    Renomear
  241. Queen - Surf's Up, School's Out Surf's up, school's out . I got a criminal urge . to ...Excluir    Renomear
  242. Queen - Sweet Lady You call me up and treat me like a dog. . You call m ...Excluir    Renomear
  243. Queen - Tavaszi Szél Tavaszi Szél vizet áraszt . Virágom, virágom . Minde ...Excluir    Renomear
  244. Queen - Tear It Up Are you ready? - well are you ready?. . We're gonna ...Excluir    Renomear
  245. Queen - Tenement Funster My new purple shoes. . Bin amazin' the people next d ...Excluir    Renomear
  246. Queen - Teo Torriate When IÂ’m gone. DonÂ’t need to wonder if I ever thi ...Excluir    Renomear
  247. Queen - Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) When I'm gone no need to wonder. . If I ever think o ...Excluir    Renomear
  248. Queen - Thank God ItÂ’s Christmas Oh my love weÂ’ve had our share of tears. Oh my fri ...Excluir    Renomear
  249. Queen - The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke He's a Fairy Feller. . The fairy folk have gathered ...Excluir    Renomear
  250. Queen - The Fallen Priest Free me, free yourself . . A life of sacrifice contr ...Excluir    Renomear
  251. Queen - The Golden Boy The boy had a way with words, he sang, he moved wi ...Excluir    Renomear
  252. Queen - The Great Pretender Oh yes IÂ’m the great pretender (ooh ooh). Pretendi ...Excluir    Renomear
  253. Queen - The Hero So you feel that you ain't nobody. . Always needed t ...Excluir    Renomear
  254. Queen - The Hitman Here we go. . . . Ooh yeah yeah yeah yeah. . . . Hey I'm t ...Excluir    Renomear
  255. Queen - The Invisible Man I'm the invisible man I'm the invisible man. . Incre ...Excluir    Renomear
  256. Queen - The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  257. Queen - The Loser In The End Mama's got a problem. . She don't know what to say. . ...Excluir    Renomear
  258. Queen - The March of The Black Queen Do you mean it do you mean it do you mean it. . Why ...Excluir    Renomear
  259. Queen - The Millionaire Waltz Bring out the charge of the love brigade. There is ...Excluir    Renomear
  260. Queen - The Millionare Waltz Bring out the charge of the love brigade. . There is ...Excluir    Renomear
  261. Queen - The Miracle Every drop of rain that falls. . In Sahara Desert sa ...Excluir    Renomear
  262. Queen - The Night Comes Down When I was young it came to me. . And I could see th ...Excluir    Renomear
  263. Queen - The Prophet's Song Oh oh people of the earth. . Listen to the warning t ...Excluir    Renomear
  264. Queen - The ProphetÂ’s Song Oh oh people of the earth. Listen to the warning th ...Excluir    Renomear
  265. Queen - The Ring (Hypnotic Seduction of Dale) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  266. Queen - The Show Must Go On Empty spaces - what are we living for. . Abandoned p ...Excluir    Renomear
  267. Queen - The Subways You are the sun. You are the only one. My heart is b ...Excluir    Renomear
  268. Queen - The Wedding March Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  269. Queen - There Must Be More To Life Than This There must be more to life than this . There must b ...Excluir    Renomear
  270. Queen - These are the days of our lives Sometimes I get to feelin' . . I was back in the old ...Excluir    Renomear
  271. Queen - Through The Night Tell me something . That'll ease the pain . I am liv ...Excluir    Renomear
  272. Queen - Tie Your Mother Down Get your party gown and get your pigtail down. . And ...Excluir    Renomear
  273. Queen - Time Time waits for nobody. Time waits for nobody. We all ...Excluir    Renomear
  274. Queen - Time To Shine With the sun in your eyes and the wind in your fac ...Excluir    Renomear
  275. Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You Queen's Lyrics - Too Much Love Will Kill You Lyric ...Excluir    Renomear
  276. Queen - Tutti Frutti Bop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo. Tutti frutti, oh rudy ...Excluir    Renomear
  277. Queen - Under Pressure Pressure. Pushing down on me. Pressing down on you. N ...Excluir    Renomear
  278. Queen - Voodoo When the moon rises, . the dogs will howl . Look out ...Excluir    Renomear
  279. Queen - Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) Música instrumental ...Excluir    Renomear
  280. Queen - Warboys (A Prayer For Peace) They were born . with the knowledge . of the struggl ...Excluir    Renomear
  281. Queen - Was it All Worth It What is there left for me to do in this life. . Did ...Excluir    Renomear
  282. Queen - We Are The Champions I've paid my dues . Time after time . I've done my s ...Excluir    Renomear
  283. Queen - We Are The Champions (tradução) Nós Somos Os Campeões. . . . Eu paguei minhas dividas. ...Excluir    Renomear
  284. Queen - We Believe I believe . there's no evil out there . we didn't ha ...Excluir    Renomear
  285. Queen - We Will Rock You Buddy you're a boy make a big noise. Playin' in the ...Excluir    Renomear
  286. Queen - We Will Rock You (tradução) Nós vamos sacudir você!. . . . . . Amigo, você é um garo ...Excluir    Renomear
  287. Queen - White Man I'm a simple man with a simple name. . From this soi ...Excluir    Renomear
  288. Queen - White Queen So sad her eyes. Smiling dark eyes. So sad her eyes. ...Excluir    Renomear
  289. Queen - White Queen (As it Began) So sad her eyes smiling dark eyes. . So sad her eyes ...Excluir    Renomear
  290. Queen - Who Needs You I make it half past six you come at seven. . Always ...Excluir    Renomear
  291. Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever There's no time for us. There's no place for us. Wha ...Excluir    Renomear
  292. Queen - Why Don´t We Try Again After the storm there's the dead of night. It seems ...Excluir    Renomear
  293. Queen - You & I Music is playing in the darkness. And a lantern goe ...Excluir    Renomear
  294. Queen - You And I Music is playing in the darkness. . And a lantern go ...Excluir    Renomear
  295. Queen - You Are So Square/ Baby I Dont Care You don't like crazy music You don't like rockin' ...Excluir    Renomear
  296. Queen - You Don't Fool Me You don't fool me. . You don't fool me.... . Da, da da ...Excluir    Renomear
  297. Queen - You Take My Breath Away Oooh oooh take it take it all away. . Oooh ooh take ...Excluir    Renomear
  298. Queen - You Take My Breath Away (tradução) Você Tira O Meu Fôlego. . . . Olhe para meus olhos e v ...Excluir    Renomear
  299. Queen - You're my Best Friend Ooh you make me live. . Whatever this world can give ...Excluir    Renomear
  300. Queen - You're My Best Friend (tradução) Você É Minha Melhor Amiga. . . . Ooh, você me faz vive ...Excluir    Renomear
  301. Queen - Your Kind Of Lover Now you say you're leaving me. I just can't believe ...Excluir    Renomear
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