Oh Yeah!


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Qboy - Oh Yeah!

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I'm making contact with you like I was Jodie Foster
To let you know it's QBoy the hottest homo-hoper
Ripping this track like paper, for you I cater
I'm serving up tunes like I was a hip-hop waiter
My fan base is real yo! Didn't you get it?
'Even The Women Like Me' and they heavily committed
The guys as well, straight or gay it's a fact
As long as I'm providing then they got my back
And with their support I strive for something else
Got media combat skills and 'PR' black belt
Plus flows that bring droves and hoards of fans
From US, Australia, UK and Japan
Croatia, Spain, France, Germany, Norway, Canada
Their people want my people to talk to their managers
Gaining crazy interest like a Swiss bank account
Everybody worldwide wanna know what I'm about

Switch up your hand and say you don't care
Keep on moving till the beat ain't there,
If you feeling me then shout oh yeah!
Say what? (oh yeah!) say what? (oh yeah!)

Stimulating growth in the game like regain
Re-educating the masses music direct to the brain
Messages I'm bringing helping break down some barriers
If hate was a virus you'd no longer be a carrier
Boundaries and lines disperse on the dance floor
You loving this track - gay or not - you want more
Leave prejudices at the door relax and have fun
If you've made up your mind then get it undone
You've no real reason to dismiss diss or slate this
QBoy's rapping joy, take me off your hate list
I'm bringing positivity, I'm really a nice guy
Don't try and bring me down cause I believe in aiming high
Look I don't want your attention if I don't deserve it
That's why I stepping up my game watch me now I can work it
Beats are phatter this time round can't get no thicker
While some flows are in remission mine just keep on getting sicker


I'm very necessary like my homegirls Salt 'N' Pepa
Broadening the range 'one, two, one, two' of mic checkers
Some haters wanna step to me and criticise with small lies
But don't recognise the prize has always been in my eyes
Plus they all mouth - coz answer back and they dispel -
No good owning the trousers mate if you ain't got the belt
I'm dynamic not a gimmick - so hot I can't go wrong
Not middle of the road like cats eyes or chevrons
Funny like Kath & Kim; "Nice, different, unusual!"
Friendly, clever and hey some even say I'm beautiful
Think it's just sex I'm pushing well you're wrong
Why doncha "Check my lyrics!" like I was '3 Non Blondes'
Bringing acceptance and unity under one roof
Dance your hate away to a heavy QBoy tune
So switch ya hand relax and follow my rap
Like Madonna's teeth and ad, you just fill in the 'Gap'


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