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  1. Yoshi Nódoa;
  2. Yoshida Takurou Boku No Jinsei No Ima Wa Nanshoume Gurai Darou; Jun; Kuchibiru o Kamishimete; Ningen Nante;
  3. Yoshii Lovinson Sweet Candy Rain; Tali; Call Me; Tobuyou Ni; All By Love;
  4. Yoshika Call Me; Alive; Happiness; Just Us; Nothing;
  5. Yoshiki Without You; Unnamed song;
  6. Yoshimoto Du What U Du; Been a Long Time;
  7. Yoshio Te Regalo Mi Canción; Vale La Pena;
  8. Yosi Azulay Ad Eleiha; El Ha'or; To The Light;
  9. Yoskar Sarante Llora Alma Mia; No Pierdo La Esperanza; Que Sera De Mi Vida; Te Perdi; Eres Un Mal Necesario;
  10. Yothu Indi Djäpana; Mainstream; Back To Culture; Baywara; Dots On The Shells;
  11. Yothu Yindi Timeless Land; Back to Culture; Baywara; Danggultji; Dots On the Shells;
  12. You Against Escudo; Jogo; Labirinto; Memória Congelada; Punhal;
  13. You Am I Boulder Fair; Please Don't Ask Me To Smile; Soldiers; Baby Clothes; Berlin Chair;
  14. You And I Heart's Divide; 143; 143(jcm); A Day That Passes Through Us; Absence;
  15. You And The Boom No, You're Lost;
  16. You Before Me Carousel;
  17. You Can Dance Anjo; Ela é gata; You Took My Love; Te faço feliz; Brincar de Amar;
  18. You Day Ella;
  19. You Decide My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down;
  20. You Me And Everyone We Know A Symptom; ...Because I Spit Hot Fire; Carolina Heat; Colorful Language; Dirty Laundry;
  21. You Me And Iowa The Greenback Ministers; Runways and Freeways; Working Title; The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful; Valhalla;
  22. You Me At Six Promisse, Promisse; Save It For The Bedroom; Gossip; The Rumour; Noise;
  23. You Say Party We Say Die Love In The New Millenium; Apocolypse Meow; Stockholm Syndrome (part II); You Did It!; Cold Hands! Hot Bodies!;
  24. You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Beethoven Day; Schroeder; T-E-A-M (the Baseball Game); The Doctor is in; The Kite;
  25. You're Pretty Beautiful Accident; Breakthrough Or Breakdown; I Am Not; Something Real; Day;
  26. You're Under Arrest Yell Anata No Tonari de; 100mph No Yuuki; Arittake No Joonsetsu de; Blooming Days; Love Somebody;
  27. You're Under Arrest TV Thank You, Love; Blooming Days; Calling; Hey! Magic!; Itoshi no Strike Otoko-sama;
  28. You've Got Mail (Mensagem pra você) Anyone At All;
  29. Youddiph Vechniy Strannik;
  30. Yougngstown Away With The Summer Days; Angel!; Forever in Love; I'll Be Your Everything; Lose My Cool;
  31. Youhna Houki Hoshi;
  32. Youinseries The Watcher; Lose Faith In The Truth; See Not What You Want, But Who You Really Are; Get Comfortable Not Knowing;
  33. Youjeen Another; Apple for your thoughts; Be Bad!!; Beautiful Days; Daydreamin' (ENG);
  34. Youko Ishida Open Your Mind ~ Chiisana Hane Hirogete~; Negai; Otome No Policy (the Maiden's Policy); Bokura No Kiseki; Towa no Hana;
  35. Youko Kanno Rain; Adieu; Beauty Is Within Us; Blue; Call Me Call Me;
  36. Young and Divine Retro vs Techno; Show Me You're Alive; Strangers by day; Weakdays;
  37. Young And Lost Blinded; Brother; D'la Marde; Decompress; Deeper;
  38. Young and Sexy The Curious Organ; All the little girls and boys; Chikubi; The City You Live in is Ugly;
  39. Young And The Useless He Is Not Here, For He Has Risen; Breaking, One Beat At a Time; It Hurt, But It's Over, And So Are We; Money Hungry Girls; Some Benefits Of Serious Thinking;
  40. Young Black Teenagers Back For Your Head; Plead the Fifth; Roll w/ the Flavor; Time to Make the Dough Nutz; Tap the Bottle;
  41. Young Bleed An Offer You Can't Refuse; Bring the Noise; How Ya Do Dat; The day they made me boss; Confedi;
  42. Young Brikkz Envy Me;
  43. Young Buck Bang Bang; Black Gloves; Bonafide Hustler; Do It Like Me; Im A Soldier;
  44. Young Capone What It Iz; I'm Hot (feat. All Star, Yo Gotti);
  45. Young Chris Still The Hottest (feat. J. Cole);
  46. Young Deenay Walk On By;
  47. Young Divas She Works Hard For The Money; Gloria; Let's Hear It For The Boy; Right About Now; What A Feeling;
  48. Young Dro Shoulder Lean (feat. T.I.); Rubber Band Banks; Jeenjeoree; Keojeetmalhaneun Peop; Closer;
  49. Young Galaxy Swing Your Heartache; Come and See; Wailing Wall; The Sun's Coming Up And My Plane's Going Down; The Alchemy Between Us;
  50. Young Gunz Can't Stop Won't Stop; $$$ Girlz; Beef; Don't Keep Me Waiting (Come Back Soon) Feat. 112; Friday Night;
  51. Young Heart Attack Misty Rowe; (Take Me Back) Mary Jane; Over And Over; Sick Of Doing Time;
  52. Young Hoodlum How I Luv U; In My Corner;
  53. Young Hot Rod Be Easy; I Like To Fuck;
  54. Young Knives Another Hollow Line; Coastguard; Dialing Darling; Half Timer; Here Comes The Rumour Mill;
  55. Young Lay Lord Have Mercy; Got 2 Survive; All About My Fetti Lyrics; Puff Puff Pass; Ruthless Adolescent;
  56. Young Love Discotech; Closer To You; Find A New Way; Tell Me; Underneath The Night Sky;
  57. Young Marble Giants Brand-New-Life; Cakewalking; Colossal Youth; Constantly Changing; Credit In The Straight World;
  58. Young Mc Bust A Move; Back In The Day; Coast 2 Coast; Fuel To The Fire; I'll Go;
  59. Young Money Commin' Out; BedRock (feat. Lloyd);
  60. Young Noble Black Cotton (feat. 2 Pac, Eminem & kastro); Enough 2 Make; Gatz Up; I Ride U Ride;

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