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  1. A Year In Limbo Smile; Crashing Into Earth; Dirty Hands;
  2. La Yaga 22 de Abril;
  3. Los Yetsons La Mujer de Mis Sueños;
  4. Los Yonic's Pero Te Vas Arrepentir; Abrazame; Amigos No; Amor Inólvidable; Dime;
  5. The Yardbirds Shapes Of Things; A Certain Girl; Knowing; Good Morning Little School Girl; Glimpses;
  6. The Yardigans Pare de Me Salvar;
  7. The Yasha Kagemusha's Meaninglessly Misunderstood;
  8. The Year Of Our Lord Manchild In The Promised Land; Porcelain; Seasons Of Suffocation; The Divine Poison; The Frozen Divide;
  9. The Years Gone By Eyes For Liars; Sever The Ties; Higher Expectations; Letters & Postcards; My Miracle;
  10. The Yellers Velho Punk´s;
  11. The Yellow Monkey Tactics; Barairo No Hibi; Brilliant World; Burn; Father;
  12. The Young Divas Happening All Over Again; This Time I Know It's For Real;
  13. The Young Gods Skinflowers; Our House; Gasoline Man; September Song; Kissing The Sun;
  14. The Young Knives Here Come's The Rumour Mill; John; She's Attracted To; We Are The Also Rans; The Decision;
  15. The Young Playthings Life Is Great;
  16. The Young Punx Interplanetary (Phunk Investigation Mix); You've Got To; Your Music Is Killing Me; Young And Beautiful; Rockall;
  17. The Young Rascals More (Ti guarderò nel cuore); In The Midnight Hour;
  18. The Youngbloods Get Together;
  19. The Youngsters Vem;
  20. The Youth Kotoba ni dekinai;
  21. The Youth Ahead Fym; Beautiful Day; Ode To The Dollar; 23 Days; A Little Too Late;
  22. Y and T Contagious; Don't Be Afrais Of The Dark; Rescue Me; Black Tiger; Earthshaker;
  23. Y Kant Tori Read Cool On Your Island; Etienne Trilogy; Fayth; Fire On The Side; Floating;
  24. Y&T Forever; Hell Or High Water; 24,900 Miles Per Hour; 4+20; 49 Bye-byes;
  25. Y&T (Yesterday & Today) Black Tiger; Forever;
  26. Y-g-s I Don't Care; Kiwi Symphony; Last To Know; Lo Down; P.C.S;
  27. Y-Luk-O S.K.E.S. (feat. Kir Fatal); A View Into The Corner; Bombing: Sierra; Cram It With Walnuts (feat. I Feel Sick) Interlude No. 26; Dandelions Dream;
  28. Y-me Huu Yah Yeah;
  29. Y-Not Average Joe; Be With You; How Can I; Y-Not; Our Sentence;
  30. Y-O-U Back With Him; Easy; Good Intentions; Heart That Remains; Hold Me;
  31. Y-Y What's All This Then?; A girl who wants to date; A song for you; Aboji (Feat. Psy); Amudo (Feat. Kang Jinwoo from Bounce);
  32. Y-Zit Ola; Y-zit - Comment Lui Dire; Y-zit - Interlude; Y-zit - Ton Coeur Contre Le Mien; Chica Latina;
  33. Y.G. Family Get Ready; Show me love; Sweet Love; Han Bon Tan Han Bon; Cho Nop Eun Kot Teh Pyol Chyo;
  34. Y2K I´m Lost In My Mind; Time to Comprehend;
  35. Y? Glad It's Over; Stop It!;
  36. Ya Boy No Replacement (Irreplaceable remix); Down So Long (feat. Jin); Holla At Ya Boy; Hang Ya Self; Intro;
  37. Ya Kid K Awesome (You Are My Hero); Get Up (Before the Night is Over); One world nation; That Man; Ya Kid K;
  38. Ya Párate Porno Michelle;
  39. Yaşar Kurt Aşık Veysel;
  40. Ya-Boyy Gave You A Dollar;
  41. Ya-kyim Baby Boo, My Boy; Baby Boy U Don't Know; beauty~beauty; Clap 'n Clap; Dance With Me;
  42. Ya-Ya-Yah Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu; Hoshi Kuzu No Beeru; Just Wanna Lovin' You; Love Together 2002; Sekai Ga Hitotsu Ni Naru Made;
  43. Yaara Dildara Bin Tere Sanam;
  44. Yacht. Run cheerfully to the sunset; Drawing In The Dark; I Believe In You; It's All The Same Price (feat. Eats Tapes); Platinum;
  45. Yaco Monti Vanidad;
  46. Yaconawas Chico dos Chicos; Menina da Noite;
  47. Yacopsae Schizo;
  48. Yacova Stranger; That Girl; Untitled;
  49. YADIEL Fashion Girl; Le Gusto; Mía (wibal Y Alex); No Puedo Sacarte de Mi Mente; Para Que Volver;
  50. Yadira Déjame Volar; Te Quedó Grande La Yegua; Adoro (con Darina); Con La Misma Pìedra (con Darina); Mi Musica Es Tu Voz;
  51. Yae Kaze No Ne;
  52. Yael Naim Yashanti; Puppet; New Soul; Far Far; Lonely;
  53. Yafah Yarkoni Agalah Im Susah;
  54. Yaga Y Mackie ACERCATE; Amor Verdadero; Aparentemente; Asechandote; A Ti No;
  55. Yage 128; Engine Off; Future Is Now; Lange Lügenbeine; Leben leben;
  56. Yaggfu Front Black Liquid; Frontline; Left Field; Slappin' Suckas Silly; My Dick is So Large *;
  57. Yaguaru Vida No te Vayas; Pero Tu Mirada; Loco Soñador; Cuando llegaste tu; Como Decirte Adios;
  58. Yahiko Mina;
  59. Yahir La Locura; Aguántatelas Corazón; Alma En Pie; No Te Apartes De Mi; Regresa A Mi;
  60. Yahoo Anjo; Caminhos de Sol; Mordida de Amor; Nunca Mais; A Entrega;

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