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  1. X TV Yakusoku;
  2. The X-Ecutioners It's Goin' Down; Let It Bang feat. M.O.P; The X (Y'all Know The Name); XL; B-Boy Punk Rock 2001;
  3. The XX Chained; Do You Mind?; Angels; Crystalised; Barbie Y Pacheco;
  4. X Around My Heart; Art Of Life; Los Angeles; Adult Books; Back To The Base;
  5. X 7ears The Cold Blooded; Etched Ring; Tears From a Tie;
  6. X Change Deadcell; Drown; Our Rights;
  7. X Cromo 8 de Maio; Jason; Kiss 228; Sobre Uma Garota; Lf;
  8. X Dinero Ella Besa Asi; Calatito; Abriré tu corazón; Photo Vegetal; Dame Tu Amor;
  9. X e Japão Amigos e Amigos;
  10. X File Mission to Mars; Interstellar Pleasure; Speedway Suicide; Road Nowhere; Seek For Life;
  11. X Flag Agressores; Minininha Punk; Anarquia; Fuck Mc Donald's; Lado 1 e Lado 2;
  12. X Flamenco Maltrato;
  13. X Galinha Marlboro; Na Dúvida Eu Vou; Ninguém Dá Um Ovo; Por Quê?; Sandra É Um Cara;
  14. X Is Loaded 13 Days; Bleeding The Shapes; Break It On The Way Down; Carousel; Dean Park;
  15. X Japan Rusty Nail; Tears; Longing (Togireta Melody); X; Silent Jealousy;
  16. X Makeena Al Comor; En Orbite; Frenetik; Humain; Karma;
  17. X Marks The Pedwalk Drawback; Clip the Lines; Maximum Pace; Sweep Hand; Sweep Hand Timeless;
  18. X Mia 4ever Tru; Ain't 2 Be Played Wit; All N's; Bring Da Drama; Bring It On(Ft.Fiend,Mac,Skull Dugery,C-Murder,Mys;
  19. X Parade Foi Você Quem Destruiu Minha Vida; Great Sucess; Já Está Tarde; Não Desistirei de Você;
  20. X Rabbits Killer; Banho de Sangue; Deusa Do Mar; Um menino (Reggae da vida);
  21. X Raptor Burning Hate; Disturbers Of The Order... Rebellious Crowd; Hidden Mask Of Existence; Businesschrist; Pay The Price;
  22. X The Band Los Angeles; Johny Hit And Run Paulene; Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not; Nausea; Soul Kitchen;
  23. X The Man What?;
  24. X!nk Oh-ho; Band of friends; De Vriendschapsband; Denk aan mij; Gek Zijn;
  25. X- Press 2 Lazy; Ann; Anyway You Want Me; As the Deer; Aubrey;
  26. X-1999 eX Dream; Secret Sorrow; Strength; Ex Dream - Abertura; Kesshou - Tema do Kamui;
  27. X-9 Paulistana Samba-Enredo 2007; Samba-Enredo 2006; Samba-Enredo 2008; Samba-Enredo 2012; Samba-Enredo 2011;
  28. X-action X-action; Freedom; Time of Justice; Moon Remix-( Get Off Machines ); Alien File;
  29. X-Acto 50 Anos; Anchor; Backwash; Entertainment; Hope;
  30. X-Caliber Don't Say Goodbye; Rock's Alive; Runaway; Someday; Tell Me Why;
  31. X-Clan A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback; Earth Bound; Verbal Milk; A.D.A.M.; Fire & Earth (100% Natural);
  32. X-Con Hop;
  33. X-Cops Interloper; Cavity Search; Your Mother; Barbells; Highway Star;
  34. X-dream We Interface; The 1st; X-Ray Eyes;
  35. x-DuL Amigos; Mil vezes; Pelo nosso amor; Você só me ignora;
  36. X-five Always There;
  37. X-Fusion Seven Mortal Sins; Ashes To Ashes; Dead Love; Dear God; Empty Souls;
  38. X-japan 20th Century Boy; Alive; Art Of Life; Blue Blood; Blue Blood Translation;
  39. X-Kameron I Wanna Be Your Lover;
  40. X-mas Project Mary's Boy Child; Alle Jahre Wieder; Christmas (Baby Come Home); Jingle Bells; Leise Rieselt der Schnee;
  41. X-models Två Av Oss; Barbados;
  42. X-Noize Breaking The Toys; Let Yourself Go; Part of the Plan; Flying Away; Live or die;
  43. X-one Wet Wet Wet;
  44. X-Patriate Dirty Life; More and More Like A Civil War;
  45. X-Perience A Nerverending Dream; Am I Right; Come Into My Life; Beautiful Day; Circles Of Love;
  46. X-Piral 15 Years Of Lies; .com - Fusion; Crawling In Your Minds; Dead Within; Duat (Land Of The Dead);
  47. X-Ponjas Unchain My Heart;
  48. X-Positivo Na escola; Vem pro meu Mundo;
  49. X-Puh Dedication 01111000; The Big Hit; D Generation X Who´s Gonna Kick Your Ass;
  50. X-Punch XPunch; My Crew; Be True; Don't Search For Heros;
  51. X-Quisite Sassy Thing; No Regrets;
  52. X-raided Macaframa; Mask On; Fuckin Wit a Psycho; Still Shootin; Spitten Venom;
  53. X-Rated Realize It;
  54. X-ray Spex The Day The World Turned Day-Glo; Good Time Girl; Prayer For Peace; Age; Art-I-Ficial;
  55. X-Session All Day, All Night; Destiny; Get Your Rox Off; Hot Shot; All Day, All Night (Dam Dibi Dam);
  56. X-Sinner World Covered In Blood; I Take Power;
  57. X-Static Here With Me; 1000 Umbrellas; 25 O'clock; Across This Antheap; All of a Sudden (It's Too Late);
  58. X-TrA Apenas um momento; Talvez; O Que Está Por Vir; Esta Escrito; Só Uma vez;
  59. X-Treme A Minute; Wonderland; Deeboudaebeedoee; Love Song; My Fire;
  60. X-Wife Black Tears; Good times; Headlights; On The Radio; Ping-Pong;

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