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  1. Warning Bridges; Echoes; Faces; Footprints; How Can it Happen?;
  2. Warning S.F. Sounds of Armageddon; The Noose; Thunderhead;
  3. Warp Brothers We Will Survive; Phatt Bass; Going Insane;
  4. Warpath The Result; Silence = Death; War Ensemble;
  5. Warrant April 2031; Blind Faith; Chameleon Ultraphobic 1995; Cherry Pie; Heaven;
  6. Warrau A Culpa Não É Sua; Ciclo Vicioso; Pesares; Verdades; Sonhos guardados;
  7. Warrel Dane August; August (completa); Brother; Equilibrium; Everything Is Fading;
  8. Warren Barfield Whisper To Me; Beautiful Broken World; Love Is Looking For You; Mistaken; My Heart Goes Out;
  9. Warren Brothers Better Man; Thats The Beat Of A Heart; The One I Can't Live Without; Guilty; Move On;
  10. Warren G Ghetto Village; I Shot the Sheriff; I Want It All; Keepin' It Strong; Lookin' At You;
  11. Warren Smith I Dont Believe Ill Fall In Love Today;
  12. Warren Sroka Just another american folk song;
  13. Warren Storm Break My Mind;
  14. Warren Wiebe I Believe In Us; Human Touch;
  15. Warren Zanes Everybody Loves You; Did You Recognize My Love?; First on the Moon; Have You Once Recalled the Days?; Hey Girl;
  16. Warren Zevon Basket Case; Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner; Werewolves Of London; A certain girl; Bad luck streak in dancing school;
  17. Warrior Day Of Reckoning; Kill The Machine; Standing; We Are One; Open Your Eyes;
  18. Warrior Ants Nenhuma Solução; Acorde o Sol Nasceu; Apoios e Vestígios; Lágrimas Incompreendidas; Quando o Dia Toma Forma;
  19. Warrior Heart Sahara; Ever Dream; Amaranth; Emerald Sword; Eagle Fly Free;
  20. Warrior King Where Is The Love?;
  21. Warrior Soul Rocket Engines; I See The Ruins; Superpower Dreamland; Charlie's Out Of Prison; Children Of The Winter;
  22. Warriorz Cold As Ice;
  23. Warthrone Bloodfrozen Effigy; Firestorm Bringer; Paranormal Apparition; Quiver; The Unseen Presence;
  24. Wartime Preordained Game; Awakening (1000 Days in Coma); Entrapment of Time; Against Destiny; Atomic Bomb Dome;
  25. Wartune Tale Of The Witch; End of Grace; From Hell;
  26. Wärtzilä Liehuva Liekinvarsi;
  27. Warujiennu O-Ha! Mambo (a shiny new today);
  28. Warzone Crazy But Not Insane; Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets; Fighting For Our Country; Free At Last; Fuck Your Attitude;
  29. Was (Not Was) I Feel Better Than James Brown; Walk The Dinosaur; Shake Your Head; Knocked down, made small; Somewhere In America There's A Street Named After My Dad;
  30. Was Ist Das Lafee;
  31. Washington Brasileiro Feia Que Doi; Acunha Sanfoneiro; O Amor; Onde eu nasci; Um Simples Toque;
  32. Washington Del Buffalo Ballyhoo days; Bones; I just wanna drink; Road warrior; The power of love;
  33. Washington Keith Bring It On; I Love You; If You Were With Me Now; Kissing You; The Door To Your Heart;
  34. Washington Phillips What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?;
  35. Washu's Lullaby Washu's Lullaby;
  36. Wason Brazoban En Un Solo Dia;
  37. Wasp 9.5-N.A.S.T.Y; Animal; Arena Of Pleasure; B.A.D; Ball Crusher;
  38. Wassabi Have Some Fun With Radio 21; Do the tango with me; Si m-am indragostit de tine; Crazy;
  39. Wassup A Minha Dor; Caminhar; Meu Lugar; Recomeçar; Só o tempo;
  40. Wasted Land Into Chaos I lost; Bell Of The Falling Castle; Death In War;
  41. Wasted Youth Fuck Authority; Born Deprived; Problem Child; Punk For A Day; Young And Bored;
  42. Wastefall Killing of Wolves; 21; Empty Haven; Pountains Of Fire; Lesser;
  43. Wasting Time Conmigo Otra Vez; Falsos Sentimientos;
  44. WaT 5 Centi; Ano Hi; Boku no Kimochi; Bokura no Ibasho; Answer;
  45. Wat Tyler Chasing Shadows;
  46. Watain The Limb Crucifix; Rabid Death's Curse; On Horns Impaled; Life Dethroned; Agony Fires;
  47. Wataru Aoi Tsuki; Boys Be Ambitious; Fight!; Heartbeat; Hitotsu No Haato de;
  48. Watashi-Wa Change Of Seasons; All Of Me; Lost My Mind; Fepeste; Flackbait;
  49. Watashime Slug Aasharumaatsu; Juuryoku; Kirunberugaa Daiichi Hou; Lyric; Prime;
  50. Watch Me Die Watch Me Die;
  51. Watch Me Disappear Emotional Blackmail; Onan the Barbarian; Render;
  52. Watch Me Fall Silent Aeons; Dirge For The Final Journey; Discord Symphony; Worn Out; More Than Gods Could Dream;
  53. Watch My Dying Idomtalam; Carbon; Klausztrofónia; Horizont 16:9; Nullpont;
  54. Watch out! There Ghosts Delivering An Oration; I Ruin Dreams, Not Nightmares; May Come Quick; Never You; The Shake Up;
  55. Watch Them Die Bastard Son; Battle Lust; Belial's Path; Born To Suffer; Early Mourning;
  56. Watcha Sam 2; New Brutal Funk; Cupide; 101 Radio Racket; Clash;
  57. Watches A Love From Outer Space;
  58. Watchmaker Broken By Refraction; Dummy Test; Mournful Visage; Salt Fertile Earth; Watchmaker;
  59. Watchmen Absolutely Anytime; Any Day Now; Dance Some More; Holiday; Kill The Day;
  60. Watchout Paraíso com você;

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