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  1. Wands Sekai Ga Owaru Made Wa....; Ai o Kataru Yori Kuchizuke o Kawasou; Ashita Moshi Kimi Ga Kowaretemo; Garasu No Kokoro de; Hoshi No Nai Sora No Shita;
  2. Wandula Noturna; L'homme aux tâches de rousseur;
  3. Wanessa Camargo Um Outro Alguém; O Amor Não Deixa; Filme de Amor; Girassóis; Me Engana Que Eu Gosto;
  4. Wanessa Dias E Agora?; Quinta Estação;
  5. Wang Chung China; Eyes Of The Girl; Look At Me Now; Devoted Friends; A Fool & His Money;
  6. Wang Lan Yin E Zuo Ju (Prank); Practical Joke (E Zuo Ju); Yu Dao - Fang Ya Xian;
  7. Wang Lee Hom Mary Says; (This Ain't) no Thinkin' Thing; A Bad Way of Saying Goodbye; All Hat, no Cattle; And Then There Was You;
  8. Wang Qiang Qiu Tian Bu Hui Lai;
  9. Wangelen 300 Años de Guerra; Arenga de Galvarino; Bajo Hualles y Canelos; La Risa Pagana; Nicolás Palacios;
  10. Wanhoop Vernieling Van Het Bestaan; Hearse Of The Black Death; Only Death Is Real; Ultimate Pleasure; Weak Human Race;
  11. Wanica Falling For You;
  12. Wank Best Friend; Crime Pays; Diana's Haus; Fearless; Forgiven;
  13. Wankstapie Turn Up My Headfones;
  14. Wannadies Because; Damn It I Said; Friends; Hit; No Holiday;
  15. Wannes Van De Velde Abc; De lichtjes van de Schelde; Kerstmis is dien dag dat ze niet schieten; Sterven te Antwerpen; De kleuren van de steden;
  16. Wanted Sobre nós dois; Ter você aqui; Uma canção de amor;
  17. Wanyo Estar sem;
  18. Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag Als De Carnyx Schreeuwt (Met Nervische Moed Doorheen De Samber); De Orde Van Het Zwijn; De Val Van Raepenburgh; Puur Heidens Krijgsmetaal; Wechselbalg;
  19. War Low Rider; Spill The Wine; Why Can't We Be Friends; World Is A Ghetto; So;
  20. War & Peace Change The World; Love Has No Color; Spread Your Wings; CanÂ’t Slow Down; I Miss You Mama;
  21. War From A Harlots Mouth The Endtime Msg Pt I; Keeping It Up; Fighting Wars With Keyboards; Uptown Girl Uptown Girl; A Grotesque Relationship;
  22. War Girl Iczelion You're The Best Partner;
  23. War Hungry Divine / Demonic;
  24. War Of Ages Stand Your Ground; My solitude; Second chance; Battle on; Broken before you;
  25. War Of Words Violence Breeds; More Violence; Stakes And Mistakes; Not Today; Revenge;
  26. War Rocket Ajax Freak; Better Off Dead; Bullet Train To Heck; Countdown; Counterfeit;
  27. War Without Reason Blood Is Flavor; Deforming; Essence of Perfection; Ideas Cannot Die; Puncture Harvest;
  28. War-Head Electric Grandma;
  29. War36 Sugar; Byob;
  30. Warbreed Sippenhaft; Aliy Sneg; Hostis Ante Portas; The Hour Of The Wolf (of Glory and Decay - Part II); The Spandau Enigma;
  31. Warchild Alive Alone; Do Or Die; Dragon; Hope; Kick The Bucket;
  32. Warcloud Fever Dream; Falling Hammer; Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans, & Records; Mad Axes; Channel Warcloud;
  33. Warcollapse Phetamine Rush; In Absence Of Peace; Unbound By Laws; Marrowless; As The Bombing Ends;
  34. Warcry Alejandro; Un Mar De Estrellas; Hacia Delante; Luz Del Norte; Al Salir El Sol;
  35. Warda Ahna Elli El Loum Aleyna (We Are The Ones To Blame); Al Mowashah (The Most Handsome Man); Andah Alaek (I Call You); Bawadaak (Farewell);
  36. Warda El Jaza'iriya Betwanes Beek; Habibi Ia Aini; Mabruk; Harramt Ahibak; Harramt Ahebbak;
  37. Wardance Heaven Is For Sale; Neverending Nightmare; Destroyer; Believe; I Don't Love You Anymore;
  38. Wardeath Altar Do Sacrifício; Cólera Mortal; Confronto Bestial; Devastação Nuclear; Mundo Em Alerta;
  39. Warfx (Not Another) War Song; Sin City; New Order; Love Sux; Dtv;
  40. Wargasm Wasteland; Bullets & Blades; Sudden Death; Revenge; Undead;
  41. Warhammer Beyond Forgiveness; Devastation Of Silent Resistance; The Shape Of The Enemy; Damned To Extinction; The Winter Of Our Discontent;
  42. Warhead Senseless; A Piece Of Your Flesh; The Other Side; Behind My Eyes; Beyond Recall;
  43. Warhead (Polônia/Ucrânia) In The Battles of Glory; This Land Will Arise; Aryan Nation's Rebirth; Blood of Heroes; Bringing Death to the True;
  44. Warheads Dildo Dildo;
  45. Warhorn Expanded Holocaust; Napalm Jesus; Nuklear War Kommand;
  46. Warhorse Doom's Bride; Black Acid Prophecy; Every Flower Dies No Matter the Thorns (Wither); Lysergic Communion; Scrape;
  47. Wariner Steve Holes In The Floor Of Heaven; Two Teardrops; Cry No More; Every Little Whisper; For The First Time;
  48. Waring Steve Fais voir le son; L'aurore; La baleine bleue cherche de l'eau; La chanson des grenouilles; Le coucou;
  49. Warley e Wesley Acorda Pro Mundo;
  50. Warlike Into The Iced Age; Forgotten Valley; Crying Nights; Magna; Feelings;
  51. Warlock Don't Go; Machine To Machine; Für Immer; Warlock - Metal Racer; Warlock - Shout It Out;
  52. Warloghe Fires Burn Black; A Monolith Clad In Fog; Corpse-Altar-Light; Dark Spires Swirl In The Abyss; Illuminating Void;
  53. Warlord Battle Of The Living Dead; War In Heaven; Winds of Thor; Deliver Us From Evil; Achilles Revenge;
  54. Warm Sun The Happiness of A Sliced Salmon;
  55. Warmachine Beginning of the End; Dust to Dust; Eye For an Eye; Forgotten Demise;
  56. Warmen The Spark; Singer's Chance; Devil's Mistress; Fire Within; Hidden;
  57. Warna Dalam Hati Saja; Waktu Kan; Ohya;
  58. Warnament Life Consequences; Reincarnation; Slow And Painful Death; War For Your Name; Warnament;
  59. Warner bros Pinky e o Cérebro;
  60. Warner Mack I'll Still Be Missing You; All I Have To Offer You Is Me; Alla My Love; Another Mountain To Climb; Answer Me My Love;

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