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  1. The White Shoes Forget To Live; Gossip Girls; No Strings Atached; We Sure Are In For A Show;
  2. The White Stripes A Boys Best Friend; Apple Blossom; Astro; Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground; Do;
  3. The White Tie Affair The Letdown; Allow Me To Introduce Myself...Mr. Right?; The Enemy; If I Fall; Scene Change;
  4. The Whites Keep On The Sunny Side; Victory; What the Fuck; Blue Letters; Follow The Leader;
  5. The Whitest Boy Alive Above You; All Ears; Borders; Burning; Don't give up;
  6. The Whitest Kids U Know Get A New Daddy; We Gon Make Love; The Hitler Rap;
  7. The Whitlams 400 Miles From Darwin; Chunky Chunky Air Guitar; Fall For You; Jumpin' Leprechauns; Laugh in Their Faces;
  8. The Who 5'15; Amazing Journey; Another Tricky Day; Baba O'Reilly; Bargain;
  9. The Whole Fantastic World Beets For Bombs; Color In Your Cheeks; Colossus; From Aspic To Zoo; Here's To Looking Up Your Old Address;
  10. The Whomping Willows A Heart Worth Loving; I Killed My Owl; Your Flying Car; Draco and Harry; Wizard Rock Heart Throb;
  11. The Wicked Epithimia Gia Athanasia; Black Gallows (The Ascension); Church of the Worm; Court of a Fallen; Digital Satan;
  12. The Wiggles Big Red Car; D.O.R.O.T.H.Y; Dorothy The Dinosaur; Everybody Clap; Wake Up Jeff;
  13. The Wigs Bring Back The Love;
  14. The Wil Seabrook Band It's Your Life;
  15. The Wildhearts Greeting From Shitsville; Caffeine Bomb; News Of The World; Some One Who Won't Let Me Go; Baby Strange;
  16. The Willowz Categories; I Wonder; Cons & Tricks; Blind Story; Something;
  17. The Windupdeads Reverse Of Shade;
  18. The Wipers Alien Boy; D-7; Don't Know What I am; Doom Town; Is This Real?;
  19. The Wiseguys Start the commotion; Do You Believe (in Kölle Alaaf); Anna Hat Migräne; Babalik Ka Pa Kaya?; Nein, Nein, Nein!;
  20. The Wish You Weres Stay; Next Time Around; Fuck The Neighbors; Sick Friend; Suburban Perfection;
  21. The Witness Protection Program Pearls To Pigs; Piledriver;
  22. The Wohlstandskinder Mehr Sag Ich Nicht; (Die Frau hat) Rhythmus; Das Grau Unserer Zeit; Der Staat ist nett; Die Welt von Mitteleuropa aus;
  23. The Wolf Banes A Streetcar Named Desire;
  24. The Wolfe Tones Only Our Rivers Run Free; A Soldiers Return; James Connelly; Padraic Pearse; Padraic Pearseof New York;
  25. The Wolfgang Press Sucker; 11 Years; Angel; Birminngham; Bless My Brother;
  26. The Wombats Backfire At The Disco; Caravan In Wales; Derail And Crash; Die Hard Movie Girl; Dr Suzanne Mattox PhD;
  27. The Wonder Years Keystone State Dude-Core; Solo And Chewy: Holdin' It Down; Superbowl Sunday; Won't Be Pathetic Forever; You're Not Salinger, Get Over It;
  28. The Wonderboys Wondergirl; Prefiro a Rua; Casa Amarela;
  29. The Wondermints Carnival Of Souls; Fleur-de-lis; Global Village Idiot; In A Haze; Libbyland;
  30. The Wonders All My Only Dreams; Dance With Me; Dance With Me Tonight; I Need You; Little Wild One;
  31. The Woodsmen 3rd Variable; Another Sad Song; August Liquor; Autumn Clover; axis;
  32. The Word Alive Are You On Drugs?; Casanova Rodeo; How To Build A Empire; The Devil Inside;
  33. The Working Title Beloved; The Best; Never Forever; The Mary Getaway; Ashley;
  34. The World Ends With You -Twister; Calling; Detonation; Game Over; Give me all your love;
  35. The World/Inferno Friendship Society A Night In The Woods; Leni Riefenstahl At The End Of Time; All Of California And Everyone Who Lives There Stinks; All The World Is A Stage (Dive); Annie The Imaginary Lawyer;
  36. The Worman Private Show; Shot!; The Worman Walks In The Moonlight; Unidentified Union;
  37. The Wounded Hollow World; 18 Carat Dust; Atlantic; Day Of Joy; Northern Lights;
  38. The Wrath II;
  39. The Wreckers All You Wanted; Cigarettes; Crazy People; Damn That Radio; Desperately;
  40. The Wreckshop Family Say What You Want; Act Like Ya Don't Know; All Up In My Space; Ball Caps & Tennis Shoe; Cash On;
  41. The Wrens Happy; 13 Months In 6 Minutes; Boys You Won't; Everyone Choose Sides; Ex-girl Collection;
  42. The Wright Specials Ninety-nine And a Half Won't do;
  43. W - Double You Miss Love Tantei; Friendship; Southpaw; Robokiss; Aa ii na!;
  44. W Ty Moleque Doido Malouqueiro Sou Eu; Filé Do Baile; Hoje eu sei; Desculpa Filho; Anjo do Mal;
  45. W ~Wish~ Kizuna; Omoide Good Night;
  46. W!sh Choros E Mentiras;
  47. W's Devil Is Bad; Rumor Weed; Flower Tattoo; Frank; J.P.;
  48. W-11 Brasil com Z; Invasão Religiosa; Normal Demais; Quem Trará O Passado De Volta?; Único;
  49. W-inds Perfect Day; Another Days; Baby Maybe; Because Of You; Dedicated to You;
  50. W-One Esse Seu Jeito; Mais Um Dia Sem Você; Quer Saber; Nossa História; Nada fica bem;
  51. W. Bascuñan El Solitario;
  52. W. For A. Your Part Is Important For Me; La Question;
  53. W.a.k.o Symbiotic Existence; Temple Of The Sick Degenerated; Unconsciousness;
  54. W.Com Soul Lara;
  55. W.I.T.C.H. Tema Musical; Witch; Una de Ellas; We Are Witch;
  56. W2 Rockband Meia Lua de Compasso; Os Quatro Elementos; Um Banho de Pensamento; Campo de Batalha;
  57. w21 Inconstância; Amores de Pedra;
  58. Wa Wa Nee Can't Control Myself; So Good; Stimulation; I Could Make You Love Me; Sugar Free;
  59. Wabarte Watsa Volley Ball;
  60. Wacky Kids Quem Decide Sou Eu; Nem Tanta Falta; Nada Mudou; Ilusão E Dor; Forever;

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