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  1. Walk The Moon Work This Body; Jenny; Up 2 U; Portugal; Tightrope;
  2. A weather Hanging Towers Of Baltimore; It's Good To Know; Oh My Stars; One More One Night Stand; Pilot's Arrow;
  3. A Week In July Near Fatal Explosion; Without The Bitter;
  4. A Whisper In The Noise A Child; An Autumn's Song; Anymore; As The Bluebird Sings; Havoc;
  5. A Wilhelm Scream Famous Friends And Fashion Drunks; A Picture Of The World; Dreaming Of Throwing Up; Stab Stab Stab; William Blake Overdrive;
  6. As We Fight Black Nails And Bloody Wrists; Resistance; Bringing It All Together; Catalyst Of Terror; Dead Man's Hand;
  7. El Wana Lagrima de Amor; Prende La Vela; Sos Una Rata;
  8. Os Wilsos Rap do Jesus; Balada É Coisa de Bicha; Estou Amando Armando; Eu Pegaria da Tua Gripe Se Fosse o Caso; Eu Sou Surdo;
  9. The W's Where Should I Go?; Used Car Salesman; Two More Weeks To Go; Tip From Me; Stupid;
  10. The Wage Of Sin Burning Bridges; Cast Away; Empty Heart Syndrome; First-born Against; Independence;
  11. The Waifs Brain Damage; Nothing New; Sunflower Man; The Waitress; Billy Jones;
  12. The Wailers Unchained Melody; Hang on Sloopy; Africa Unite; Black Out; Bad Card;
  13. The Wailin' Jennys One Voice; Things That You Know; Apocalypse Lullaby; Arlington; Beautiful Dawn;
  14. The Waiting Unfazed; Easy To See; Give It Up; I Am; I Need You;
  15. The Wake Murder One; Darkness Of Mine; Souls Encounter; Deep Silent Dead; Forever Nothing;
  16. The Waking Eyes Beginning; Goodbye; Headlights; If You Know Why; More Than What You're Givin';
  17. The Waking Hours Heartbeat; Mama Said Knock You Out;
  18. The Waking Life The Eastern Theater; Meet me at the Alamo; Mercy on the Horror Film; The Concluding Countdown; Schuyler Fisk;
  19. The Walkabouts Ahead of The Storm; Glass Palace; Nothing is a Stranger; Train to Mercy; Satisfied Mind;
  20. The Walker Brothers Make It Easy On Yourself; The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine; First Love Never Dies; My Ship Is Coming In; Here Comes The Night;
  21. The Walkers There's No More Corn On The Brasos;
  22. The Walkmen French Vacation; Revenge Wears No Wristwatch; Stop Talking; That's The Punchline; Wake Up;
  23. The Wallflowers Square Rooms; I Started A Joke; Witness; One Headlight; Three Marlenas;
  24. The Walls Black And Blue; February's Gone; Open Road; Passing Through; Some Kind Of A Girl;
  25. The Wally's Hoje A Noite Vai Ser Boa (Versão 2); Onze e Cinqüenta; Yeah Yeah;
  26. The Walts 1964;
  27. The Wanderer Forbidden Love; Manditory;
  28. The Wanted Where I Belong; Running Out of Reasons; Turn It Off; Lie To Me; I Want It All;
  29. The War On Drugs Under The Pressure; Red Eyes; Suffering; An Ocean In Between The Waves; Disappearing;
  30. The Warlocks Whips of Mercy; House of Glass; Its Just Like Surgery; Warhorses; Isolation;
  31. The Warriors Slings And Arrows; Lightning Strikes; More Than Metaphor; Red, Black And Blue; Ripped To Bone;
  32. The Washington Dead Cats Waikiki bay; 13 is my Lucky Number; Blue SurfinÂ’ girl; Burn Baby Burn; Crazy Voodoo Woman;
  33. The Watch Hills; Damage Mode; Wonderland;
  34. The Waterboys My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land; The Whole Of The Moon; The Stolen Child; FishermanÂ’s Blues; When Ye Go Away;
  35. The Watts Um Passo; Matemática;
  36. The Wave Pictures Holding Hands; I Love You Like A Madman; Kiss My Drummer; Now You Are Pregnant; We Dress Up Like Snowmen;
  37. The Waverlys Won't Come Home;
  38. The Way Wanted With Your Life; Leave for There; Jack's Song; Pretend It's Ok; Ska Song;
  39. The Weakerthans My Favorite Chords; Wellington's Wednesdays; Illustrated Bible Stories For Children; Leash; Fallow;
  40. The Weather Twist Kids; 2 For 1; d7; I've been lying to you; Mary Combat;
  41. The Weather Girls It's Raining Men; Man Right Outa My Hair; Shiny Toy Guns;
  42. The Webb Sisters I Still Hear It; Blue;
  43. The Wedding Price For Love; 478 Hxc; But A Breath; Joyride; Morning Air;
  44. The Wedding Crashers Aside;
  45. The Wedding Present A Million Miles; Don't Laugh; Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft; Give My Love To Kevin; Granadaland;
  46. The Wednesday Night Heroes Hated N' Proud; General Strike; Open Fire; Wash 'em Away; Dead End Street;
  47. The Weekend Kick Myself; Temporary Insanity; Victory; 80's Rock Star; Baby C'mon (nu New Fast);
  48. The Weeknd Wicked Games; Often; Can't Feel My Face; Earned It; The Hills;
  49. The Weepies Gotta Have You; Citywide Rodeo; Living in Twilight; Love DoesnÂ’t Last Too Long; Nobody Knows Me At All;
  50. The Weiners Finally Free (Down Inside); Point Dexter (You Nancy Boy); Voice For Myself; We Are The Weiners;
  51. The Weird Sisters Do The Hippogriff; This Is The Night; Magic Works;
  52. The Weirdos We Got The Neutron Bomb; Solitary Confinement; Fallout; Life Of Crime; Message From The Underworld;
  53. The Western States Motel Southwest Planes;
  54. The Wheels You Only Want Me To Teach You Math; On your Hands; My Regret; Hello; Coins in the wishing well;
  55. The Wheels Band Break The Pattern;
  56. The Whigs Nothing is Easy; Already Young; Hot Bed; Sleep Sunshine; Right Hand On My Heart;
  57. The Whip Trash;
  58. The Whispers And The Beat Goes On; California Cottonfields; It's a Love Thing; Rock Steady; Tamia;
  59. The White Panda Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) vs. Gangnam Style;
  60. The White Room Vicious Girl; Figure 8; Imitate; Enemies Closer;

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