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  1. The Vanishing Lovesick; Cuckoo spit; Idle eyes; Lover in hell; Paralyzed;
  2. The Vans Te Beijar; Medo de Amar; Anjo Lindo; Só pra Você e Eu; Drogas;
  3. The Vapors America; Civic Hall; Galleries For Guns; Johnny's In Love Again; Sixty Second Interval;
  4. The Varsity Buffalo Night Life; Bandaids and Ice; Blood Cell Seal; It's My Party... And I Will Cry If I Want To; Your Heaven, My Hell;
  5. The Vasco Era Kingswood;
  6. The Vaselines Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam; Bitch; Dum-Dum; Dying For It; Hairy;
  7. The Vaughan Brothers Hard To Be; White Boots; Good Texan; Long Way From Home; Tick Tock;
  8. The Vaz Cade Você; Se Você; Diz; Correr Atrás; Não Dá Pra Saber;
  9. The Veils The Tide That Left And Never Came Back; Guiding Light; Lavinia; More Heat Than Light; Talk Down The Girl;
  10. The Veltz Family My Life Is Mine;
  11. The Velvelettes I Know His Name (Only His Name); That's The Reason Why; There He Goes;
  12. The Velvet Teen A Special Gift to You; Caspian Can Wait; Into The Open; Red Like Roses; The Prize Fighter;
  13. The Venice Four with Rose Stone and The Abbot Kinney Lighthouse Choir Let Your Light Shine On Me;
  14. The Venting Machine Greed Empire; The Big Nothing;
  15. The Ventures Bridge Over Troubled Water; Secret Agent Man; Hawaii Five;
  16. The Veronicas If You Love Someone; You Ruin Me; Chains; 4ever; Advance Australian Fair;
  17. The Verve A Northern Soul; Bittersweet Symphony; Blue; Catching The Butterfly; Colorful;
  18. The Verve Pipe Martyr Material; Honest; Victoria; Spoonful Of Sugar; Pretty For You;
  19. The Very Hush Hush Every Little;
  20. The Vibrations Hang On Sloopy;
  21. The Vibrators Amphetamine Blue; Automatic Lover; Baby Baby; Judy Says; She's Bringing You Down;
  22. The Vicious Nunca Mais; Tão Simples; To Try;
  23. The Vicious Five Suicide Club; The smile on those daggers;
  24. The Victoria Project Joy To The World;
  25. The Victory Drive California; Hometown Anthem;
  26. The Victory Year You Will Never Have a Friend Again; Anything And Everything; Out Of Reach; Side B Concept; Drama Story;
  27. The Vidya Regular Super-Man; Ride The Wave; The Goddness of Love; Moment?; Horse Power;
  28. The View 5rebbeccas; Superstar Tradesman; Claudia; Comin' Down; Dance Into The Night;
  29. The Vigilantes Somebody Like Me;
  30. The Vigilantes Of Love Galaxy; Goes Without Saying; Offer; S.O.S.; Glory And The Dream;
  31. The Vincent Black Shadow Metro; Bullet On The Tracks; Control; Dream; Fears In The Water;
  32. The Vindictives Assembly Line; ...And The World Isn't Flat Anymore; 1 (900) ILu-vYou; Apt. #2; Basketcase;
  33. The Vines 1969; Ain't No Room; Autumn Shade; Country Yard; Don't Go;
  34. The Violent Noise Of Shit Garbage; Nunca acabara; Pede perdão; Shell ou hell;
  35. The Violet Burning Superman; Forty Weight; Song Of The Harlot; I'm No Superman (scrubs Theme); There Is Nowhere Else;
  36. The Violets Carnival; Feast On You; Hiero; Laxteen; Mirror Mirror;
  37. The Vipers Skiffle Group No Other Baby;
  38. The Virgins Teen Lovers; One Week Of Danger (Second Version); Rich Girl; One Week Of Danger (Demo Version); Love Is Colder Than Death (demo);
  39. The Virus Another Day Goes By; Already Dead; Day By Day; No One Can Save You; Nowhere To Hide;
  40. The Vision Bleak The Night Of The Living Dead; A Shadow Arose; Deathship Symphony; Horror Of Antarctica; Metropolis;
  41. The Vita Ruins The Song of Ariel; My Last Days on Earth; Alien; Godspeed to that Polytheist;
  42. The Vogues Turn Around, Look At Me; Five O'clock World; You're The One; Magic Town; 'Till;
  43. The Voice In Fashion Give Me Your Love; Only In The Night;
  44. The Voids Windowsill; A Mess; Brain; Enough; Forgotten;
  45. The Volta Sem Medo; Cansei; Foi você quem escolheu; Não vá embora; Só o que não paro de pensar;
  46. The Volumes I Love You;
  47. The von bondies C'mon C'mon; Been Swank; Poison Ivy; Tell Me What You See; Crawl Through The Darkness;
  48. The Voodoo Monkeys Timewarp; Battle of manly; Stomp to the Beat;
  49. The Voom Blooms Aeroplanes At 3 am; All Aboard the Albert; Anna; Astronauts Song; By the Seashore;
  50. The Voyces Relate To Me;
  51. The Vultures Stupid Smart; Letters from Satan; Kamikazes in the Sky; Criminal Razon;
  52. V Boys Weydson; Blood Sweat And Tears; Breakaway; Chills In The Evening; Earth, Wind And Fire;
  53. V Cousins Aguente; Amigos; Aos Sete Anos; Atravesse meu olhar; Balance Seu Coco;
  54. V Factory Doin' It Too; For You; I Can Change Your Life; Love Struck; Outta Control;
  55. V Shape Mind Antithesis Of Origami; Peel The Rind; That Cool Refreshing Drink; Brakecheck; Chameleon Wars;
  56. v(NEU) 12; Akai Hana; Baby Universe; CHERRY; Daidai Glitter Summer 2007;
  57. V-enna All The Way To Heaven; Where I Wanna Be; Make That Noize; Do You Wanna Know; Sometimes;
  58. V-Ice Tha Weed Song; Get Your Ass Up; Insane Killas; Elvis Killed Kennedy; O.K.S.;
  59. V-mann Joe Halte Aus;
  60. V-mob 4 Days; Benevolence; Hurt Me; In & Out; Mime;

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