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  1. Under Graph Paasonaru Waarudo; Yubisaki kara sekai wo; Junshin SAIKURU (Pure Heart Circle); Bassu de Shigunaru; Majime sugiru kimi he;
  2. Under Line Mais Uma Vez; O Sol; Eu não te vejo; Nunca mais; Entre As Rochas Dos Meus Sonhos;
  3. Under The Flood Blown Away; Endless; Halos; In Vain; Open Me Up;
  4. Under The Influence of Giants In The Clouds; Against All Odds; Ah Ha; Faces; Got Nothing;
  5. Under The Weather Free Thought; One More Step; Bleed Red; Brain Candy; Sun Salute;
  6. Under Threat Deathmosphere; Black Innertia Disintegration; Echo Shaped Life; Embraced By Disaster; Kingdom Of Eternal Crisis;
  7. Under White Lights A Way To Stop The Bleeding; Diary Of A Serial Killer; Man Your Battle Stations;
  8. Under17 Mouse Chu Mouse; Hajimete no Natsu; Kujibiki Unbalance; Kagayaki Cyalume; Love Slave;
  9. Undercode Alone; Angellic rebellion; As above, so below; Ashes up your sleeves; Do not forgive us;
  10. Undercover Baker Street; Lovesick; Best Friend; Never Let Her Slip Away; True;
  11. Undercover Brother Brick House; Love Train; Play that funky music; Say It Loud;
  12. Undercover Slut Ecstasia In Our Enema; Evil Star Virus; Daddy's Little Cunt; Darling Darling; Narcotiques/cosmetiques;
  13. Undercroft To The Final Battle; Insane Outcry; Spectral Town; Bonebreaker; Perverse Praise;
  14. Underfish Una Voce Che; The house of Phantoms; Why;
  15. Underfunk Segredos; Memória Incerta; L; Nas Entrelinhas; Nem tudo é;
  16. Underglow Minha inspiração; Sem Você; Você é parte de mim;
  17. Underground Quero Você; Confie Em Mim; Viva;
  18. Underground Digital Good Thing We're Rappin'; Heartbeat Props; Same Song;
  19. Underground Division Bleed; What Would You Do?; Flashlights and Explosions; Questions and Revelations; Wrong at List;
  20. UnderGround Fly 103 (the Silence Of The White Walls); Between; Celebration; Clumsy Jester; Cowboy;
  21. Underground Heroes Skinny Twins; Alright Darlin'; Chasing A Buzz;
  22. Underground Kingz Fuck My Car; Hi Life; One Day; Thats Why I Carry; Touched;
  23. Underground Lovers Overtones Rustic;
  24. Underground Slayers Burn In The Hell; Don¸t Lie To Me; Erase This Pain; Let¸s Try Something Else; My First Murder;
  25. Underline Girls Amigos; Abra os olhos; Chances; Emo; Equisi;
  26. Underminded Excommunication; It's Kinda Like A Body Bag; Pablo Escobar's Secret Stash; A Coroners Faith Through Cupid's Arrow; Break The Silence;
  27. Underneath To Rest; Fortune star; Happiness; The Ghost; To Be Complete;
  28. Underneath The Gun Plague On Both Ye' Houses; Discordant; Fireball Log Dump;
  29. Underoath When The Sun Sleeps; Young And Aspiring; A Boy Brushed Red... Living In Black And White; The Impact Of Reason; Reinveinting Your Exit;
  30. Underplace Olhar Sincero; Resposta (acústico);
  31. Underscore Distance Makes The Heart Grow... Wings And Fly Away; Running With Scissors; Falling For You; Shut Your Face; Sirens;
  32. Understand Mas Q Palabras; Continuar; Sin Condicion; Renacer; Mi Fuerza;
  33. Undertakers The Night Of The Bastards; Dead Man Walking; ...Chainsaw Massacre; Burnt Alive; I'm The Motherfucker;
  34. Undertheruins Another Stoner Day;
  35. Undertones Male Model; Teenage Kicks; Beautiful Friend; Billy's Third; Bittersweet;
  36. Underwater Circus Not You; Angels & Warriors; Demons In Underwear; Hold Me Down; Inarielle;
  37. Underwear Cueca Furada;
  38. Underwent Lembranças;
  39. Underworld 8 Ball; Affirmation; Air Towel; Banstyle Sappys Curry; Beach;
  40. Undish VIII; VII; IV; III; II;
  41. Undivided Roots Stranger To My Eyes;
  42. Undrop All Hooked Up; Alone; Always Something There to Remind Me; Beg; Black Coffee;
  43. Undun Caged; Casus; Endless; Hate; Insecurity;
  44. Undying Echoes; This Day All Gods Die; A Desert In The Heart; Of Masks And Martyrs; Age Of Grace;
  45. Undying Anthem Voices; A Desert In The Heart; Born Again; Echoes; Fallen Grace;
  46. Unearth My Heart Bleeds No Longer; one step away; Endless; Failure; Only The People;
  47. Unearthly Days Of Storm For Christian Souls; Challenging The Heavens; Forbidden Carnal Desires; Embracement Of Eternal Darkness; For The Glory Of The Impure God;
  48. Unearthly Trance Penta (Grams); Deathothic; In The Red; It Is The Never And Forever That You Fear; Possession In Poverty;
  49. UNeSS Stay With Me; Arabian Girl; Talk; Taste Your Heartbeat;
  50. Unexpect The Fall Of Arthrone; Novae; Vespers Gold; Shades Of A Forbidden Passion; The Flames Of Knowledge Forever Lost;
  51. Unexpected Arrival Whispers In The Wind;
  52. Unfaced A Fronteira; PERSONA; Almas Aprisionadas À Ilusão de Dualidade; Margen de Erro;
  53. Unfactory Expected;
  54. Unfinished Thought By The Time You Read This; Coming back; Disenchanted; Don't Stop Raindrop; Evening;
  55. Unfolding Enshroud The Light; Away; Unfolding; Needs Grown Apace;
  56. Ungfila All Because Of You; Det er deg som jeg elsker; Alt til deg; All My Life;
  57. Ungidos 4 Bye Bye; Eu Vou Eu Vou; Expressão de Louvor; Incomparável; Verdadeiro Valor;
  58. Ungodly Damned Creation; Laid In Ashes; The Ungodly Prayer; Hate Celebration; Murderers In The Name Of God;
  59. Ungraved Downfall Of The Age; Autumn; Destructive Fall; Darkness Grace; Worms;
  60. Ungu Waktu Yang Dinanti; Untukmu Selamanya; Suara Hati; Sesungguhnya; Seperti Yang Dulu;

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