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  1. Umekichi Gion Kout;
  2. Umi Ga Kikoeru Umi Ni Naretara (romaji); Umi ni naretara (If I can be a sea... );
  3. Umi no Triton Go! Go! Toriton;
  4. Ümit Besen Islak Mendil; Alýþmak Sevmekten Daha Zor Geliyor;
  5. Umoral Say You Love It; This Is Not The Darkness You Paid For;
  6. Umphrey's Mcgee 13 Days; Uncle Wally; Walletworth; Out Of Order; Second Self;
  7. UmSeteUns Ignorância; Foge Comigo;
  8. Un Keunyeoege; Arayo; Hanbon chumun; Honeymoon; Hopeful Love;
  9. Un Gars, Une Fille C'est Aussi Pour Ça Qu'on S'aime;
  10. Un Indien Dans La Ville Chacun Sa Route;
  11. Un Ultimo Intento No Me Esperes Despierto; Memorias;
  12. Un-cut Midnight;
  13. Una De Kal Chica Indicada; Desesperado; Un Sueño; El Corralon; Me Acuerdo De Ti;
  14. Una Zen Infinita natureza; A Batida Perfeita É a Batida do Coração; Desapego; Domínio Atitude Resistência Reflexão; Estamos em paz;
  15. Unaesta La Vida Es Una Lenteja;
  16. Unaestra La Vida Es Una Lenteja;
  17. Unafraid Blood From a Treeblood From a Tree; Martyr; Noah and the Rain; The Last Tomorrow; The Morning StarThe Morning Star;
  18. Unalloyed Regiment Frozen Genuflection; The Ordinate and Abscissa; Unalloyed Regiment; Wretched Scatter;
  19. Unanimated Whispering Shadows; Blackness Of The Fallen Star; Wind Of A Dismal Past; Mournful Twilight; Cold Northern Breeze;
  20. Unanime Antes Que Eu Faça Algo Errado; Juízo; O que eu aprendi; Perto do sol; Sex all night long;
  21. Unashamed Awesome God; I Surrender; Blessed Redeemer; Break The Chain; Everlasting Father;
  22. Unbekannt Ach Du Kleiner Pralinesoldat; Ain't Misbehavon'; Am Liebsten Spiele Ick Uff Unseren Hof !; Ach Paula; Alles Kommt Einmal Wieder;
  23. Unbelievable Truth Advice To a Lover; Agony; All This Time; Almost Here; A Name;
  24. Unberkannt A Love Like This;
  25. Unborn Dogmas Massacra; Religious Cancer; The Fall of Ideology; Invaders;
  26. Unbroken Blanket; Break Me Down; Curtain; D4; End Of A Lifetime;
  27. UNBROKKEN The Challenge; Towards Freedom;
  28. Uncanny Xmen Fifty Years;
  29. Unção Ágape Derrama Tua Glória; Bênçãos; O Teu Amor; Inunda-me; Eu Invoco Teu Nome;
  30. Unção de Deus Chamado à Excelência; Eu te exalto; Mais de ti; Meu maior tesouro; Para chamar tua atenção;
  31. Unchronics Pillow; Stop Sign; To Somebody; Waiting For The Silence; Invisible;
  32. Uncle Brian Better Off Gay; Dead To Me; Handstand; New England (Billy Bragg Cover); On The Jazz;
  33. Uncle Cracker Baby Don't Cry; Better Days; Blues Man; Don't Know How (Not to Love You); Drift Away;
  34. Uncle Earl Black-Eyed Susie; Bony On The Isle Of St. Helena; Buonaparte; D & P Blues; Drinker Born;
  35. Uncle Ho All I Know; Bubblehead; Catching The Bug; Come On, Come Clean; Honeycomb;
  36. Uncle Kracker Ace's And 8's; Better Days; Follow Me; Heaven; I Do;
  37. Uncle Outrage I Am The Line; Mister Gossip; Octopus Angel; King Of The Kangaroos; Bonecock;
  38. Uncle Sam I Don't Ever Want To See You Again; When I See You Smile; Baby You Are; Someone Like You; Leave Well Enough Alone;
  39. Uncle Slam Weirdo Man; Come Alive; Contaminated; Eve Of The End; Executioner;
  40. Uncle Smokey The Bear Song;
  41. Uncle Trucker Perfect Crime; Blind Devotion; Shake and Fall; Rat Trap; Voodoo Desire;
  42. Uncle Tucker Blind Devotion; Crying in the Rain (Whitesnake Cover); Eathshaker; Fells Like Going Home; Overloaded;
  43. Uncle Tupelo Acuff-rose; Anodyne; Atomic Power; Before I Break; Black Eye;
  44. Uncommonmenfrommars Noise Pollution; System's after you; Dinosaur; Money and Success; Goodbye My Friend;
  45. Unconditional Computer Love; The Journey; Feel So Right;
  46. Unconscious Collective Feel Free;
  47. Unconscious Disturbance Clouds and Waves of Depthless Irrelevance; Endless Wall; Ghost; Hung Upon Our Sleeves; Law of Conservation of Pain;
  48. Uncore Palavras; Não Vai Voltar;
  49. Uncreation's Dawn Uncreation's Dawn; Deathsong; Hammer of Death; Night of Damnation; Stormtroopers of Antichrist;
  50. Uncurbed Abused... and raped; Acting like fools; A fucking monday; A gift to life; All this sickness;
  51. Undaddy Faithless, War, Tanks, Greed, Government, A Lot Of Bombs; Dark Clown; Piu Piu, Cra!; Run 'n' Hide;
  52. Undeclinable Ambuscade 7 Years; About Me; Alcohol; A World Of Understanding; Beautiful Nation;
  53. Under Atlantic Quebrando o Gelo;
  54. Under Attack I Fucking Hate Pennies; Lets fucking go!; Taste the fucking rainbow; In defense of all life (good clean fun cover); Absentee Debate;
  55. Under Black Clouds Luna's Sisters; As Blackness Comes; Signal To Noise; The Double Headstone; Death Of A Rose;
  56. Under Byen Hjertebarn; Af Samme Stof som stof; Batteri Generator; Birds and fire; Byen Driver;
  57. Under Clan Crew No Es Lo Mismo;
  58. Under Control 666 Um Tapa Na Oreia; Brisando; Coração Gelado; Entardecer no Quintal; Super Herói;
  59. Under Eden Behind Blind Eyes; Creation Defies Creator; Curse Made Flesh; Most Low Gods; Seventh Night;
  60. Under Five Tudo Que Vejo e Vocé;

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