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  1. T' De Tila Tomate; Aqui Estoy;
  2. T'aime T'aime;
  3. T-Bo Comin' Down; Who Is That?;
  4. T-Bolan Love; Maria; Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi; Be Myself; Hanashitaku Wa Nai;
  5. T-Bone Turn This Up; Blazin' Microphones; Crazy Hispanic; Demon Executor; Drunk In The Spirit;
  6. T-Bone Burnett Every Little Thing; Street Life; You Were There; Humans From Earth;
  7. T-Bone Walker You're My Best Poker Hand; She's The No Sleepin'est Woman; Call It Stormy Monday; Its A Low Down Dirty Deal; T-Bone Shuffle;
  8. T-Boz My Getaway; Touch Myself; Wanna Take Me Back;
  9. T-Chawkiss Aparências;
  10. T-Diber Por Que Me Tuvo Que Pasar;
  11. T-LINE Nada A Perder; Dá Um Tempo; Me Dói Demais; Melhor Sozinha; Mudo;
  12. T-Mac Millionaire Playas; We Made It; Haters Can't Stand Me; Who Da Balla's;
  13. T-Nutty Strapped Down; Sac Kingz; West Walkin'; Nigga Wit Game; Flowmastermouth;
  14. T-Pain Know What I'm Doin'; Ball Out ($500); Blowing Up (feat. Ciara); 6AM; What's Wrong (Go Away);
  15. T-Pop Above Average; Dats Dem Niggaz; Go Gettaz; Lil Mama; Mob With You;
  16. T-Rex Ride A White Swan; Hot Love; Get It On; Jeepster; Telegram Sam;
  17. T-Rio Xibom Bombom; Diferenças; If You Leave Me Now; Lança Perfume; Mamãe Eu Quero (Choopeta);
  18. T-Rock My Little Arm; That'll Work (Wanna Get Some Part 2); 51 Deep; Had to Clown; Livin' In The Ghetto;
  19. T-Shirt Emokendo; Dis is de nil songue ofe salim; Eu Queria Ser Um Filho Da Puta; Para Rosa Luxemburgo; O Simples Harmônico Movimento;
  20. T-Short Esti Ca Un Inger; Aripi Sa Pot Zbura;
  21. T-Spoon A Part Of My Life; Boom Boom!; Come And Get My Love; Delicious; Down With Saskia ft. Saskia Laroo;
  22. T-squad Vertical; Second Star To The Right; Believe; Flip; Graduation (Friends Forever);
  23. T. Duggins Ballad Of Accounting; (The City Of) Chicago; Boots Of Spanish Leather; Broad Majestic Shannon; Goodnight Irene;
  24. T. Graham Brown Darlene; Hell And High Water; I Tell It Like It Use To Be; Wine Into The Water; Brilliant Conversationalist;
  25. T. I. feat Jazze Pha Chillin' With My Bitch; Let's Get Away; Pretty Toes (Nelly ft. T.I. and Jazze Pha);
  26. T. Raumschmiere A Very Loud Lullaby;
  27. T. Rex 20th Century Boy; Children Of The Revolution; Easy Action; Get It On; Hot Love;
  28. T.a.k.e. Nabimudeom; 524 Ilhu; After 542 days; Butterfly Grave; Girlies;
  29. T.A.R. Authority Lies; Broken Dreams; Burn; Choice; Countdown To Doomsday;
  30. T.A.R.A. Marcela;
  31. t.A.T.u. 30 Minut; 30 Minutes; All The Things She Said; Doschitay Do Sta; How Soon Is Now?;
  32. T.Banzai 101 Motivos; Olhar em Volta; A Dança; Chamada a Cobrar; O Futuro não Espera;
  33. T.e.m.a. Radiatsia; Eto Tema; Fanatka; Kto, Esli Ne Ya?; Lyubov' Vnutrivenno;
  34. T.G de São Gonçalo T.G de SG;
  35. T.G. Sheppard Last Cheaters Waltz; Do You Want To Go To Heaven; Party Time; Finally;
  36. T.I. Why You Wanna; What You Know; You Don't Know Me; 24's; I'm A King;
  37. T.I. Presents The P$C Do Ya Thang;
  38. T.O.K Hands In The Air; Chi Chi Man; Galang Gal; Eagle's Cry; Gal You Lead;
  39. T.O.T.S Gole de felicidade;
  40. T.O.Y. Welcome To Space Radio; Another Lovesong; Astronauts; Beyond Sleep; Charisma She Said;
  41. T.R.A.P Com Você; Lagrimas e Lamento;
  42. T.S. Monk Bon Bon Vie;
  43. T.T. Paradise; Vamos Fazer A Festa; Não Olhes Para Trás; Não posso negar mais; Sente o Beat;
  44. T.V. Carpio I Want To Hold Your Hand;
  45. T.W.Z. (aka Time Wave Zero) Infestation; Certain Death; Digital Terrorism; Final Broadcast; Lesser Beings;
  46. T3 It's So Easy; My World (l.m.c.); The Fuck...; Used To Love Her; The True Way;
  47. T3chn0ph0b1a CTRL+ALT+DEL For A Better Future; Aliena Ferox [Format Race*.*]; F.I.A.T. [Finding Improved Alien Technology]; H.T.M.L. [Heavenly Territories Might Lie]; Wrapped In Eternity;
  48. T3chnophob1a F.I.A.T.; Aliena Ferox; Ctrl+Alt+Del For A Better Future; H.T.M.L. (Heavenly Territories Might Lie); Wrapped in Eternit;
  49. T42 Melody Blue;
  50. T99 Anasthasia; Gardiac; Nocturne; T99 Megamix;
  51. Ta 80 (I'm Giving You) All Of Me;
  52. Tá Combinado Nem Quero Saber; Novo jeito de samba; Tanta Iniciativa; Top de linha;
  53. Ta Gana Saturday Night; Dream Come True;
  54. Ta Ra Rum Pum Ab To Forever; Hey Shona; Nachle Ve; Saaiyaan Ve; Ta Ra Rum Pum;
  55. Taagefolket Lad Asketid Begynde Del 1;
  56. Taai Taai 'n Romance Met Constance; De Alpenexpress;
  57. Taak Korjusepäev; Habemega Nali; Hüljatu; Merevaik; Õiglane Jaak;
  58. Taake Part I (Bjoergvin); Hordalands Doedskvad Pt. I; Hordalands Doedskvad Pt. II; Hordalands Doedskvad Pt. III; Hordalands Doedskvad Pt. IV;
  59. Taarma A Beautiful Shadow of Sadness; Suffering a Sickening Death; Grey Earth And A Dead Sun; Sea Of Blood; Bleeding In Utter Solitude And Loss;
  60. Tab Benoit Crawling King Snake; Shining Moon; Gone Too Long; Drowning On Dry Land; Garbage Man;

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