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  1. Sacrilegio Tu Rostro En El Cielo; Sigo buscandote; Sin tu amor; Angeles sin Alas; Libertad;
  2. Sacrist Absurdity; Damned Empire Symphony; Deadly temptations; Evil alive; Faceless;
  3. Sacriversum Revenger; Across The Dust; Defended Land; Dreams of Destiny; In Emotional Garden;
  4. Sacrossanctum Forte e Poderoso;
  5. Saculejo Sem Nome; Outra música; Lalala; Tessssst; Repete;
  6. Sad Day Sem Sentidos; Tempo Perdido; Mais Um Dia (acústica); Sem sentidos (acustica); Tarde Demais Para Chorar;
  7. Sad Hannah Its Over and Over; Drive Til Dawn; The Telephone;
  8. Sad Kermit Hurt; Creep; Rainbow Disconnection;
  9. Sad Lovers And Giants Clint; Cloud 9; Colourless Dream; Far From The Sea; Imagination;
  10. Sad Theory A Madrigal of Sorrow; Act I - In Dust; Act II - Soothing Memories; As Tears Fall; Bitter Taste;
  11. Sad'evotion Body Hollow; Flames Like Candles;
  12. Sadaharu Lifestyle Tips for the Dead (Even A Broken Watch Is Right Twice A Day); If Thoughts Could Kill, We'd Both be Deader Than a Week-Old Corpse; Defeating the Kraken - A Twelve Step Approach; Anthem For New Sonic Warfare; Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder;
  13. Sadat X Game's Sober; Cock it Back; Escape From New York; Funk Dat; Open Bar;
  14. Saddest Day Love Me Like Him And I Will Hate You Like Me; Sandcastles; The Mirror; My Very Own Privileged Seat; The Charitable and the Miserable;
  15. Sade All About Our Love; Bullet Proof Soul; By Your Side; Cherish The Day; Cherry Pie;
  16. Sadetanssi Ei Naeillae Leveyksillae; Ei Sanaakaan; Enimmaekseen ulkopuolinen; Kartanon mailla; Kiertotaehti;
  17. Sadgasm Brain Freeze; Margerine; Politically Incorrect; Shave Me;
  18. Sadhana Sargam Aahista Aahista Youn Dil Main Aaiye; Aankhon Mein Hai Kya; Aao Na Ao Na; Aapke Kareeb Hum Rehte Hai; Aapko Samjha Hai Jabse Zindagi;
  19. Sadhara Aire to Shadows; Desire's Fortune Burned; Lament to the Bereft; Orchestrating the Fates; Resign to Dust;
  20. Sadie Ice Romancer; Grieving of the dead soul; Crimson Tear; Meisai; Aka Chouchou;
  21. Sadie Ama Take You Away; Fallin;
  22. Sadism The Art Of Petrification; A Dwelling Of Gods; The setting sun; Northern dark souls; Dungeon's Gallery;
  23. Sadist A Tender Fable; christmas beat; it's not good; plastic star; flowing out red;
  24. Sadistic Intent Asphyxiation; Condemned In Misery; Conflict Within; Dark Predictions; Ancient Black Earth;
  25. Sadistik Exekution Arkhon the Grave Robber; Korpse On The Grave;
  26. Sadness Danteferno; below the shadows; Ames de Marbre; antofagasta; Aphrodite's Thorns;
  27. Sadogoat Female Goat Perversion; Blasting Black Goat Attack; Delusional Necrotic Carnage; Destruction Of All Holiness; Final Goat Attack;
  28. Sadrak História de Uma Vida; Amanda; Noite Sem Fim; 12 de Setembro; Eu Não Vou Perder;
  29. Sads Boukyaku No Sora; Darkness is My Spiral Mind; Liar; MASQUERADE; Nightmare;
  30. Sadus Aggression; certain death; and then you die; hands of fate; fight or die;
  31. Sae Kimi no Heart ni Koi Shiteru;
  32. Saecvla Saecvlorvm Acqua Vitae; Rádio no Peito; Eu quero ver o Sol;
  33. Saeko Wings Of Broken Dreams; Leaving; Above Heaven, Bellow Heaven; Sins for the Gods; Nature of Mortality;
  34. Saeko Chiba Here We Stand In The Morning Dew; Sayonara Solitia; Sayonara Solitaire; Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan; Survive;
  35. Saetia Notres Langues Nous Trompent; Some Natures Catch No Plagues; Venus And Bacchus; An Open Letter; Ariadne's Thread;
  36. Saez Jeune Et Con;
  37. Saez Damien A Ton Nom; Amandine Ii; Be My Princess; Black Skirt; Bleu Blanc Sang;
  38. Safadões do Forró Me Dá Um Beijo; O Que Tem Que Ser Será; Abra Mala, Solte O Som; Chama, Chama; Mistérios;
  39. Safe Drive Jurema (Pop Star); Agonia;
  40. Safe In Heaven Dead Boardwalk Summer; My Purest Heart For You; Chasing Skirts In Port Royal The Big Smoke Out; Distress In The Cockpit; For You Oceania;
  41. SafePoint Ak-bô; Segunda Chance;
  42. Safety in Numbers Waited Around; Potential State; Petrafied; No Use; Make Up;
  43. Safety Orange Steppin Out;
  44. Safetysuit Annie; Anywhere But Here; Apology; Down; Find A Way;
  45. Safeway Fallin'; Be My Baby; I'm In Love;
  46. Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women T Ain't Nobody's Business;
  47. Safka Melanie Beautiful People;
  48. Safri Duo All The People In The World; Agogo Mosse; Laarbasses; Rise; Knock On Wood;
  49. Safura Jangan Menangis Sayang; Kemarau Berpanjangan; Rindu Ku Semakin Kuat; Sedalam Mana Cintamu; Bukannya Lupa Tapi Tak Ingat;
  50. Saga How Long; Times Up; Without You; Shape; Chase The Wind;
  51. Saga Crepúsculo All I've Ever Needed; A Thousand Years; A Thousand Years (Part 2); Bella's Lullaby; Bittersweet;
  52. Sagacidade Olhos Negros; Rio De Janeiro; Segunda Chance; Trem Das 12;
  53. Sage Francis You Cant Give Up On Love; Mermaids Are Sea Sluts (spoken word piece performed on 90.3 WRIU); Agony In Her Body; Andy Kaughman; Black Sweatshirt;
  54. Sage the Gemini Are We Gonna Play?;
  55. Sage4 Graves;
  56. Sages Poêtes de La Rue No One To Care; Amoureux D'une Enigme; Après L'orage; Barre Chocolatee; Champion;
  57. Saghi Rei L'amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You);
  58. Sagi Rei Promised land; Free; I love to love; What is love; L'amour toujours;
  59. Sagisu Shiro Angel Attack; Prelude To Battle; Promised Land; From My Dreams; I'll Be Always On Your Mind;
  60. Sagitta With Or Without You; Angel Guide; Bad Signs; Take On;

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