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  1. The Revolution Me Leva Pra Qualquer Lugar;
  2. The Revolutionary Hydra In The Movies; Good News For The Warm Blooded; The world would be lost without raincoats; Der Blau Reiter;
  3. The Rewinders Boy Girl;
  4. The Rewinds She's In The Movies;
  5. The Reyders Don't Cry; My Sweet December; Hold On;
  6. The Rezillos (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures; 2000 A.d.; Bad Guy Reaction; Destination Venus; Flying Saucer Attack;
  7. The Rich Kids Ghosts Of Princes In Towers;
  8. The Rifles She's Got Standards; Fat Cat; No Love Lost; Peace And Quiet; Repeated Offender;
  9. The Righteous Brothers/The everly Brothers Big Lier;
  10. The Ring In The Beginning; Gathering Darkness; Voices Of The Fallen Kings; Halls Of Doom; Into The Wild;
  11. The Rip-Chords Hey Little Cobra;
  12. The Riptides Keep It Up; Surfers Are Back; Zombie Night; Tammy's A Delinquent; Emo Muther Fucker;
  13. The Rival Mob Bitter Rivals; IIb; I'll Informed; Mind Closed for Life; The Butcher's Bill;
  14. The Rivalry Girl; Lay Down; MTR; Paralyze; Unforgivable;
  15. The Riverboat Gamblers True Crime; Biz Loves Sluts; Black Nothing Of A Cat; Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead; On Again Off Again;
  16. The Riverdales Back To You; Wanna be alright; Plan 13; She's Gonna Break Your Heart;
  17. The Riverwinds Not Coming Back;
  18. The RMS Dust In Your Air; Escapism; Garbage Like Me; Sunday Am; Vi;
  19. The Roadshow boys Incomplete;
  20. The Robies Superman;
  21. The Robins Since I First Met You;
  22. The Rochedo's Can You Feel It;
  23. The Roches Abcs; A Dove; Another World; Answered Prayers; Beautiful Love of God;
  24. The Rockefellers Midnight Express; Fight Club; Hometown;
  25. The Rocket Summer Brat Pack; Cross My Heart; My Typical Angel; Never Knew; She's My Baby;
  26. The Rockfords Adelaide; Coat Of Arms; Distress; Flashes; Island;
  27. The Rocking Dildos Vegeterian Cunts; 16 Inch Motherfucker; A Must For Lust; Anal Blast; Beach Party;
  28. The Rocking Horse Winner Atmosphere; Christmas Day; Curable; Elementary; Error;
  29. The Rocky Fortune Glass in the Gravel; Priceless Vices;
  30. The Rocky Horror Picture Show I'm Going Home; Science Fiction Double Feature; Dammit, Janet; Ringo Hiyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song; The Time Warp;
  31. The Rodeo Carburettor Speed Of Flow;
  32. The Rogers Sisters Zero Point;
  33. The Roithman A White Carpet Stole My Virginity; Mirc; Patrão; Quem Sujou Meu Sapatinho?; They don't like us anyway;
  34. The Rokers Piangi Con Me;
  35. The Rokes Bisogna Saper Perdere; Ascolta Nel Vento; C'è Una Strana Espressione Nei Tuoi...; Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi; È La Piggia Che Va;
  36. The Rolling Stones 19th Nervous Breakdown; Ain't To Proud To Beg; Andrew's Blues; Angie; Anybody Seen My Babe;
  37. The Romantics What I Like About You; Talking In Your Sleep; Diggin' On You; Do Me Anyway You Wanna; Got Me Where You Want Me;
  38. The Roockie Por Que;
  39. The Roots 100 Dundee; 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction); Act Fore The End; Act Too The Love Of My Life; Act Won.. Things Fall;
  40. The Ropes Heaven On Stilts; I Stand For Nothing; Street I Never Lived On; Flimsy; Hey Comtemporary;
  41. The Rosebuds Birds Make Good Neighbors; Blue Bird; Drunkards Worst Nightmare; Leaves Do Fall; Lovers' Rights;
  42. The Rosenbergs Paper And Plastic; After All; Birds Of A Feather; Department Store Girl; Drug Of Choice;
  43. The Rosewood Thieves Los Angeles;
  44. The Rotted Angel of Meth; A Return to Insolence; Fear and Loathing in Old London Town; Get Dead or Die Trying; It's Like There's a Party in My Mouth (and Everyone's Being Sick);
  45. The Rough Kutz Crazy About You; Edna Tales; England's Glory?; Friday Night; Hurt Again;
  46. The Royal Joker Hold me;
  47. The Rubettes Sugar baby love; Juke Box Jive; Tonight; Ooh La La; Foe-dee-oh-dee;
  48. The Rubinoos I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend; 123 Forever; Alright without you; Best kept secret; Better be good;
  49. The Rubyz Baila Chiquita; In My Life (I Don't Wanna); Just Like You; Outrageous; Staring at the Sun;
  50. The Ruins of Beverast Between Bronze Walls; Unlock The Shrine; Euphoria When The Bombs Fell; Skeleton Coast; Summer Decapitation Ritual;
  51. The Rumble Strips 4 Walls; Alarm Clock; Clouds; Don't Dumb Down; Girls And Boys In Love;
  52. The Runaways All Right Now; All Right You Guys; American Nights; Black Leather; Blackmail;
  53. The Russian Futurists Your Big Brown Eyes and My Big Broke Heart; New England Winters; Pine Prisonyard; Troy Weight; Goodbye Razor, Hello Lazer;
  54. The Rutles Hold My Hand; Get Up And Go; Goose-Step Mama; Let's Be Natural; Ouch!;
  55. The Ruts Babylon's Burning;
  56. The RZA Airwaves; 4 Sho Sho; A Day to God Is 1, 000 Years; B.o.b.b.y.; Be a Man;

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