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  1. o2 Por Ai; Ilusões;
  2. O2 Rock Garota Iludida; Esperei Você; Não Dá Mais Pra Te Esquecer;
  3. OAG Akustatik; 60's TV; BEAUTIFOOL; BIRU; Figura Malaya;
  4. Oai Star Les Fracas De La Plaine; Bravo Mon Papa; And I Smoke...; Du Vin Et Du Boucan; Le Destructeur D'horodateurs;
  5. Oak Earth, Wind & Fire; Ain't Wastin' Time no More; All Night Train; Angeline; Back Where It All Begins;
  6. Oak Ridge Boys Baptism of Jesse Taylor; I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head; No Matter How High; Ozark Mountain Jubilee; Where the Sun Always Shines;
  7. Oakey Philip And Moroder Giorgio Together In Electric Dreams; Be my lover now; Brand new love (take a chance); Good-bye bad times; Now;
  8. Oakhelm As The Murder Flies; Immram; ...Of Wood and Blood; These Boundaries Crossed;
  9. Oar About And Hour Ago; About Mr. Brown; Anyway; Black Rock; City On Down;
  10. Oasis Acquiesce; Alive; All Around The World; All In My Mind; Angel Child;
  11. Oasis Acapella Crianças do Senhor; Ele Estava Ali; Insis-te em salvar-me; Poderia Ser Eu; Por que chorar;
  12. Oath Of Cirion Through The Aeons; Fullmoon Empire; King Of The Dragonthrone- part I; King Of The Dragonthrone- part II; King Of The Dragonthrone- part III;
  13. Oathean The Last Elegy For My Sad Soul; Frigid Space; In Fear With Shiver; The Eyes Of Tremendous Sorrow; The Rotten Egg Smell On My Belly;
  14. Ob'SEX'i[on] After The Nite; SEX'curity; Shisen;
  15. Oba Oba Samba House Eu e Você; Mágica do Amor; Use Somebody/Otherside; I Love You Baby; Ela Quer Pressão;
  16. Obadiah Parker Beat Up Trucks and Homemade Skateboards; Burnt Offerings; Fall/Back; Kimberlina; Salvation Jam;
  17. Obala Daleka Bude Me; Kurve; U Autobusu;
  18. Obama Girl I Got a Crush On Obama;
  19. Obarra Mãe, Abre Essa Porta!; O Espelho; Zé com a mão na porta; Mamãe protege o neném; Airplane Handjob;
  20. Obecana Zemlja Samo Tebe Volim; Ja Se Lako Zaljubim; Nju Ne Zanima; Ja Nemam Nikoga; Malena;
  21. Obeco Antes Do Sol; Complete; Pode Partir; O Que O Sonho Me Disse; Deixa Eu Te Dizer;
  22. Obesos Oh Yes Baby Yes; Joe; Satanás; Grito Mudo; Suicídio;
  23. Obie Bermudez Todo El Año; Me Cansé De Ti; Celos; Chapulin; Como Decirle;
  24. Obie Trice Adrenaline Rush; Rap Name; Bad Bitch; Average Man; Cheers;
  25. Obito Viver Em Paz; Quero Viver Em Paz; Ana Luisa; Cara Ou Coroa; O Que Sera?;
  26. Óbito em Carne Essência; Placas da Ecuridão; Mudar; Mundo imundo;
  27. Obituary Back From The Dead; Back To One; Bloodshot; Blood Soaked; Body Bag;
  28. Obk De Que Me Sirve Llorar?; Falsa Moral; Historias De Amor; Muero Por Ti; Yo Sé Que No;
  29. Oblech Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover);
  30. Obligatorisk Tortyr Aldrig/Inget; Annu En Annan Verklighet; Avloppsbrunn; Bloodthirst & Hate; Broarna Branns;
  31. Oblige Run And You'll Only Die Tired; Flesh Peel; Deadringer;
  32. Obliteration Dying Age; By His Blood; Inflicted; Torn In Two;
  33. Obliveon From This Day Forward; Android Succubus; Biomecanique; Call Of Silence; Chronocraze;
  34. Oblivia Stupid;
  35. Oblivio Breeze Of My Heart; Distant Memories;
  36. Oblivion Disturbed Nights; Facing The Truth; Faith; Get Away; How Could You;
  37. Oblivion Awaits Shadows of Evil; Svarta Svanor; Vilin Deva;
  38. Oblivion Dust 24 Hour Buzz; 30; Again; Alien; Black Tongue;
  39. Oblomov Dreamworks; 1 Of The 4; Coincidenta Oppositorum; Lost Between Emotions; Mentality Failure;
  40. Obojeni Program 981;
  41. Obra de Amor Pai Eu Quero Ser Um Vaso; Quando Você Ora; Minha Adoração; Não Vivo mais de migalhas; Jesus Ressuscitou;
  42. Obra de Maria É Feliz; Maria, passa na frente!;
  43. Obrint Pas Ara; Caça de bruixes; El foc i la paraula; Esperant; La flama;
  44. Obscene Eulogy Defining Hate; Elämälle Kiitos; Helvettiin; Itsemurhana Ratkaisu; Jyrsikää Kyrpää;
  45. Obscene Jesters Antidote; Early Grave; Sexual Predator; Shit Monster; Skull Fuck;
  46. Obscura Lack Of Comprehension; Sentiment; Exit Life; Intoxicated; Hymn To A Nocturnal Visitor;
  47. Obscurcis Romancia As The Desire Of Evil Is Unsatisfied; Cette Fleur; Funeste Romance; La Mer Des Incompris; La Sombre Mélodie du Barde Noir;
  48. Obscure Devotion Forever I'll Lie Alone; Join The Black Horde;
  49. Obscure Disorder Lyrically Exposed (Part One);
  50. Obscure Vortex Blasphemic Ritual; Fortress of The Damned; Howl Of The Winterwolf;
  51. Obscurity Tears Crying In Silence; Cycle of changes; Lost in desolation; The substancial journey; Unsure;
  52. Observe And Control Utopia; Creatures; Defeat Me; Introspective; Purges;
  53. Obsession Anytime; On A Day Like Today; Tragedy; Venus; Your Song;
  54. Obsession Indecent Come Back To Me; Fall From Grace; Fixing A Broken Heart; Gentleman Style; I Dream Of You;
  55. Obsessive Compulsive Crash; Eliminate Personal Comments; Heart Disease; Love Is Pain; Perfect Wreck;
  56. Obsidian Anaesthesia; Fall Down; Peccato; Pig (In It's Own Shit); Release;
  57. Obsidian Gate When Death Unchains The Spectre; Invoke The Dragon Constellation; Behold The Imperial Rise; Tide Of The Envenomed Oceans; Colossal Christhunt;
  58. Obsin Vampire;
  59. Obskure Fury And Motion; Eternal And True; Sick World; Impure Awareness; Overcasting Part I: Mysteries;
  60. Obskure Torture Midnight Funeral; Open The Gates Of Hell; Summon The Spirits Of War; Shadows Come Alive;

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