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  1. The Mooney Suzuki Born To Be Wild; Alive & Amplified; Legal High; New York Girls; Primitive Condition;
  2. The Moonglows See Saw; Sincerely;
  3. The Moonlights 'n Melodie;
  4. The More Assured Zones; All In Your Head; I Wanna Be A Sex Offender; Let's Go For A Ride; Troubadour Club;
  5. The Morning Benders Boarded Doors; Crosseyed; Damnit Anna; Heavy Hearts; I Was Wrong;
  6. The Morning Light Books and Letters; Brand, New, Friends; Clouds; Done Writing Love Songs; Follow Me Home;
  7. The Morning Of A Barrel Tapped At Both Ends; A Beautiful Place, Not a Beautiful Face; Let's Make My First Accident My Last; Pilot to Base; There's a Bully In The Park And A Hero In My Baseball Bat;
  8. The Most Serene Republic Relative's Eyes; You're A Loose Cannon McArthur...But You Get The Job Done; Anhoi Polloi; Content Was Always My Favorite Color; Everything Given To You Is Equally Taken Away;
  9. The Mostards Homem Invisível; Johnny B. Goode;
  10. The Mother Hips Time We Had;
  11. The Mother Joan's Velvet's Voice; The Dog That Bytes People; Fetus Infeto;
  12. The Mothers Babysitter;
  13. The Motorhomes Into The Night;
  14. The Motors Airport;
  15. The Mountain Goats 02-75; 15-1; "Bluejays and Cardinals"; Chanson Du Bon Chose; Dance Music;
  16. The Mounties Wie Is Wie (Groot Schandaal In Onze Familie);
  17. The Movement No Regrets; A Little Rain;
  18. The Moxy Step Down Album Version;
  19. The Mudsharks Don't Buy The Swag Bag; Don't Cry; She's Leavin' Town;
  20. The Munich Esse Adeus;
  21. The Murder And The Harlot I Hope You Choke On Your Cigar While You're Dancing; Pinup Royalty (NEW); Centerfolds and Lipstick (NEW); I Am Waves; Armageddon;
  22. The Murder Ballad Curious Minds Make Glorious; Godsend Military Man;
  23. The Murmaids Popsicles And Icicles;
  24. The Mushroom River Band Proud Of Being Cool;
  25. The Music Bleed From Within; Breakin; Cessation; Come What May; Disco;
  26. The Mustang All My Loving;
  27. The Myriad Stuck In A Glass Elevator; Braver Than The Rest; Don't Let Them See You!; Throwing Punches; Polar Bears And Shark Fins;
  28. The Mystery Box O Que Se Passa No Quarto de Mary; Teatro de Máscaras;
  29. The Mystery Hall A Brand New Day; Castaway Of The Skies; Disbelief (Set Me Free); In The Roar Of Ecstasy; Like a Tumbleweed;
  30. [maua] Light And Dust;

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