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  1. The Killingtons All My Friends Are Vampires; Bent; Best I Know; Destination Failure; In Memory;
  2. The Kills Alphabet Pony; At The Back Of The Shell; Axe Attack; Black Balloon; Black Rooster;
  3. The Kiltlifters Both Sides;
  4. The Kin Together;
  5. The King Blues Blood On My Hands; Chimp In A 3 Piece Suit; Duck and Cover; Getting Out Of Here; If I Had a Coin...;
  6. The King of Fighters Blue Mary's Blues; The Song of Fighters II; Psycho Soldier; Athena's Song; Present-Holiday;
  7. The King's Singers Bridge Over Troubled Water;
  8. The Kingpins Bordel; Calling Dr. Haledjian; Designated Driver; Lone Star; Manon, Viens Danser Le Ska;
  9. The Kinison You''ll Never Guess Who Died; The Farm And The Girls; The Way I Used To Be; Every Genius Has Their Hang-Ups; Hey! Hey! Hey!;
  10. The Kinks 20th Century Man; 7th Channel; A Gallon Of Gas; A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy; A Well Respected Man;
  11. The Kinky Boyz Sexy Boy; The Only Way is Up;
  12. The Kinleys Climbin' Up Mt Everest; Contradiction; Dance In The Boat; Here; If Ever I Needed You;
  13. The Klaxons Atlantis To Interzone; Gravity's Rainbow; The Bouncer; It's Not Over Yet; The Night;
  14. The Klinik Black Leather; Braindamage; Cold as Ice; Desire; Drowning in your Sleep;
  15. The Knack My Sharona;
  16. The Knattertones Wake Up;
  17. The Knell Black Veil (And Promise);
  18. The Knife Heartbeats; Pass This On; One For You; You Take My Breath Away; Marble House;
  19. The Knockout Kings Carry Moonbeams Home In A Jar; I'll Give You Something To Bleed For Pt. 2; I'm Hardcore And You Are Not; It Was Always Easy Saying Yes; It's Like Something Out Of A Dean Martin Song;
  20. The Kooks Seaside; You Don't Love Me; She Moves In Her Own Way; Sofa Song; Do You Love Her;
  21. The Koreans How Does It Feel; Broken Spell; Drawn Away; It Keeps Coming; Keep Me In Your Mind;
  22. The Korgis Don't Look Back; Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime; An Apple a Day; Aquarius; Around the World;
  23. The Kovenant Acid Theatre; Bizarre Cosmic Industries; Bringer Of The Sixth Sun; Chariots Of Thunder; Cybertrash;
  24. The Krazy Mess Groovers Love Power;
  25. The Kreepdowns Cello; Go Now; Hey Butterfly; Kut Me; Not Like That;
  26. The Krent's Montanhas; Só tua mão;
  27. The Krushers Apologia Della Violenza; 11 Settembre; Apollyon Tales; Bush-shit-tuni; Bythos;
  28. The Kry What God Says; After All; I Believe It; I Can't Stop Thinking About You; I Know Everything About You;
  29. The Kudzu Wish A Situation; Are We Not Snow?; At The End Of The Tunnel; I Am Robot; Like The Devil;
  30. The Kung Fu Girls Thinking Of You; Summer Rain; You Had Me At Goodbye; Black and White; B-A-B-Y;

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