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  1. Jakob Hellman Vackert VäDer; Vara VäNner;
  2. Jakob Sveistrup Talking To You; A Desert Flower; A Love From Outer Space; Air; Alice Childress;
  3. Jakobinarina His Lyrics Are Disastorous; Jesus; Spit Me In The Eye; This Is An Advertisement;
  4. Jakura Uso no Shin; Sonzai;
  5. Jalane Femmes; Lettre Ouverte; Ma Musique; On A Tous Pêché; Viens Si Ca Te Tente;
  6. Jales e Joelson Aonde Eu Tava Com Cabeça; Como entender esse amor; Eu tenho um grande amor; Exagero nada; Livre;
  7. Jalhex Blues to Sexy Time; Noites Cariocas; Apnéia de amor; Renascida; Sol e mar;
  8. Jalisse Fiumi Di Parole;
  9. Jalla Jalla Love Charging Battery; AinÂ’t Got No; Minnesota Plates; Rednecks Lullaby;
  10. Jam A Town Called Malice; Absolute Beginners; All Around The World; Art School; Away From The Numbers;
  11. Jam And Spoon Angel; Kaleidoscope Skies; Right In The Night; Be Angeled; Angel (F/ Plavka);
  12. Jam Project Dragon; Fire Wars; Genkai Battle; Hagane no Messiah; In the Chaos;
  13. Jam Ram Black Betty;
  14. Jam Tronik Another Day In Paradise;
  15. Jamai Step Right Up; Quer Dançar; Lettin you go; Have I Told You Lately; I Don't Wanna Stop;
  16. Jamaica 69 Jamaica 69; Kingston Caribe; Rudy Enamorado; Mi Generacion; No Volveras;
  17. Jamaica e Convidados Desnorteio; Hope;
  18. Jamal Don't Trust No; Fades Em All; Genetic for Terror; Insane Creation; Keep It Live;
  19. Jamal Abdillah Sepi Seorang Perindu;
  20. Jamaram Wake Up Call; The Finest; Satin Butterfly; Never too late; Get Together;
  21. Jambao Mi Único Amor; Consejo; Te Arrepentiras; Todo Se Parece a Ti; Se Parece Mas a Ti;
  22. Jambel Lisette Le petit chaperon rouge; Ballade irlandaise; L'horloge de Grand-mère; La révolte des joujoux; La rose au boué;
  23. Jamelão Ela Disse-me Assim; Folha Morta; Matriz Ou Filial; Boa Noite; Vou Brigar Com Ela;
  24. Jamelia Big Girl; Boy Next Door; Call Me; I Do; Money;
  25. James Alaskan Pipeline; All Good Boys; Crash; Destiny Calling; Don't Wait That Long;
  26. James 2:19 Ainda é cedo; A Morte Se Aproxima; Forgive me; I get a message; James 2:19;
  27. James Arthur Say You Won't Let Go; Impossible; Roses (Feat. Emeli Sandé); Certain Things (feat. Chasing Grace); Recovery;
  28. James Bay When We Were On Fire; Stealing Cars; Let It Go; Hold Back The River; Scars;
  29. James Bignon Bless His Holy Name; God Is Great; Heaven Belongs To You; He Made The Difference; Hes My Friend;
  30. James Blunt You're Beautiful; Goodbye My Lover; All Right Tonight; Billy; Breathe;
  31. James Bonamy I Don't Think I Will; A Chance In Hell; All I Do Is Love Her; Amy Jane; Brain In A Jar;
  32. James Bong Beautiful; Coma; Medo de Esqueçer; Memorias; O Tempo;
  33. James Bourne Loser with no Life; Want me Like That;
  34. James Brown I Feel Good; Papa's Got A Brand New Bag; Sex Machine; Try Me; Get Up Offa That Thing;
  35. James Byrd Get Free; Going Home; Heaven on Their Minds; In My Darkest Hour; Metatron;
  36. James Canavan Black Cross; Love Bug; Take Me Back; Goodbye Kiss;
  37. James Carr Pouring Water on a Drowning Man; The Dark End Of The Street;
  38. James Carrington Ache; Only For You; Reach; Stop The World;
  39. James Christian Hold Back The Night; Meet The Man; After The Love Is Gone;
  40. James Colin Standin On The Edge; Chick Cars And The Third World War; Crazy Over You; Five Long Years; Freedom;
  41. James Cotton Certified; Down Home Blues;
  42. James D 303 Give It 1 More Try; Ain't My Fault; Don't Give A Fuck; Goodbye Letter; Shady Lady;
  43. James Darren Good bye cruel world; All; Angel Face; Conscience; Gidget;
  44. James Dean Bradfield That's No Way To Tell a Lie; An English Gentleman; To See A Friend In Tears; The Wrong Beginning; Bad Boys And Painkillers;
  45. James Deano Le Fils Du Commissaire; Les Blancs ne savent pas danser;
  46. James Dempsey Model View Controller;
  47. James Doman Everything's Gonna Be Alright;
  48. James Elmore I Believe; I Done Somebody Wrong;
  49. James Figurine 55566688833; One More Regret; Leftovers; Apologies;
  50. James Fortune Identity; Hold On; Istill Able; I Believe (Feat. Zacardi Cortez);
  51. James Fox Hold On To Our Love; Baby Don't Cry; Bed Springs; Can I Take You Home; DJ Play A Love Song;
  52. James Gang Funk #49; Walk Away; Butterfly Collector; Dog New Tricks; Last Promise;
  53. James Hall & Worship and Praise I'm Not The Same; For Your Name Is To Be Praised; Gain the World; Perfect Security; God Is In Control;
  54. James Harman By Yourself Dance;
  55. James Hart Seventh Sign;
  56. James Henrique e Heber Lembranças de Um Amor;
  57. James Horner Remember Me; As I Come of Age; Cold Cold World; First Things First; In the Way;
  58. James Huey When I Think About The Lord;
  59. James Iha Be Strong Now; Beauty; Country Girl; Jealousy; Lover, Lover;
  60. James Ingram I Don't Have The Heart; Just Once; One Hundred Ways; Somewhere Out There; The Day I Fall In Love;

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