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  1. Jack Is Ok Marcha Fúnebre; Seja O que For;
  2. Jack Jeans Saudades; Ei, Garoto!;
  3. Jack Jersey I Wonder; In The Still Of The Night; She Was Dynamite; Sri-lanka; Al Ben Ik Mr.mundy Niet;
  4. Jack Johnson Sunsets For Somebody Else; A Brokedown Melody; Adrift; All At Once; Angel;
  5. Jack Jones Dear Heart; Impossible Dream; Lady; Love Boat; Race Is On;
  6. Jack Jow Eu Sem Você; Telegrama;
  7. Jack Killed Jill Subsystem; You Don't Own Me;
  8. Jack Leonard I Never Mention Your Name;
  9. Jack Mahal É o Descontrole; Estou indo em busca de felicidade; Eu não temo a nada; Existem Vários Problemas; Mais um dia de Sobrevivência;
  10. Jack Mahrul Perto; Só Você e Eu;
  11. Jack McManus Amy; Bang On The Piano; Either Side of the Midnight; Fine Time To Lose Your Mind; Fly Around the Room;
  12. Jack Mine Futari Wa Wakai;
  13. Jack Monteiro Teu Sorriso; Bichinho de Estimação; Jack faz a festa; O Zé; Canção de Novela;
  14. Jack Nitzsche And His Orchestra All My Loving;
  15. Jack Off Jill American Girl; American Made; Angels Fuck; Angels Fuck And Devils Kiss; Author Unknown;
  16. Jack Pedra Cachorro do Mato;
  17. Jack Penate Got My Favourite; Have I Been A Fool?; Learning Lines; Made Of Codes; My Yvonne;
  18. Jack Radics Affairs Of The Heart; Bet Your Life; Casualty Of Love; Catch 22; Caught Up In A Dream;
  19. Jack Savoretti Apologies; Between The Minds; Blackrain; Chemical Courage; Dreamers;
  20. Jack Scott Burning Bridges; Goodbye Baby; My True Love; Oh Little One; The Way I Walk;
  21. Jack Sheldon & Schoolhouse Rock Conjunction Junction (what's Your Function);
  22. Jack Sheldon And The Simpsons Starlight; Zet Die Muziek Stiller;
  23. Jack Slater Amnestia; Blut / Macht / Frei; Bruder Mord; Doch; Du Selbst;
  24. Jack Sorridente O Sangue da Bezerra;
  25. Jack Stall Toda Vez;
  26. Jack Steel A Noite Está Demais;
  27. Jack Tequila A Festa De Santo Reis; Blackeira Brasileira; Demorou; Então Tá; Essa Noite;
  28. Jack the Crack For Those About to Rock;
  29. Jack Ü Where Are u Now (Feat. Justin Bieber); 7/11 (Skrillex & Diplo's Jack Ü Remix); Take Ü There (Feat. Kiesza); Constellation (feat. Florence and the Machine); Don't Do Drugs Just Take Some Jack Ü (Intro);
  30. Jack Van Raamsdonk Al Word Ik Dan Wat Ouder;
  31. Jack Wagner Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You; All I Need; Too Young; The Right Key; Back Home Again;
  32. Jack White Lazaretto; Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over; Sittin' On Top Of The World; Wayfaring Stranger; Great High Mountain;
  33. Jack's Broken Heart Against Forgetting; Midnight Clear; Ardath West; Change Over; Crosses Count;
  34. Jack's Mannequin American Love; Annie, Use Your Telescope; At Full Speed; Bloodshot; Bruised;
  35. Jack's Motel Contratempo;
  36. Jack7 Dura de Matar; Sem você; Anjo; Rastros;
  37. Jacka Trutty Raio; A Little Help From My Friends; Angeline; Another Mind Gone; Bad Bad Sign;
  38. Jackal Why; A Safe Look In Mirrors; Alone / Stealin' Hearts; Being Alone; Breakin' Time;
  39. Jackals Gone Legacy;
  40. Jackamo Brown Cara Silas; In My Time; Lay Low; Prayer For Slow Death; When I Go;
  41. Jackass Idiota;
  42. Jackeline Moreira Deus Não Falha;
  43. Jackeline Ribas Cause My Love; Amigo Fiel; Há Poder; Te Louvo;
  44. Jacki-o Pussy (Real Good); Fine;
  45. Jackie Boyz Topless;
  46. Jackie Chan A Man Should Be of Self Help; Endless Love; Bin Long Se Shi (the Betel Nuts Beauty); Chao Qi Chao Luo Pei Ni Du Guo; Dan Yuan Hua Chang Zai;
  47. Jackie DeShannon A Lifetime Of Loneliness; Brighton Hill; Come And Get Me; Holly Would; I Can Make It With You;
  48. Jackie Diesel Na Balada;
  49. Jackie Greene About Cell Block #9; A thing called rain; Alice On The Rooftop; Blue Sky; By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill;
  50. Jackie Jackson Be The One; Broken Heart (com Suzette Charles); Cruzin'; Don't Rush It; Fine, Fine Lady;
  51. Jackie James Take my heart;
  52. Jackie Lomax A Dream Of You; You Better Let Me Know; Sweeter Than Honey; Spank Yourself; Divorce Blues;
  53. Jackie Mccullough Be Connected; New Day Of The Lord; The Only Way; I'm Not Finished; In His Name;
  54. Jackie Moore Precious, Precious; This Time Baby;
  55. Jackie O Bitch; Champion; Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You); Fine; I´m Gonna Getcha Good;
  56. Jackie Opel Take Your Time; I Am What I Am; Old Rocking Cha;
  57. Jackie Rawe I Believe In Dreams;
  58. Jackie Tequila No seu lugar;
  59. Jackie Wilson Am I The Man; A Woman, A Lover, A Friend; Baby Workout; Doggin' Around; Higher And Higher;
  60. Jackie's Knife Another Girl; HardÂ’s Life; I will never cry for you anymore; Rock star; Sweet Girl;

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