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  1. ...In Her Lie Lovesong (The Cure cover);
  2. A Inimitável Fábrica de Jipes Água; Dia-a-Dia; Esperar Por Você; Hoje; Na Hora da Raiva;
  3. As I Attempt A Milion Lies;
  4. As I Lay Dying Confined; 94 Hours; A Breath In The Eyes Of Eternity; Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier; Collision;
  5. As in Rebekkamaria Yours Truly;
  6. As Indomadas Agachar;
  7. As It Stands Deceit; Know It All; Left On Hold; Moving On; Ninth Life;
  8. El Inquilino Comunista Brains Colapse; Angels Hearts; Charlotte Says; Die Shanta; Domestic Lies;
  9. I The Storm I Ride; Warriors; Between Two Worlds; Battalions; Mountains;
  10. I Against I I Wanna Hold Your Hand; A Love Supreme; Change Of Address; Lesson To Be Learned; One Last Warning;
  11. I Am Baby Cakes The Role Play Tournament; Shirley Moats; Lies; Cat People;
  12. I Am Da Man Yo We Are Da Mans Yo;
  13. I Am Ghost Pretty People Never Lie/ Vampires Really Never Die; Civil War And Isolation = Thirst; Eulogies And Epitaphs; Lady Madeline In Her Coffin; The Last Goodbye Of Smile And Bone;
  14. I Am Kloot No Direction Home; An Ordinary Girl; Gods and Monsters; Over My Shoulder; Avenue Of Hope;
  15. I Am Terrified Falling On Everlasting; Heaven Knocking, Hell Rising; Some Glad Morning; The Parting; To The Service;
  16. I Am The Avalanche Dead and Gone; New Disaster; Always; Clean Up; Emergency;
  17. I Am The Pilot A Lesson Learned; Aria The Brave; Gone Too Far; Headlines; Killing For Closure;
  18. I Am X Song Of Imaginary Beings; Think of England; Kiss And Swallow; Mercy; Naked But Safe;
  19. I Am X-Ray Pretty Rave Girl;
  20. I Blame Coco Bohemian Love;
  21. I Break Things Erika Jo;
  22. I Call Shotgun IAmJacksCompleteLackOfSuprise; On My Signal Unleash Hell; Whats The Most You Ever Lost; Why do You Tie Your Shoes;
  23. I Camaleonti Applausi;
  24. I Can Coolidge; (My Country) Tears of Thee; Alive; Alone; Another Night Alone;
  25. I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business But When The Little Fellow Came Close...; An Oak Tree Stands Beside a Linden; End of the Background Noise; Salvy; The Best Happiness Money Can Buy;
  26. I Cavalieri Del Re La Ballata Di Fiorellino; Lady Oscar;
  27. I core Melhor Assim;
  28. I Defy Ending a Life In Mid-sentence; id; Never Break; Stop the Game; Your America;
  29. I Farm Two Kipperds Each; Chemotherapy; Citizen Joey; Fighting Is Emo; R. Farm;
  30. I Frontiera CÂ’è Un Solo Cielo; Hai Già Deciso; Io Voglio Te; Lei Non CÂ’è Più; Sara;
  31. I Giganti Tema;
  32. I Gufi La Balilla; Capinera;
  33. I Hate Kate Always Something; Bed Of Black Roses; Story I Can't Write; Embrace The Curse; Inside Inside;
  34. I Hate Myself ...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars; Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad; Conversation With Dr. Seussicide; Darren's Roof; Destroy All Monsters;
  35. I Hate Sally Clean Up The Blood; In The Name Of Democracy; Root Of All Evil; Sickness Of The Ages; Under The Ribs Of Death;
  36. I Hate You When You're Pregnant Batman; Tanning Booth; Win This Race; Driving My Car; Jimmy Henson;
  37. I Haunt Wizards Along Came Polly; But Comon Im Useless; Incentive To Miscarriage; Sailor Moon; That's a nice dress;
  38. I Have Dreams Countless Rooftops; I Don't Imagine You And I Anymore; In Good Hands; Three Days 'til Christmas;
  39. I Killed The Prom Queen Are You Playing Dead?; Death Certificates For Beauty Queen; Forgiveness Is Murder; My Best Wishes; Pointed To My Heart;
  40. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness When You Go Out; Want To Die In The Hot Summer; Your Worst is the Best; The ghost; The less you see;
  41. I Monster Daydream In Blue; Cells; Everyone's A Loser; Heaven; Hey Mrs.;
  42. I Mother Earth Another Sunday; One More Astronaut; Raspberry; Three Days Old; And The Experience;
  43. I My Me! Strawberry Eggs White Station; Dearest;
  44. I Never Heard The Bullet "This Has Controversy Written All Over It";
  45. I Nine Same In Any Language; Seven Days Of Lonely; Don't Wanna; If This Room Could Move; Get Out;
  46. I Noxx Deixa Eu Tentar; Garotinha da Escola; Lembranças; Não Vivo Sem Você; Pra que Chorar;
  47. I Primi Tempi Noi Siam Partiti;
  48. I Profeti Era Bella;
  49. I Rise When Fear Turns To Hate; Bleak, Blacked, & Fake; Stand By; We Grow Numb; Longest Five Miles;
  50. I Santo California Tornero; Un Angelo;
  51. I Saved Latin Dreamscaps and memories;
  52. I Set My Friends On Fire Sh!t It Out Of Here; But The Nuns Are Watching; Brief Interviews With Hideous Men; WTFWJD; Reese's Pieces, I Don't Know Who John Cleese Is?;
  53. I Shalt Become Her Demons; Insects; Thorns; Labyrinthine; Paintings In A Gallery;
  54. I Shot Cyrus A Pig is a Pig; Até Quando?; Capitalismo Gera Guerra; Deus Capital; Eu Atirei em Cyrus;
  55. I Spy Remain; Just Between Friends; No Exchange; T.I.Y (Title It Yourself); Appliances And Cars;
  56. I Spy a Sailboat Marty' Mom;
  57. I Voted For Kodos 11:22; All I Have Left; Broken Wing; Calc Lecture Girl; Cow Eyes;
  58. I Walk The Line Dead Seeds; Drifter; Forever Nights; Ghost On A Tightrope; Grand Collapse;
  59. I Was a Cub Scout Pink Squares; Bear Fur; I Hate Nightclubs; Oh What A Fiasco!; Part II;
  60. I wayne Living In Love;

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