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  1. Half Hearted Handgun Drop Dead Gorgeous; Chapter Two, Case Of The Bloody Bride; Machinegun Kelly; Manhattan Went Out With a Bang!; Oh What Have You Done Miss Rooth?;
  2. Half Japanese Secret Of My Heart; Can't Get Enough (Gimme Your Love) By Mai Kuraki; Automatic-Utada Hikaru; We Are- Slayers- Hikaru Midorikawa; First Love;
  3. Half Man Half Biscuit Vatican Broadside; (live!); All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla-prague Away Kit; Arthur's Farm; D'you Ken Ted Mould;
  4. Half Past Forever In a Moment; Naive; Hero; Waiting; Cry Tonight;
  5. Half Perfection Please Do Not Judge Us God, Condemn Us;
  6. Half Pipe Medo; Uma luz no fim; A Cor da Inveja; Half Pipe is My friend; Último Conto de Saudade;
  7. Half-a-mill Where BK at?; Thug love; Bounce; Can I Trust You; Da Hustle Don't Stop;
  8. Halfcocked Bad Reputation; All By Myself; Devil's Shoes; Gun For Hire; Taking Over;
  9. Halford Betrayal; Beyond The Realms Of Death; Blackout; Breaking The Law; Crucible;
  10. Halfway Heroes Hunnington;
  11. Halfway To Hazard Country 'Til the Day We Die; Daisy; Devil and the Cross; Countrified; Takin' Me On;
  12. Halfwayhome A Pilot And A Bleeding Heart; Architect Of My Demise; As The Moment Passes By; Ascension To Clarity; Contract With A Ghost;
  13. Halgadom Pagan Warrior; Bärenmanner; Das Hugëlgrab; Der Eid; Die Stimme Der Ahnen;
  14. Hali Gali Halid Hajde da Se Drogiramo;
  15. Halifax Anthem For Tonight; A Tint Of Rain; A Writer's Reference; Better Than Sex; Broken Glass Syndrome;
  16. Halina Meaning Of Life; Better Without You; Do the same;
  17. Halina Frąckowiak Bawimy;
  18. Halison Paixão Minha Maria; Alma Gêmea (part. Filho do Zua); Sempre Vou Te Amar;
  19. Hall And Oates Everytime You Go Away; I Can't Go For That; Kiss On My List; Maneater; Melody For A Memory;
  20. Hall Kristen Cry Tomorrow; Don't Tell Me; Following My; Heaven Knows; Let It Rain;
  21. Hall Tom T A Bar With No Beer; Back When We Were Young; Ballad Of Forty Dollars; Country Cabin-Itis; Homecoming;
  22. Hallcool Estrada;
  23. Halley DeVestern I'm Dead Too; Sugar Free;
  24. Hallo Aus Berlin Abertura; Hallo aus Berlin;
  25. Halloween Busted; Candy Caine; Don't Metal With Evil; Fight the Beast; Haunted;
  26. Halloween Alaska All The Arms Around You; A Quien Le Importa; Call It Clear.; Des Moines; Halloween;
  27. Hallows Eve Death And Insanity; Goblet Of Gore; Lethal Tendencies; Plea Of The Aged; Nobody Lives Forever;
  28. Hallucination Hug Me; Bloody Slayer; Françouse My Life; Guise; Twisted;
  29. Hallucinogen LSD; Deranger;
  30. Halo All or Nothing; Angst; Bedtime; Cold Light Of Day; Cracked;
  31. Halo Benders Bombshelter Pt. 1; Bombshelter Pt.2; Don't Touch My Bikini; Halo Bender; Isolate;
  32. Halo Friendlies Acid Wash; Anything For You; Cry Of Job; Disappear; Don't Let Me Down;
  33. Halor When The Day Has Come; Seeking The Truth; The Power's Breaking Loose; Hurricane; Desire To Fly;
  34. Halou Arrhythmia; Arrythmia; Asleep And Dreaming; Before there was color; Blue Eye Smile Girl;
  35. Halovox Make Me Yours; Awkward Silence; Deception; Fly On The Windscreen; Foolish Slave;
  36. Halsey Ghost; New Americana; Is There Somewhere?; Hurricane; Empty Gold;
  37. Haluk Levent Kader; Sevenler AðLarmýþ; Dönmen Lazým; Kaderimin Oyunu; Aþkýn Mapushane;
  38. Halutyåmia The Archanus Sepulcre;
  39. Halvdan Sivertsen 17 ar Hurra Hurra; Abortvise; Blues bare; Brudevalst; Dødens venteværelse;
  40. HAM Animalia; Auður Sif; Austur; Bulldozer; DEATH;
  41. Ham Cheese Meu Brasil; Desigualdade Social; Discriminados; Entre Solidão; Idiotas De Natureza;
  42. Hama Quando Chove (acustico);
  43. Hama Chisaki Kanojo Wa Ijiwaru; Koi Suru Soldier; Mi amor; Yakusoku;
  44. Hamada Masatoshi Haru Wa Mada Ka; Shiawase de are;
  45. Hamay Sereia do Mar;
  46. Hamayanna Anjo Amado; Confesso; Olhos Vendados; Por Voce; Sem Voce;
  47. Hamid El Shari Lon Ainaek (The color of your eyes); Bethebeny (Do you love me?); Al Fostan Al Aswad (Lady in a dress); Ainy (I had no idea); Law Tekdar Tensany (If you can);
  48. Hamilton Costa Vista Azul e Branco; Impulso; Raio De Sol; Sonhos; Carta Bomba;
  49. Hamilton de Holanda Hey Jude;
  50. Hamilton Dias Provar o Meu Amor Por Ti;
  51. Hamilton e Arnaldo Olhar de Brisa; Magrão e Manuela; Pula e grita; Mulher Feia; Minha deusa;
  52. Hamilton Joe Frank And Reynolds You Suck; Don't Pull Your Love; Fallin' In Love; Winners and Losers;
  53. Hamilton Marc Comme j'ai toujours envie d'aimer; Ce que je veux; Qui es-tu ?; Rosemary; Viens;
  54. Hamiro En La Dura Aventura A Barca do Sol;
  55. Hamka Ignition;
  56. Hamlet 1998; Acaba con el poder; Acuerdate de Mi; Aislados; A Letter To Ophelia;
  57. Hammer Addams Groove; Sleepin on a Master Plan; Something Bout the Goldie in Me; Break 'Em Off Somethin' Proper; Help Lord (Won't You Come);
  58. Hammer ov Qliphoth Monotheistic Supremacy; Sepher Qliphoth;
  59. Hammerbox Simple Passing; Hed; Hole; No; Outside;
  60. Hammerfall A Legend Reborn; Always Will Be; At The End Of The Rainbow; Child Of The Damned; Destined For Glory;

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