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  1. The Hope Conspiracy Fragile; Ashcroft; Bled Across The Wire; Carved Out; Consumed;
  2. The Hormonauts Swimming Pool; A Life Time Away; A Shot; Black Slacks; Cassius;
  3. The Horror The Horror Ipanema; Sound Of Sirens;
  4. The Horrorist One Night In New York City; Blood Wings Soar; Fire In The Sky; Flesh Is The Fever; Hard Step Future Force;
  5. The Horrors Sheena Is a Parasite; A Knife In Their Eyes; Count In Fives; Death At The Chapel; Gloves;
  6. The Hot Lies Promise Me; A Breath And It's Gone; Break away; Bullets and black lines; Burn for me;
  7. The Hot Puppies Green Eye Liner; Terry; Baptist Boy; Bonnie + Me; Bottled Ship Song;
  8. The Hot Toddies Rocker Girl; Motorscooter; Wet Dream; Photosynthesis; Seattle;
  9. The Houls Consequences of Gravity; Blood and Beauty; Miranda;
  10. The Hounds of Hasselvander Last Call; On Her Way; Pull The Switch; Seen The Light; She Serpent;
  11. The Hourglass Ancient Hope (Part 1 - Denial); Blameless; Deceptive Light; Division of Decisions; Dust of Confusion;
  12. The Hours Ali In The Jungle; Narcissus Road; Back When You Were Good; Love You More; Murder Or Suicide;
  13. The House of Capricorn The Rivers And The Rain; Lies Nazareth; Sleep;
  14. The House Of Love 32nd Floor; Allergy; All Night Long; Audience With The Mind; Baby Teen;
  15. The Housemartins Build; Happy Hour; Caravan Of Love; EverydayÂ’s The Same; Get Up Off Our Knees;
  16. The Howl Far Beyond Metal; From Hell; Unfair;
  17. The Hubies Deadbeat Battle Cry; Die Birdy Die; Disposability; Emo Killed Depression; Killing Time;
  18. The Hudson Falcons Cosa Nostra Rock 'n' Roll; Fight The Good Fight; Jersey City Streets; Labor Day; Latin Knights;
  19. The Hues Corporation Rock The Boat; Get Off Of My Cloud;
  20. The Hugh Grat's Neurotic Mother-in-law Jesus Freaks;
  21. The Human Abstract Vela, Together We Await The Storm; Crossing the rubicon; Mea Culpa; Nocturne; Channel Detritus;
  22. The Human League Human; Don't You Want Me; Louise; One Man In My Heart; The Lebanon;
  23. The Hurt Process This Piece; Clarity; Come Home (Screaming); Last Goodbye; Opinion;
  24. The Hush Sound A Dark Congregation; We Intertwined; City Traffic Puzzle; Don't Wake Me Up; Lighthouse;
  25. The Hussy's Atom City Girl; Poppy Day; Rock Concert; Rock Steady; Sunday Morning;
  26. The Hypes 2 Miljard Chinezen;

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