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  1. The Gladiators Naturality; Mix Up; Looks Is Deceiving; Chatty Chatty Mouth; Bellyfull;
  2. The Glammers Don't Loose It; Messensheriff;
  3. The Glen Rock And Roll Evolution; Newspaper Boy; Ordinary Boys; Let's Stop the Rain; Gameover Hazyman;
  4. The Glitter Band Angel Face; Goodbye My Love; Just For You; Lets Get Together Again; People Like You And People Like Me;
  5. The Gloria Record A Bye; A Lull In Traffic; Ambulance; (and Is It Ever); Cinema Air;
  6. The Glorious Unseen Burn In Me; Close To Your Heart; Embracing The Call; Forever Holy; God Of Wonders;
  7. The Glorybox of Sounds It Just Depend On Us; My Favorite Song; Glorybox Twist; My Little One; Por Onde o caminho nos Leva;
  8. The Go Find Dictionary;
  9. The go Set 5AM; 1788 (Keenan); Old Dark Brown; Raymond O'Byrne;
  10. The Go! Team Huddle Formation; Hole Yr Terror Close; Ladyflash; Panther Dash; The Power is On;
  11. The Go-Betweens A Bad Debt Follows You; Apology Accepted; As Long As That; Before Hollywood; Cattle and Cane;
  12. The Go-Go's Head Over Heels; We Got The Beat; Vacation; (Remember) Walking In The Sand; Apology;
  13. The Gobshites Questioningly;
  14. The God Awfuls 1979; Bullets And Batons; Calling; Disconnected Youth; East Side One;
  15. The Godfathers She Gives Me Love;
  16. The Goes Suprasumo;
  17. The Golliwogs And Right Then Is When My Philosophy Became Straight; Fight Fire;
  18. The Gone Jackals 13x; Alone at Last; Barrel Of Crabs; Black Is White; Blue Pyramid;
  19. The Good Life Needy; A Dim Entrance; A Golden Exit; A New Friend; After O'rourke's, 2:10 A.m.;
  20. The Good Luck Joes Frozen;
  21. The Good Shepherd Come Rain Or Come Shine (Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer);
  22. The Good's Se Um Dia; solitario;
  23. The Good, the Bad and the Queen Herculean; '80s Life; A Soldier's Tale; Behind The Sun; Green Fields;
  24. The Goodwill Let It Go; Deception; Forgotten Feeling; Lying Alone; That's What Sean Said;
  25. The Gospellers Air Mail; Atarashii sekai; Atlas; Chika; Dawn Yoake;
  26. The Gossip And You Know. . .; Careless Whisper; Cat Fight; Coal To Diamonds; Don't (Make Waves);
  27. The GoStation Battle Lines; Wandering Away; C'mon; When I'm Gone; Not Enough;
  28. The Gothic Archies It´s Useless To Struggle; Scream and Run Away; Gone Gone Gone; In The Reptile Room; Crows;
  29. The Gothsicles Deathkey; I Can Tell You Shop At Hot(t) Topic; Triple Shot; Turn Signals Are Still Cool; One Second Ghost;
  30. The Gourds Bean Bowl; (the new way of) Grievin' & Smokin'; County Orange; Fine Leather Truck; Gangsta Lean;
  31. The Graals Pandora;
  32. The Graduate Anhedonia; Sit & Sink;
  33. The Graduates Nearcited; Chris' Sunset Jam; He Said, She Said; Lasercock; Rap Verse;
  34. The Grand Finals Stick a Fork In It, We're Done He; For What Its Worth; Hearts Hung by String (pause this moment);
  35. The Grape Digging Sharon Fruits Agents of Despair; Best of The Playground; Boxing; Foliage; I'll Kick Your Face Off;
  36. The Grassroots Campaign Architecture; Come Sleepwalking With Me; Follow You Into The Dark; For A Ghost; I Lack Courage;
  37. The Grates 19-20-20; I Won't Survive; Lies Are Much More Fun; Message; Rock Boys;
  38. The Graveyard Boulevard A Night To Dismember; Choke Yourself; Circus Horrificus; Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde; Popcorn;
  39. The Gravity Guild Step Outside; Delusional; Collide; So Long; Time & Again;
  40. The Great Deceiver Pierced; After Us The Flood; Arsenic Dreams; Destroy / Adore; Enter The Martyrs;
  41. The Great Fiction Body Urge;
  42. The Great Kat Ashes To Dust; Death To You; Demons; Gripping Obsession; Kat-Abuse;
  43. The Great Lakes Myth Society Days of Apple Pie; Debutante; Eastern Birds; Foolish Motives of Lost Debates; Heydays;
  44. The Great Warriors United To Win; Knights of the Night;
  45. The Greatest Fear God Is Not Love; Force Feed; Just For Today; Las Conversaciones Con El Diablo; Les Nuages;
  46. The Green Never Change; Fabulous;
  47. The Greenhornes Can't You See; Hold Me; It's not real; Lonely Feeling; Lost Woman;
  48. The Greets Hoje ou Amanhã;
  49. The Grenma Miért pont én?;
  50. The Groundhogs Music Is Food Of Thought; 3744 James Road; Bdd; Darkness Is No Friend; Earth Is Not Room Enough;
  51. The Grous Vencedor;
  52. The Gruixut's Surto Al Punt Diari;
  53. The Guess Who 6 A.M. Or Nearer; 8:15; Albert Flasher; All Hashed Out Lyrics; American Woman;
  54. The Guests Black Clouds, Red Skies; Dark Dancefloor; For Him; Goodbye, Good Luck; Helga;
  55. The Guide Leave me Alone; kinaesthesis; Anywhere Drugs; Here; I Wish;
  56. The Guilty Ones All The Time; Pouring Water; In My Hands; Rely On Me; The Damage, itÂ’s done;
  57. The Guinea Pigs Knocking On Your Door; Alone; Arrested Somewhere; Deep Pain; Desires;
  58. The Gun Club A Devil In The Woods; Araby; Bad America; Bill Bailey; Black Hole;
  59. The Gutter Twins All Misery/Flowers; Bête Noire; Circle The Fringes; Each To Each; Front Street;
  60. The Guys Delirium 222;

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