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  1. The Four Coins I Love You Madly;
  2. The Four Freshmen Graduation Day;
  3. The Four Lads Skokiaan; A House With Love In It; Enchanted Island; Istanbul (not Constantinople); Moments To Remember;
  4. The Four Seasons Sherry; Ain't That A Shame; Alone; Big Girls Don't Cry; Big Man In Town;
  5. The Four Tops Baby I Need Your Lovin'; Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch); Reach Out I'll Be There; I Can't Help Myself; Ask The Lonely;
  6. The Fourmost Hello Little Girl;
  7. The Fourth Hate Quem Sabem Um Dia; Passado Presente;
  8. The FOX Anjo da Guarda (guardian Angel); Geração Ômega;
  9. The Frames Suffer In Silence; A Caution To The Birds The Frames; Angel At My Table; Another Love Song; Before You Go;
  10. The Frank And Walters COLOURS; Have You Ever?; How Can I Exist?; Indian Ocean; I Suppose;
  11. The Frantics Boot to the Head; Last Will And Temperament; Class Of Whenever; Everybody; All The Same;
  12. The Fratellis Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy; Creepin Up The Backstairs; Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night; Henrietta; Three Skinny Girls;
  13. The Fraternity of Man Stop Me, Citate Me; Don't bogart me (Don't bogart that joint);
  14. The Fray All At Once; How To Save A Life; She Is; Over My Head (Cable Car); Fall Away;
  15. The Free Design 2002 - A Hit Song; Kites are Fun; Umbrellas; Bubbles; Don't Turn Away;
  16. The French Kicks You Could Not Decide; When You Heard You; 1985; Close To Modern; Crying Just For Show;
  17. The Fresh New Dolls Love Free Crew; Lady Brilliant Smiles; My Way Out; C´mon C´mon; Banned;
  18. The Freshmen Verve Pipe;
  19. The Frey Over My Head (cable Car); All At Once; Dead Wrong; Fall Away; Heaven Forbid;
  20. The Friday Night Boys Celebrity Life; High School; Girl, You Blow My Mind; Rockstar; There's Still Time;
  21. The Friendly Indians I Know You Know;
  22. The Friends Of Distinction Going In Circles;
  23. The Frisk Basket Of Snakes; Mystery Spot; Leech; In My Nightmare; Bad Ass Cobra;
  24. The Front Runner Birth-School-Work-Death; Concrete And Stitches; I'll Save Face, You Say Grace; Long Walks To Find Meanings; Mirror Days;
  25. The Frontline The Rick; Bang It; Now U Know; What Is It?; My All;
  26. The Frozen Autumn Dusk is like a dagger; Fragments Of Memories; Painted Girls; Wait For Nothing; Winter;
  27. The Frustrators I Slept With Terry; Brown Mercury Comet; East Bay Of Urden Bay; Living In The Real World; Then She Walked Away;
  28. The Fugees Fu-Gee-La; Killing Me Softly; A Change is Gonna Come; Blunted on Reality; Bohemian Rhapsody;
  29. The Fullblast All I Need Is a Jetpack And Roller Skates; Fred's Got Slacks; Dial 'B' For Brown; James Eats Planet; Loves PCP; Hemiola, I'm Peddling Home;
  30. The Fully Down A Question Of Perspective; Cost Of Comfort; Descent, Rebellion, And All Around Hell Raising; Go To Heaven For The Climate, Hell For The Company; HEY!.... You Guys Wanna See A Dead Body?;
  31. The Funtos Olga; Zero Kelvin; Fernanda; A Chuva; Apologia A Arrogância;
  32. The Furor Battleblast Advance; Damnations Morning; Enslaved by Chaos; Humanity Fooled!; Invisible Paths;
  33. The Fuse Breaking Away; Choices; Naked Eye;
  34. The Future Sound Of London Divinity;
  35. The Futureheads Decent Days And Nights; hounds of love; The City Is Here For You To Use; A to B; Alms;
  36. The Fuzivels Doida;
  37. The Fuzz $.10; Breakout; Dr. Rewind; E-Life; Echo Again;

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