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  1. The Electric City Electric City; Sleeping With The Enemy;
  2. The Electric Diorama Oh Dear, Now IÂ’m Sure I Hate 'U; There's No Quiet In Here; Our Love Will Dry Out On Christmas;
  3. The Electrician 2 Inch Long Vietcong; Beijing Bubble Gum Brigade; Eggs Are Liquid Chickens; I Wanna Nibble Under Your Training Bra;
  4. The Elegants Little Star;
  5. The Elgins Darling Baby;
  6. The Elliot Project Brown Eyed Girl; Like A Cowboy Western; Without You; Open your eyes; Postcards and Polaroids;
  7. The Elms Real Men Cry; A Minute To Ourselves; All The While Having Fun!; Burn And Shine; Come To Me;
  8. The Elves Amber Velvet; She's Not The Same; Walking In Different Circles; West Virginia;
  9. The Empire Hideous You Follow; Amazing Murder Machine; Hereafter; Kissing Your Poison; November;
  10. The End Her (Inamorata); Dear Martyr; Entirety In Infancy; Fetesque; Of Fist And Flame;
  11. the end of genesis T.M.R evolution turbo type D Winter dust (yuki maboroshi); Gekkou - GEKKOH -; Kagerou;
  12. The End of Julia Landmine; An Elevated Man; Canvas; Favorites; Just Like Heaven;
  13. The Enema Noise Song #1; The Taste; Sweetest Vice; Darkside;
  14. The Enemy Happy Birthday Jane; Aggro; Away From Here; 40 Days & 40 Nights; Pressure;
  15. The Ênfase 10 Horas; O Amor; O Pensamento Vai E Volta; Partir Pra Outra; Pulo Matador;
  16. The Engine Room A Perfect Lie;
  17. The English Department You Don't Know Anything About Me;
  18. The Envy Corps 99,100; A Letter To Our Senator; A Purpose; Baby teeth; Before The Gold Rush;
  19. The Epoxies Need More Time; We're So Small; Cross My Heart; Losing Control; At The Seams;
  20. The Equals Baby, Come Back; Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys; Let's Go To The Moon; Rub A Dub Dub; Softly Softly;
  21. The Ergs! Very Pretty Song For a Very Special Young Lady Part 2; First song side one; Extra medium; Most Violent rap group; Pray for rain;
  22. The Ernies Here And Now; Everywhere; Flesh And Bone; Jive!; Kickin' It Live;
  23. The Escape Club Wild Wild West; I'll Be There; Goodbye Joey Rae; Jealousy; Only the Rain;
  24. The Escape Frame Nothin' But A "G" Thang;
  25. The Essex Green Berlin; By The Sea; Carballo; Chartiers; Chester;
  26. The Estrangeds O Dia e o Cheiro; Popcorn Love; O Testemunho; Oh Yeah!; Scars;
  27. The Eternal A Soul Undone; A Dream's End; Beneath The Soil; Hollow Inside; The Dying;
  28. The Ethiopians Train to Glory; Come On Now; Engine 54; The Ring; Train to Skaville;
  29. The Evan Anthem End Script; Actually; Ballon Jaune; Be Nice If He's Nice; Chloroform;
  30. The Evens Around The Corner; All These Governors; Blessed Not Lucky; Crude Bomb; If It's Water;
  31. The Everglow Loneliness; Forever; Turn Back Time; Mystery; The Escape;
  32. The Everly Brothers All I Have To Do Is Dream; Bird Dog; Bye Bye Love; Cathy's Clown; Crying In The Rain;
  33. The Everybodyfields Aeroplane;
  34. The Evil Crypt's Light; Fade Away; Serial Killer; Lovers; Inside Us;
  35. The Evolutionaries Slave; All The Dark Things; Bliss; Fade; Hollowgrams;
  36. The Execration Human Anthropology – Anthropophagi in Blood;
  37. The Exies My Goddess; All The Pretty Ones; Baby's Got A New Revelation; Can't Relate; Ego Tryptophane;
  38. The Exit Susan; Lonely Man's Wallet; Defacto; Don't Push; Find Me;
  39. The Expatriate Act The Expatriate Act;
  40. The Expelled Government Policy; 3 To 12; Dreaming; Make It Alone;
  41. The Expendables Fire Starter;
  42. The Exploding Hearts Boulevard Trash; Busy Signals; I'm A Pretender; Jailbird; Making Teenage Faces;
  43. The Exploited Fuck A MOD; Serial Killer; Punk's Not Dead; God Saved The Queen; Wankers;
  44. The Explosion Broken Down And Out; No Revolution; These Times; Points West; Conniption Fit;
  45. The Exponents Why Does Love do This To Me?;
  46. The Eye My Supremacy; The Call Of A Thousand Souls; The Eternal Oath Of Lie; The Eye; Your Wickedness (Bastard Son Of Fear);
  47. The Eyeliners All I Wanted; Anywhere But Here; Bad Luck Charm; Big Scoop; Broke My Heart;
  48. [ EMO Kids ] Eu Vou Te Encontrar "Numa Manhã Normal"; Stay With Me;
  49. ¡Efecto! Confronto; Consumo Inútil; Progression;

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