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  1. A Dark Halo Silence; Beyond Recall; Dust and ashes; Apex realized; Unbreakable;
  2. A Dark Performance Open Minds Will Dominate; Away From The Shadows; Dialogue; Dreadful Dream; Fading Away;
  3. A Dawn Serene The Return To Light;
  4. A Day At The Fair And My Name's Dignan, So What?; Cinderblock; Grasshopper Of Waywayonda; Here Lies Our Holiday; Shoebox Greeting;
  5. A Day Away Before It Ends; She Needs To Know; Parking Lot Romance; So Like You; The Coldest Night;
  6. A Day Before Sunrise Aeroplane; Raindrops; Bela Lugosi; Leave Me Alone; Nine Numbers;
  7. A Day In Attica Pretty Girl; Entre Tú Y Yo; Me Has Hechado Al Olvido; Amantes Prohibidos; Si Ella Supiera;
  8. A Day In Black And White A Good Turn; A Literal Title; All Plots; Foward / Backward; Lame duck;
  9. A Day In The Life Control Alt Delete; Angels With Even Filthier Soul; Apparently, Hoverboards Don't Work On Water; Audrey In Sacramento; Candycanes And Cola;
  10. A Day Of Pigs Black Cobra;
  11. A Day To Remember 1958; Heartless; If Looks Could Kill; A Second Glance; Casablanca Sucked Anyway;
  12. A Days Refrain Stand By; Are You Listening Or Just Waiting For Your Turn To Speak; D1; Longest Five Miles; May 18Th;
  13. A Dead Giveaway Blueprint; Tragic Timing; Empty Hearts; Heartless; Amongst The First To Fall;
  14. A Dead Lament Blindages; Empathize This; Ravens Feast; Reflecting The Absorbed; The Shadow Of Glass;
  15. A Dead Letter Promise Columbian Neck-tie; Nobody Dances For The New Ones; Skies Arn't Built Like They Used To Be; The Apocolypse Is Going To Be Flippin Beautiful; The End Of The World Party;
  16. A Death Experience Once More;
  17. A Death For Every Sin Beyond The Tears; Born To Lose; For My Sins; Forever Gone; Holding Onto WhatÂ’s Left;
  18. A Decent Animal First We See If It Fits;
  19. A delicate disaster A Lifetime of Regret;
  20. A Delicate Fade Loving Fire;
  21. A Destructive Issue Sunset Sour; The Embalmment; Vengeance;
  22. A Different Breed of Killer The Cleansing Apparatus;
  23. A Dois Seu Amor É Tudo Que Eu Quero; Amor de Buzú; Você Pode Voltar Atrás; Você Não Sabe o Que Quer; Azul;
  24. A Dominique Ainsi parfois; Le twenty-two bar; Chez Nous; Les Petits Boudins; Février;
  25. A Dos Velas Con La Gente Que Me Gusta;
  26. A Doze Stars Anjos Negros Caem Sobre a Terra; Desde O Tempo De Dragões E Princesas; Dominar; Uma Dúzia De Estrelas Para Você; Canção Para Minha Ex;
  27. A Dozen Furies An Idea And Some Rope; Awake And Lifeless; By Any Means; Falling; Lost In A Fantasy;
  28. A Dream Called Ocean Every Breath Is A Fight;
  29. A Dream Too Late Intermission To The Moon; 14th & Knott; Do You Believe? (In Ghosts); City Parks; Trendsetter;
  30. A Du ( A-Do ) Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni; Ai Zi Zen Me Xie; Andy; Jian Chi Dao Di; Li Bie;
  31. A Dying Daydream Under The Rainbow Bleeds Red;
  32. A Dying Dream Few And Far Between; The Brave;
  33. A Dying Race Without a Say; Fighting to Live; We Are The Future; Here And Now; Time Won't Hear;
  34. As Danadinhas Que delicia; Bota Pra Dança; Bota Pra Dançar; Dança da Motoca; Me Beija;
  35. As Dannadinhas Por Que Não;
  36. As Divine Grace Perpetual; Gash; Grimstone; In Low Spirits; Rosy Tale;
  37. D Blood Relation Mahiru no Koe; Akumu Kurai; Angelic Blue; Art de La Piste; Dangan;
  38. D Cru I Will Be Waiting; Show Me The Way; Never Never;
  39. D Devils Black Magic; Dance With The Devil; Final Countdown; Goodnight Johnny; Jugement Day;
  40. D Doze 313; 911; My band;
  41. D Dy Hommes...Femmes;
  42. D Genaration No Way Out; Dancing With Myself; Day By Day; Degeneration-X; English Dream;
  43. D Heavy Big Daddy; Now That We Found Love;
  44. D Kay Barcelona;
  45. D Minds Desemprego; Desigualdade; Porcos Fardados; Protesto Punk; Punk Neever Die;
  46. D Nice 25 Ta Life; A Few Dollars More; Call Me D Nice; Crumbs on the Table; The TR 808 is Coming;
  47. D Note Shed My Skin; A Tear Or Two; Come Over Tonight; Different Kind of Love; Feels So Good;
  48. D Ph I Won't Let You Down;
  49. D Schoolly Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Mooninite Death March; I Saw The Light; Am I Black Enough For You?; King Of New York;
  50. D Sisive A Childhood's End; E.W. (Eglinton West); J.A.C.; Lost Sight (Remix); Trials And Tribulations;
  51. D to the S Dissing These Fools;
  52. D&D Be My Lover; In Your Eyes; Shape Up Love; Sunshine Hero; Brand new love;
  53. D' Intense Do I Have To Cry For U?; It All Stinks; I Still Luv U Baby; My Voice; Hated;
  54. D'Air Carol;
  55. D'Alessio Gigi Como Suena El CorazóN; E Vai; Il Cammino Dell'età; Insieme A Lei; Mon Amour;
  56. D'amour Dogs Last Bandit; Mary Did You Know;
  57. D'angelo Africa; Brown Sugar; Chicken Grease; Devil's Pie; How Does It Feel;
  58. D'arby Terence Trent Designated Fool; Ev'rythang; Girl; Let Her Down Easy; My Dark Places?;
  59. D'ark Alguém; Caetana; Canção Quase Melancólica; Ciclos; Coração de Tolo;
  60. D'black 1 Minuto; Assim; Barco à Vela; Chama; Dê mais uma chance;

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