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  1. The Box Longo Tempo;
  2. The Box Tops Break My Mind; The Letter; Choo Choo Train; Fields Of Clover; Happy Times;
  3. The Boxer Rebellion You & I (In Decline); Before Tomorrow; Caution; Code Red; Don't Drag Your Dirty Feet;
  4. The Boy And His Machine Against The Ticking Clocks; I'm Starting To Believe; Mistakes And Clever Thoughts; Walls Or Regret;
  5. The Boy Least Likely To Be Gentle With Me; Fur Soft As Fur; God Takes Care Of The Little Things; Hugging My Grudge; I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes;
  6. The Boys Touring; Brickfield Nights; Almost Persuaded; Backstage Pass; Bad Day;
  7. The Boys Next Door Shivers; Happy Birthday; Mr. Clarinet; Riddle House;
  8. The BPA Toe Jam;
  9. The Braces I Wish It Were Me; Jealousy; Julie, Julie; Skanking In My Lonely Room; Supergirl vs. Rude Boy;
  10. The Brasshole Fiasco Broken Axes; Fear Of Flying; It's All Cream Cheese; Red Light, Soup Time; Think Before You Speak;
  11. The Brat Attack Enemy; Your Comfort Is Killing Me; One Solution; Call to Action; Pro Life Murders;
  12. The Bratbeaters Beat On The Brat;
  13. The Brats B-Brains;
  14. The Brave All Together Now; Little Love; Tears Of A Broken Heart;
  15. The Bravery An Honest Mistake; Fearless; Give In; No Brakes; Out Of Line;
  16. The Brazilian Bitles Faz Feliz Assim; Gata; É Onda; Louco De Amor; Vem Meu Amor;
  17. The Break and Repair Method Calling All Electrical Prints; Forget About The Brightside; I'm At A Low; Life Gets Beautiful; Now We Become Part Of It;
  18. The Breakup Now Or Never; All the Way; Holding On;
  19. The Breeders Cannonball; Little Fury; Divine Hammer; Drivin' On; Lotd Of The Thighs;
  20. The Breeze The Breath Plans; The Better One;
  21. The Bridges All The Words; One I Love; Pieces;
  22. The Briefs Poor And Weird; Ain't It The Truth?; Piss On The Youth; Tear It In Two; Sex Objects;
  23. The Briggs One Shot Down; Dungeon Walls; Song For Us; 3rd World War; Keep Us Alive;
  24. The Brilliant Green Ai No Ai No Hoshi; I´m So Sorry Baby; Angel Song - Eve No Kane; Bye Bye Mr. Mug; Forever To Me;
  25. The Brobecks Goodnight Socialite; I Will Tonight; Small Cuts;
  26. The Broken Circle Damage Inc. (Metallica Cover); Grant II; Killingfield; The Gate; The Journey;
  27. The Broken Family Band All I Want From You Is Some Effort; Alone In The Make-Out Room; A Place You Deserve; At The Back Of The Chapel; Behind The Church;
  28. The Broken Hearts Academy New Acoustic song; Monotony; I Wish She Never Brought It Up; I Hope You Miss Me; You Always Had a Home;
  29. The Broken Remotes Lie In Wait; Lose The Swagger;
  30. The Broken Toys Tu Papi No Sabe; Por La Ruta; Bad Lucy; Saturday Nite; Que Puede Ser De Mi;
  31. The Bronx Los Angeles; Private Affair; Notice Of Eviction; All This Is; Bats!;
  32. The Bronx Casket Co. Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore; The Other Me; Sewing the Dead; BCC/Sweet Home Transylvania; Black Valentine;
  33. The Brotherhood Of Dae Han We Don't Go To Anything;
  34. The Brothers Paixão á Segunda Vista;
  35. The Brothers Four Don't Think Twice It's All Right; Come To My Bedside, My Darlin; Green Leaves Of Summer; Greenfields; Try To Remember;
  36. The Browns After Losing You; All I Had To Do; Almost Persuaded; Alone With You; Am I That Easy To Forget;
  37. The Bruisers 21 Years; 2 Fists Full Of Nuthin'; All Messed Up; American Night; Anchors Up;
  38. The Brunettes Bestfriend Envy; Cotton candy; dancefloor; Cupid; End of the runway;
  39. The Buckaroos To Take a Lot Of You For Me; Kansas City Song; Cinderella; Hurry Come Running Back To Me; I'll Be All Right Tomorrow;
  40. The Buckinghams Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song); Don't You Care; Kind Of A Drag; Mercy Mercy Mercy; Susan;
  41. The Buddy System LUCKIE;
  42. The Buffalo Springfield A Child's Claim To Fame; Bluebird; Broken Arrow; Burned; Carefree country day;
  43. The Buffies Dois Patinhos na Lagoa;
  44. The Buffseeds Sparkle Me;
  45. The Bullys Beat On The Brat;
  46. The Burbs Canção Para Jude;
  47. The BusBoys Boys Are Back in Town;
  48. The Business All Out; Get Out While You Can; Saturday's Heroes; Boys Are Out Tonight; Ghetto Youth;
  49. The Busters 3 Minutes; Allora Ragazzi; Bad Guys; Beast of The Night; Bealtiful;
  50. The Butchies Mandy (1985 - 2000); To Be Broadcast Live; Eleanor; Trouble; 17;
  51. The Butterflies Al Doe Je Nog Zo Lief; Dixieland; Ik Loop De Hele Week; Kaik, Kaik De Gait Van Piet; Willem, Word Wakker;
  52. The Butterfly Effect 7 Days; A.D.; Aisles of White; Alone Again; Always;
  53. The Buttholes Karrier?; Fejjel a falnak; Ellenségeimnek Szeretettel [barát];
  54. The Buzz Klub Dag Sinterklaasje; Het Buzz Klub lied; Het circus; Het ijskastmonster; Haai hoo haai hee;
  55. The Buzzcocks 16; 369; A Different Kind Of Tension; Airwaves Dream; Alive Tonight;
  56. The Buzzcoks I Don't Mind; Love You More; What Do I Get?;
  57. The Buzzhorn Carry Me Home; Come See Me; Holy Man; Isn't This Great; Ordinary;
  58. The Byrds Eight Miles High; My Back Pages; Eve Of Destruction; Turn! Turn! Turn!; Wasn't Born To Follow;
  59. Ýbrahim Tatlýses Tabi Tabi;

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