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  1. Bachelor Number One Summertime;
  2. Bachi Da Pietra Primavera Del Sangue; Stella; Stirpe Confusa; Verme; 2:40;
  3. Bachica Lo Único Que Quiero;
  4. Bachman-Turner Overdrive Ain't Seen Nothing Yet; Blue Collar; Down Down; Freeways; Let It Ride;
  5. Bacilos Caraluna; Lo Mismo Que Yo; Tabaco Y Chanel; Mi Primer Millón; Sangre Americana;
  6. Bacilos Lee Anjo Perdido; Sofá; Ultima Vez; Rodo Plano; Dentro de mim;
  7. Back After Dawn Alone; Black Beuty Drowns; Clementine; Crushed; Dead Friends, Dead Ends;
  8. Back In Blues Hoochie Coochie man;
  9. Back Laid Bakerman; Sunshine Reggae;
  10. Back Of Tha Neck Internet Thug; Stop crying; Ran away; Shut out; Fight everyone;
  11. Back Of The Moon Sands O The Shore; Will Ye Gang Love; The Rolling Hills O' The Borders; Gin I Were A Baron's Heir; Greenland;
  12. Back Pack Don't Go Away; Gonna Be Gone; Sorry Did I Wake You?;
  13. Back Space Fly's Song; Pesadelos; Uma Chance; Voltar Atrás; Busco Em Você;
  14. Back To Back Jonathan;
  15. Back Two Mc O Som da Patricinha;
  16. Back Wash Como da Ultima Vez; As Coisas Sempre Mudam; Crescer; Depois De Você; Dia Que Chateia;
  17. Back-on So Many Tears; Zero; DRIVE; fifty/50; Message For Kidz;
  18. Backandtotheleft Misstep; Beaven's Isolation; Conquest; Disposable; False Alarm;
  19. Backbeat Band Please Mr. Postman; Good Golly Miss Molly; 20 Flight Rock; Bad Boy; C'mon Everybody;
  20. Backbone 5, Deuce, 4, Tre; Believe That; Concrete Law; Dungeon Ratz; Jump Back;
  21. Backdi e Bio-g3 Giséli da Favéla;
  22. Backfire! Choose My Own Path; Wound Up (Warzone); The War Starts Here; There's A Price To Pay; What Holds Us Together;
  23. BackGroundNoise Endings; Do The Ass Dance; The Lonely Dance;
  24. Backhouse Mike Okay;
  25. Backing Ballcats Barbis Vocal´s Ingrato; Lady Dinamite; Priscila; Psicológo; Rê Bordosa;
  26. Backinside Minha Paz; Tudo incerto; Hora Certa; Futuro Passado; O Erro;
  27. Backlit Revolver Hey Nikki;
  28. Backret Get It Right; Can't Make Me; Dodge Ball; Huge Balloon; J. Weed;
  29. Backseat Goodbye Sorry To Interrupt; Boys, Girls, Sing!; Daytime TV; Good and Bye(Home); Head in the Clouds;
  30. Backside My Cat´s Die; Area 51; Call of the Wild; Close to the Sun; Computer Heart;
  31. Backside Artists Freed From Desire;
  32. Backside Slappy Bleeding Hearts; Cartoon Network; Clock Strikes Midnight; Destination Anywhere;
  33. Backstabbers Incorporated Distortion, Please; Ask, Answer; Burn Small Talk to the Fucking Ground; Even Slaves Will Be Swimming in the Blood of the Iron Fist; Film Noir's Got Nothing on Us;
  34. Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life; I Want It That Way; Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely; It's Gotta Be You; I Need You Tonight;
  35. Backtimes I Still Believe;
  36. Backwater Backwater; Ballad of Dying; Cry Out; Nuclear War; Vicious;
  37. Backyard Babies Bigger With A Trigger; Brand New Hate; Clash; Colours; Ex-Files;
  38. Backyardigans Quer aprender?; Pegando os Ominhocos; Que cor?; Robôs malvados; Eu me sinto tão bem;
  39. Baco Não Faz Sentido;
  40. Bacon Brothers Memorize; Boys In Bars; Guess Again; Old Guitars; Only A Good Woman;
  41. Bacon Popper The Magic In The Air;
  42. Bactherion Slow Necro; Count Maggots; The Miracle of Death;
  43. Bad Acid Trip Cigarette Pack; Bad Acid Trip; Beef-Moo; Beware Of The Little People With Terrible Visions; Constructing Love;
  44. Bad Alphabet Garatucaia;
  45. Bad Astronaut 17 Years; 500 Miles; Anecdote; Another Dead Romance; Autocare;
  46. Bad Azz I'm With You; We Be Puttin It Down; This Life Of Mine; Money Houses And Cars; Everythang Happens Fo A Reason;
  47. Bad Boy's Da Band Cheers To Me Mr. Bentley; Whatchu Be Doin (Interlude); What We Gonna Do?; We Here; They Know;
  48. Bad Boys Work Me Slow; Shy guy; So Many Ways; Wham!; Watcha Gonna Do?;
  49. Bad Boys Blue I Totally Miss You; You're A Woman; A World Without You (Michelle); Hungry For Love; I Wanna Her Your Heart Beat;
  50. Bad Brains I Against I; Sailin' On; Banned In D.C.; Don't Need It; House Of Suffering;
  51. Bad Bunny Contigo; Amorfoda; Blockia (feat. Farruko); Chambea; Dime Si Te Acuerdas;
  52. Bad Candy Spin' Around; Not My Father; That's What Girls Do; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun; Fire;
  53. Bad Car Crash Silêncio; A Frequência; A Última Dança; Bandeira Branca (oferte a Paz); Cenário (acústica);
  54. Bad Cash Quartet Amuse You; Big Day Coming; Dirty Days; Dragqueen; Freeze Out;
  55. Bad Cats Dying To See You; Huwag Kang Mag-alala;
  56. Bad chopper 1965; Ain't No Criminal; All The Pretty Girls; Come On Now; Diabla;
  57. Bad Cock The Chosen;
  58. Bad Company Ready For Love; Can't Get Enough; Shooting Star; Weep No More; Bad Company;
  59. Bad Copy Bune Se;
  60. Bad English Best Of What I've Got; Dancing Off The Edge Of The World; Don't Walk Away; Forget Me Not; Ghost In Your Heart;

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