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  1. ...Aaaarrghh... Ölüm Kadar Soðuk I; Cenaze; Derinlerde; Ebedi Yalnýzlýk (Ebedi Yalnizlik); Kara Doða (Kara Doga);
  2. ...And Oceans Mechanic Hippie; Nail: An Odyssey In Flesh: Celebrate The New Skin; Acid Sex And Marble Teeth (You-Phoria); Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms; Aphelion: Light Evanescence: Into Extinction;
  3. A 6 O'Clock On A Tube Stop; Going Down; Hi-Fi Serious; Hopper Jonnus Fang; Nothing;
  4. A 7Mares Vida;
  5. A Bad Goodbye Clint Blac; A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes; All I Need To Know; All Of A Sudden; Am I Blue;
  6. A Balladeer Swim With Sammy; Got To Let Go; Where Are You, Bambi Woods?; Poster Child; Copper Shades;
  7. A Banca O Sonho Não Acabou;
  8. A Band Of Bees Hourglass; Listening Man; No Atmosphere; Lying In The Snow; No Trophy;
  9. A Band Of Boys Nain Katari;
  10. A Band Of Orcs Bring Out Your Dead; I, Gogog; Into the Maelstrom; Warchiefs Of The Apocalypse;
  11. A Banda de Poi Prisciliano; Fucking ship; Kommies; Mai; Mentira;
  12. A Banda de um Amigo Meu Dela; Ela Não Quis Me Levar; "De como meu heroi Flash Gordon";
  13. A Banda do Papai Bonitinha, Abestalhada; Bomba no Cabaré; Como vou deixar você; Indecisão; Lirirrixa;
  14. A banda dos Corações Partidos Melhor Assim; Quanto a Quanto;
  15. A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade Elevador; Anti Herói; Palavras Sujas; Moleque; Dois Barcos;
  16. A Banda Virtual Under The Lights;
  17. A Barata Oriental Céus o Céu Pode Cair; Albert Einstein; Coca x Cola; Copo 100 fundo; Dançar Direito;
  18. A Barca Marujo do Má; Adeus meu lindo amor; Batuque de Pirapora; Boi de Orerê; Coco, Dendê, Trapiá;
  19. A Barca do Sol Hamiro En La Dura Aventura; Manoel; Estrela; Jardim de Infância; Cavalo Marinho;
  20. A Base Bandeira da Paz; O Que Te Faz Pensar?;
  21. A Beautiful Demise Carpet Surfing; Land of the Free, Home of the Gay; Plague My Days; Spread Leg Goodbye;
  22. A Beautiful Silence Waiting For You To Rip My Heart Out; Big Booty Bitches; Could You Say; Death Is a Part of Life; Going Places;
  23. A Beginnings End A Needle Through The Heart; Switchblades And Lollipops;
  24. A Bela Adormecida Era Uma Vez No Sonho; I Wonder; Once Upon a dream; Hail To The Princess Aurora; One Gift;
  25. A Bela E a Fera Sentimentos; Something There; Alguma Coisa Acontece; Tale As Old As Time; A Bela e a Fera;
  26. A Better Half Asking You; Ball Park; Daydream; Its All Good; Leave Me Alone;
  27. A Billion Ernies Choose; Fix Me Broken; Please Don't Reveal The Ending; Chosse; All For The Money;
  28. A Bird a Sparrow 1000 Times Goodbye; An Attempt to Say; Game Over, Finish Him; Ten And Two; We Own The Night;
  29. A Bird Flew Serpent; Ab-c-def-ghi; Aloha Steve and Danno; Dont Fear the Reaper; High;
  30. A Bit Of Goldmood A Model For The Laureate; A Prayer On Going Into My House; A Song For Douglas (after He's Dead); At The Blue Gates Of Death; Come Gather Round Me, Parnellites;
  31. A Bit Of What You Fancy Hay You;
  32. A Bitter Farewell Romantikill; Blaster Vs Gunner; Eye Cry Fire; A Lesson In Ransom; I Choose Pistols;
  33. A Black Rose Burial A Baleful Aura In The Graveyard Of Broken Gears; Straight From The Mind Of The Modern Day Vigilante; The Epidemic Of Unexpected Relapses;
  34. A Blind Prophecy A Silent Omen; Awakened; Buried Dreams; Shadows from Beyond; Under the Weeping Moon;
  35. A Blinding Silence A Prayer Before Dying; Miseries and Miracles; To Sleep and Dream; A Walk Alone; Forever Is Ok;
  36. A Bloody Canvas A Not So Perfect Prom Night; Another Sleepless Night; A Car Crash Caused By Karma; Midnight Strolls; One Fatal Mistake;
  37. A Blue Ocean Dream People Unite; Are You Ok; Automatic; Cold; Computerized;
  38. A Bolha! A Sociedade Dos Poetas Mortos; A Tempestade; A Vida; As Palavras; Cegos;
  39. A Box Of Sympathy Si Llegaste a Pensar; Tirate de algo alto (hazle un favor al resto del mundo); Lagrimas, Cartas y un Adios;
  40. A Brand Hammerhead; A perfect habitat for foxes; Beauty Booty Killerqueen; Electric Electric; Fanzz;
  41. A Breach On Heaven A Breach On Heaven Twenty-three Pt.1; Big Trouble; Cold Snap; The Greatest Fall;
  42. A Breath Before Surfacing A Night in Terror Tower; Cosmetic Abomination; Death is Swallowed in Victory; Disharmony Among Choirs; Just What the Monster Ordered;
  43. A Brighter Day 2 Lane Freedom;
  44. A Bruxinha Sabrina Sabrina; Sou Meio Bruxa;
  45. A Burning Water A Passing Wish; In Failed Attempts; Out In The Dark; Patience Is Me; Retract;
  46. A C Roy Attention Pan; Coca Cola Addict; L.O.L; Nothing Changes; Way Too Blue;
  47. A Cadence Of Sorts Save It Girl; And How We Would Give Her The Moon; Coastline: Pleasant Dreams; Goodnight Blue Eyes; In Her Smile;
  48. A Call For Arms Insisted Suicide; A Call For Arms; Perish; Watch This City Burn; ...and Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh...;
  49. A Camp Algebra; Angel Of Sadness; deceased; Elephant; Frequent Flyer;
  50. A Canção da Rosa Atômica O Morro;
  51. A Canna V8 - Motel; Toma Cachaça Carái; Punkeka; Dominação (A Velha Carcomida); Todo Castigo Pra Corno É Pouco;
  52. A Canorous Quintet The Orchid's Sleep; The Black Spiral; Dream Reality; Burning, Emotionless; Embryo Of Lies;
  53. A Casa Amarela A Casa Amarela; Bicho; É Bom Viajar; Enfim Vencer; Fantasia;
  54. A Case Of Grenada Artificial Sun Kills Ideologists;
  55. A Cat Called Cricket Watch For Falling Rocks;
  56. À Cause Des Garçons À cause des garçons; Faire Les Voyous; Pas Envie D'expliquer;
  57. A Certain Ratio The Big Emotion;
  58. A Chance Without Bring You Up;
  59. A Change Of Pace Death Do Us Part; A Farewell To a Friendship; A Vague Memory; Black Truth; Chippie;
  60. A Chave do Sol Sweet Caroline; A Woman like You;

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