L'Ame Immortelle

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L'Ame Immortelle - Rearranging

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I´ve walked the holy grounds of justice
For too long now, I assume
I cleared the paths for those too week
And walked blind into my doom

The time has come to change the sight
To find a new perspective
To search the world for inner peace
Leave shelters, so protective

But in the end it all stays the same
No changes made, no lessons learned

Seasons change as time goes by
When tears are cried, they always dry
A change be made, to understand
That I will find my promised land

I cared to much for people´s thoughts
And forgot about my own
If I´d continue to suit their needs
I´d loose the treasure that I own

My powers focused, they shall be
To treat my treasure properly
To conserve its beauty, and its love
And never threat our unity Esta letra foi retirada do site

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