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  1. Arte do album: Happiness Begins Happiness Begins Ano de lançamento:2019 Algumas faixas: Sucker, Cool, Only Human, I Believe, Used To Be, Every Single Time, Don't Throw It Away, Love Her, Happy When I'm Sad, Trust, Strangers, Hesitate, Rollercoaster, Comeback
  2. Arte do album: Jonas L. A. Jonas L. A. Ano de lançamento:2010 Algumas faixas: Feeling Alive, L.A Baby, Your Biggest Fan, Critical, Hey You, Things Will Never Be The Same, Fall, Summer Rain, Drive, Invisible, Make It Right, Chillin' In The Summertime, Set This Party Off
  3. Arte do album: Lines, Vines And Trying Times Lines, Vines And Trying Times Ano de lançamento:2009 Algumas faixas: World War III, Paranoid, Fly With Me, Poison Ivy, Hey Baby, Before The Storm, What Did I Do to Your Heart, Much Better, Black Keys, Don't Charge Me For The Crime, Turn Right, Don't Speak, Keep It Real, Infatuation
  4. Arte do album: A Little Bit Longer A Little Bit Longer Ano de lançamento:2008 Algumas faixas: BB Good, Burnin' Up, Shelf, One Man Show, Love Bug, Tonight, Can't Have You, Video Girl, Pushin' Me Away, Sorry, Got Me Going Crazy, A Little Bit Longer
  5. Arte do album: Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers Ano de lançamento:2007 Algumas faixas: S.O.S., Hold On, Goodnight and Goodbye, That's Just The Way We Roll, Hello Beautiful, Still in Love With You, Australia, Games, When You Look Me In The Eyes, Inseparable, Just Friends, Hollywood, Year 3000, Kids Of The Future, Baby Bottle Bop Theme Song, Take A Breath, We Got The Party
  6. Arte do album: It's About Time It's About Time Ano de lançamento:2006 Algumas faixas: What I Go To School For, Time For Me To Fly, Year 3000, One Day At A Time, 6 minutes, Mandy, You Just Don't Know It, I am What I am, Underdog, 7:05, Please be Mine
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