O.M.G. (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Iggy Azalea

  • Genero: Hip Hop / Eletrônica
  • Website: http://www.iggyazalea.com/
  • Nacionalidade: Outras
  • Enviado por: grasi16

Letra da música

Iggy Azalea - O.M.G. (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Música enviada por: grasi16

He ain't got a chance with a bitch like me
He ain't rich enough, rich enough (No)
Calls need to stop he ain't calling 'bout the guap
I ain't picking up, picking up
Y'all little hoes can't sit by the pool
You ain't thick enough, thick enough
Weave so long and the n*gger so wet
Gon’ eat it up, eat it up

Oh My God, this sh*t different
Oh My God, Gucci slippers
Oh My God, my wrist vicious
Oh My God, might hurt yo feelings

What's the difference between me and you? (Who?)
1200 dollars Gucci shoes (Ooh!)
I know the facts will make you feel a way
Took three years off and I'm still paid (Uh huh!)
What's the difference between yours and mine
Credit cards that just don't decline (No bitch!)
It's overpriced but I still don't mind
I spent 1000 dollars on a glass of wine

Y'all mathematicians tryna split the tab
Bitch you know you shouldn't ate the crab
Louis purse but you kept the tag
Bitch you know you finna take it back
Tit for tat you know get the bag
You know n*gger fat, you know waist snatched
I'm in the quarter mill with the ceiling cracked
Why you in your feelings?
I ain't feeling that (Naah!)

Ain't no f*cking thing you could offer me
If he hit it then you know he won the lottery
Imma keep him if he eating with no cutlery
Pardon me, I'm too audacious
I want them tickets, ain't talking citations
Santortini then I switch up locations
Got no further f*cks, so don't ask for donations (Woo!)
Better get your bag up
Talk sh*t [???]

Oh My God, this sh*t different
Oh My God, Gucci slippers
Oh My God, my wrist vicious
Oh My God, might hurt yo feelings

Oh My God
Biggest bitch ever!

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