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  1. Ace Of Base Beautiful Life; Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry; Edge Of Heaven; Strange Ways; Ravine;
  2. Alexia Another Way; Gimme Love; Goodbye; Happy; Me And You;
  3. Alexxa Give To Me;
  4. Altar DeeJays Party People;
  5. Aqua Happy Boys & Girls; My Oh My; Barbie Girl; Good Morning Sunshine; Doctor Jones;
  6. Armin Van Buuren Burned With Desire; (Horn) Wait for you; Shivers; Stay; The Sound Of Goodbye;
  7. Basshunter Vi Sitter Här I Venten Och Spelar Lite Dota; Farväl, farväl; Jag älskar Dig; Mellan Oss Två; Strand Tylösand;
  8. Björk 107 Steps; 5 Years; Aeroplane; Alarm Call; All Is Full Of Love;
  9. Blutengel Angel Of The Night; Wonderland; Angels of the Dark; Any Chance; Beauty Of Suffering;
  10. Bob Sinclair World Hold On; Kiss My Eyes; Sexy Dancer; Love Generation; Give a Lil' Love;
  11. Cansei de Ser Sexy Acho Um Pouco Bom; Alala; Alcohol; Art Bitch; Bezzi;
  12. Captain Hollywood Project Impossible; More and More; Find Another Way; Flying High; Good Love;
  13. Cascada Truly Madly Deeply; A neverending dream; Kids In America; Everytime We Touch; Miracle;
  14. Cher Song For The Lonely; A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done; A Different Kind Of Love Song; After All; Alive Again;
  15. Corona The Rhythm Of The Night; Baby Baby; Try Me Out; Get Up And Boogie; I Don't Wanna Be A Star;
  16. Curve Alligators Getting Up; Backwards Glance; Chinese Burn; Fait Accompli; Fly With The High;
  17. Daft Punk Around The World; One More Time; Digital Love; Technologic; Something About Us;
  18. Daniela Mercury Nobre Vagabundo; Rapunzel; Minas Com Bahia; Feijão De Corda; Você Abusou;
  19. Darren Hayes Creepin' Up On You; Crush; Dirty; Falling At Your Feet; Good Enough;
  20. DJ Bobo Around The World; Celebrate; Everybody; Freedom; Hard To Say I'm Sorry;
  21. DJ Ross Beat Goes On; Change; Dreamland; Emotion; Floating In Love;
  22. DJ Tiësto Touch Me; In My Memory; Just Be; Love Comes Again; Walking On Clouds;
  23. Donna Maria Agora Já É Tarde; Amar Como Te Amei; Anti-repressivos; Aqui Tão Perto de Ti; A tua luva;
  24. Double You Please Don't Go; What Did You Do (With My Love); Dance Anymore; Who's Fooling Who; Part-Time Lover;
  25. Drew Seeley Dance With Me; Don´t Close Your Eyes; Get There; I´m Ready; Last Love Song;
  26. Edward Maya Friends Forever; Mono In Love (feat. Vika Jigulina); Twinheart; Colombian Girl; Love Of My Life (feat.Vika Jigulina);
  27. Emilie Simon Alicia; All Is White; Annie; Blue Light; Chanson De Toile;
  28. Enigma Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song); Beyond The Invisible; Fear And Love; Gravity Of Love; I Love You, I'll Kill You;
  29. Erika Ditto; Relations; I Don't Know; Right Or Wrong; Relations (Italiano);
  30. Fatboy Slim Gangsta Trippin'; Praise You; Right Here, Right Now; Rockafella Skank; Song For Shelter;
  31. Fort Minor Where'd You Go; Kenji; Remember The Name; Right Noe; Petrified;
  32. Get Far Shining Star; Get Grow; Tudo o que eu preciso; All I Need;
  33. Gigi D'Agostino Amorelettronico; Another Way; Bla Bla Bla; Country Roads; Elisir;
  34. Gottsha Break Out; No One To Answer; Time To Love; Dance The Night Away; Do You Wanna Love Me?;
  35. Haddaway I Miss You; Rock My Heart; What Is Love?; Fly Away; I Know;
  36. Infected Mushroom Acid Killer; After 1000 Years; Anyone Else But Me; Arabian Knight On Mescaline; Artillery;
  37. Jordy Alison; Dur Dur D'être Bébé; Allô Maman C’Èst Noël; Dis Tino; It’s Christmas, C’Est Noel;
  38. Kasino Alone In The Dark; Can't Get Over; Can't Get Over (Remix); Clap Your Hands; Don't You Want?;
  39. Kesha Meet Me In Space; First Love; Timber (feat. Pitbull); Suicide (Little Sad); Lover;
  40. Komodor Electrize; 1988; Bolum Sonu Canavari; Commodore Loves You (I Really Do); Kafa Ayari Yapmadan;
  41. Kylie Minogue Always Find The Time; Aston Martin; Automatic Love; Better The Devil You Know; Bittersweet Goodbye;
  42. La Bouche A Moment Of Love; Another Night Another Dream; Be My Lover; Body And Soul; Body Soul;
  43. Lady Gaga Venus; Applause; Posh Life; Aura; Donatella;
  44. Lasgo Alone; Blue; Cry; Don't Belong To You; Feelings;
  45. Liz Kay Castles In The Sky; True Faith; When Love Becomes A Lie; When Love Becomes Lies;
  46. Magic Box If You; Carillon; Sorry Marin; This Is Better; 4 Your Love;
  47. Martine Tough Girl;
  48. Nicki French Total Eclipse Of The Heart; Te Amo; Give It Up Now; I Surrender; Stop In The Name Of Love;
  49. O-Zone Dragostea Din Tei; Timpul Trece Fara Noi; Despre Tine; Nu Ma Las De Limba Noastra; De Ce Plang Chitarele;
  50. Owl City Live It Up; Verge (Feat. Aloe Blacc); Beautiful Times (feat. Lindsey Stirling); Wolf Bite; Up All Night;
  51. Patrícia Marx Espelhos D'água; Sonho De Amor; Festa Do Amor; Destino; Doçura;
  52. Paul Van Dyk Lover; Together We Will Conquer; We Are Alive; Tell Me Why (The Riddle); Crush;
  53. PlayRadioPlay! Compliment Eachother Like Colors; Decipher Reflections From Reality; Bad Cops Bad Charities; 1-2-3-Entertain; Abe Lincoln's Oldschool Alibi;
  54. Röyksopp What Else is There?; Only This Moment; So Easy; Circuit Breaker; 49 Percent;
  55. S Club 7 Alive; All I Have To Do Is Dream; All In Love Is Fair; Anytime, Anywhere; Best Friend;
  56. Savage (Dance) A Love Again; A Love Again (Remix); Don’t Cry Tonight; Don’t You Want Me?; Only You;
  57. Sharyn Maceren I Love To; In Just One Night; Up In My Room; U Love Me Good; Sweetest Days;
  58. Sonique Are You Ready?; Can't Get Enough; Cold And Lonely; Drama; Empty (Hideaway);
  59. Sugababes Angels With Dirty Faces; Blue; Breathe Easy (Acoustic Jam); Echo Sound; Freak Like Me;
  60. t.A.T.u. 30 Minut; 30 Minutes; All The Things She Said; Doschitay Do Sta; How Soon Is Now?;

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