Heavy Metal

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  1. 1853 Bar'n'Roll; Bela e Fera; Bernadetti e a Outra; Como um irmão; Dr. Rock'n'Roll;
  2. AC/DC Gimme A Bullet; Ain't No Fun; Alright Tonight; Are You Ready; Baby Please Don´t Go!;
  3. Accept Breaker; Fast As A Shark; Balls To The Wall; Burning; The King;
  4. After Forever Beyond Me; Black Tomb; Emphasis; Estranged (A Timeless Spell); Follow In The Cry (The Embrace That Smothers - Part II);
  5. Agnus Mortuum Preachers of The End;
  6. Almah You Take My Hand; King; almah; Box Of Illusion; Break All The Welds;
  7. Alter Bridge Broken Wings; Open Your Eyes; Find The Real; One Day Remains; Burn It Down;
  8. Andre Matos Wings of Reality; Angels Cry; Blind Spell; Carolina IV; Carry On;
  9. Angra Acid Rain; Angels Cry; Bleeding Heart; Caça e Caçador; Carry On;
  10. Anorexia Nervosa An Amen; Antinferno; A Doleful Night In Thelema; Epilogue - Running Of Mental Fluids; Enter The Church Of Fornication;
  11. Apocalyptica Hope Vol 2; Path; Path Vol 2; Path Vol. Ii; Repressed;
  12. Arch Enemy Bury Me An Angel; Diva Satanica; Enemy Within; A View of the End; Aces High;
  13. Avenged Sevenfold Beast and The Harlot; The Wicked End; Bat Country; Seize the Day; Blinded in Chains;
  14. Ayreon And The Druids Turn To Stone; Day One: Vigil; Day Two: Isolation; Day Three: Pain; Day Four: Mystery;
  15. Behemoth 23 (The Youth Manifesto); Agressor (Helhammer Cover); Antichristian Phenomenon; Arcana Hereticae; As Above So Below;
  16. Biohazard Chamber Spins Three; Break Down; Cycle Of Abuse; Dogs Of War; End Of My Rope;
  17. Black Sabbath A National Acrobat; After Forever; Born Again; Changes; Electric Funeral;
  18. Blind Guardian A Dark Passage; A Past And Future Secret; Age Of False Innocence; Altair 4; And The Story Ends;
  19. Bruce Dickinson Freak; Toltec 7 Arrival; Starchildren; Taking The Queen; Darkside Of Aquarius;
  20. Bullet For My Valentine The Tears Don't Fall; All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me); Hand Of Blood; Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow; Hit the floor;
  21. Cadaveria Absolute Vacuum; ...And Then Forgotten; 100.000 Faces; A Song For; All The Vastness;
  22. Cannibal Corpse Addicted To Vaginal Skin; Bloody Chunks; Born In A Casket; Buried In The Backyard; Edible Autopsy;
  23. Cradle Of Filth A Cresendo Of Passion Bleeding; A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow; A Gothic Romance; A Murder Of Ravens In Fugue; All Hope In Eclipse;
  24. Dark Funeral Ravenna Strigoi Mortii; Enriched By Evil; Thy Legions Come; Evil Prevail; Slava Satan;
  25. Def Leppard Love Bites; Promises; Long, Long Way To Go; Pour Some Sugar On Me; Women;
  26. Dream Theater Fatal tragedy; Finally free; The Spirit Carries On; Home; Wait For Sleep;
  27. Duff McKagan Believe In Me; Mezz; Beautiful Disease; Rain; Then And Now;
  28. Edguy Golden Dawn; Hallowed; Hymn; Jerusalem; Land Of The Miracle;
  29. Edu Falaschi Children Of Lies; Scary Zone; Take Back Your Spell; Breathe; Break All The Welds;
  30. Epica Adyta (The Neverending Embrace Prelude); Cry For The Moon; Facade of Reality; Feint; Illusive Consensus;
  31. Eucharist A Velvet Creation; Bloodred Stars; Demons; Dissolwing; Fallen;
  32. Forever Slave Across The Mirror; Afterlife; Aquelarre; Beyond Death's Embrace; Dickhead;
  33. Fozzy Blackout; Break The Walls Down; Eat The Rich; End Of Days; Genie In A Bottle;
  34. Gamma Ray 18 Years; Abyss Of The Void; Afterlife; All Of The Damned; Anywere In The Galaxy;
  35. Ghost Con ClavI Con Dio; Ritual; Elizabeth; Stand By Him; Satan Prayer;
  36. Hammerfall A Legend Reborn; Always Will Be; At The End Of The Rainbow; Child Of The Damned; Destined For Glory;
  37. Hecatombe Changing Their Minds: The First Key; My Heart Is Broken; My Own God; Nightmares; R.I.P;
  38. Helloween All Over The Nations; Back On The Streets; Cry For Freedom; Don't Spit On My Mind; Eagle Fly Free;
  39. Holy Moses 1000 Lies; Acceptance; Adult Machine; Alienation; Angel Cry;
  40. Illdisposed A Child Is Missing; A Deathwork Orange... The Winter Of Our Discontempt; A Frame Of Mind; Apokalypse; A Song Of Myself;
  41. Insania A budiž tma; Angels in the Sky; Beware Of The Dragons; Carried By Wings; Carry On;
  42. Iron Maiden 2 A. M.; 2 Minutes To Midnight; 22 Acacia Avenue; Aces High; Afraid To Shoot Strangers;
  43. James Labrie Afterlife; Alone; As A Man Thinks; A Simple Man; Beelzebubba;
  44. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts You Don't Own Me; I Love Rock 'N' Roll; Star Star; Tossin' And Turnin'; Don't Abuse Me;
  45. Juggernaut A Question To Be Answered; Anytime it Will Be Over; Holy Lie; Xenophobia; Greed Is My Name;
  46. Kadenzza Ghost In The Shell; In The Woods; Mother's Flesh; Redemption; The Abyss Stares At You;
  47. Kill Switch Engage Breathe Life; The End of Heartache; Life to lifeless; Temples from the Within; Rose of Sharyn;
  48. Krisiun Murderer; Cursed Scrolls; Agonize The Ending; Ageless Venomous; Aborticide (In The Crypts Of Holiness);
  49. Lacrimosa Alleine Zu Zweit; Alles Lüge; Copycat; Crucifixio; Darkness;
  50. Lacuna Coil 1:19; A Current Obssesion; Circle; Cold; Falling Again;
  51. Marduk Azrael; Baptism By Fire; Beast Of Prey; Blooddawn; Christraping Black Metal;
  52. Marilyn Manson 1996; A Place In The Dirt; A Rose And A Baby Ruth; Angel With The Scabbed Wings; Antichrist Superstar;
  53. Mayhem I Am Thy Labyrinth; A Grad Declaration Of War; A time to Die; A Wise Birthgiver; Ancient Skin;
  54. Megadeth 1000 Times Goodbye; 502; 99 Ways To Die; A Secret Place; A Tout Le Monde;
  55. Metallica 2 x 4; Ain't My Bitch; Am I Evil?; ...And Justice For All; Astronomy;
  56. Mindflow Invisible Messages; Deadly Event; Meeting Her Eyes; Real Illusion; Honesty;
  57. More Than a Thousand Arctic; Cease Fire (SOS); Everyone, Everywhere, Everthing Ends; In Loving Memory; It's The Blood, There's Something In The Blood;
  58. Motorhead 1916; Ace Of Spades; Born To Raise Hell; Don't Lie To Me; Don't Need Religion;
  59. Mr. Ego Alone; A Sign of Life; Crimson Moon; For a Little Piece of Heaven; From Dusk Until Dawn;
  60. My Dying Bride A Kiss To Remember; A Sea To Suffer In; All Swept Away; Apocalypse Woman; Base Level Erotica;

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