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Clean Bandit

  • Genero: Eletrônica
  • Website: Não informado.
  • Nacionalidade: Inglesa
  • Enviado por: Defensora

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  1. Clean Bandit - 24 Hours (feat. Yasmin Green) 24 hours ago. . I was just sitting home, me and my p ...Excluir    Renomear
  2. Clean Bandit - A+E I’m a snake, I’m a tricky little freak,. . I’m a kil ...Excluir    Renomear
  3. Clean Bandit - Baby (feat. Marina And The Diamonds & Luis Fonsi) Standing here in an empty room. . Saw you there and ...Excluir    Renomear
  4. Clean Bandit - Birch (feat. Eliza Shaddad) I was a fool for you and. . I went all round town. . W ...Excluir    Renomear
  5. Clean Bandit - Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon) [Verse 1 - Nikki Cislyn:]. . When I walk into the cl ...Excluir    Renomear
  6. Clean Bandit - Come Over (Feat. Stylo G) Never said any of this was gonna be simple. . Someti ...Excluir    Renomear
  7. Clean Bandit - Disconnect (feat.Marina and The Diamonds) I've been feeling anxious, ain't been feeling righ ...Excluir    Renomear
  8. Clean Bandit - Dust Clears Imagine if the life that you thought you shared. . W ...Excluir    Renomear
  9. Clean Bandit - Extraordinary (Feat. Sharna Bass) You can see there's something in the way. . I've tri ...Excluir    Renomear
  10. Clean Bandit - Heart on Fire (feat. Elisabeth Troy) [Intro - Elisabeth Troy:]. . You got me spinning spi ...Excluir    Renomear
  11. Clean Bandit - I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels) [Verse 1]. . I know you're out in Cabo. . Hanging with ...Excluir    Renomear
  12. Clean Bandit - In Us I Believe (feat. Alma) You know that I loved you. . Could you tell how much ...Excluir    Renomear
  13. Clean Bandit - Last Goodbye (feat. Tove Styrke & Stefflon Don) [Tove Stryke:]. . I raise my voice, you slam the doo ...Excluir    Renomear
  14. Clean Bandit - Mama (feat. Ellie Goulding) Oh, Mama, hola, hola, hola. . Don't know what this i ...Excluir    Renomear
  15. Clean Bandit - Mozart's House So you think electronic music is boring?. . You thin ...Excluir    Renomear
  16. Clean Bandit - New Eyes (feat. Lizzo) [Intro - Jack Patterson:]. . In the quiet of my room ...Excluir    Renomear
  17. Clean Bandit - Nightingale I've been thinking about you lately. . I can't get y ...Excluir    Renomear
  18. Clean Bandit - Nightingale (Gorgon City Remix) If I were a nightingale. . If I were a nightingale. . ...Excluir    Renomear
  19. Clean Bandit - Nowhere (feat. Rita Ora & Kyle) I still keep thinking that you. . Would tell me the ...Excluir    Renomear
  20. Clean Bandit - Out at Night (feat Kyle & Big Boi) [Big Boi:]. . Yeah, Clean Bandit. . Big Boi, woo. . KYLE ...Excluir    Renomear
  21. Clean Bandit - Playboy Style (feat. Charli XCX & Bhad Bhabie) [Charli XCX:]. . Uh, oh damn. . Uh, uh, oh damn. . [Bhad ...Excluir    Renomear
  22. Clean Bandit - Rather Be (Feat. Jess Glynne) We're a thousand miles from comfort. . We have trave ...Excluir    Renomear
  23. Clean Bandit - Real Love (Feat. Jess Glynne) Oh, you've got the feeling that I wanna feel. . Oh, ...Excluir    Renomear
  24. Clean Bandit - Rihanna (Feat. Noonie Bao) Where's the light?. . Still dark when I close my eye ...Excluir    Renomear
  25. Clean Bandit - Rockabye (Feat. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie) Call it love and devotion. . Call it a mom's adorati ...Excluir    Renomear
  26. Clean Bandit - Should've Known Better (feat. Anne-Marie) I'm out of your control. . There's nowhere left to h ...Excluir    Renomear
  27. Clean Bandit - Show Me Love (Feat. Elisabeth Troy) Ahh... yeah yeah. . You've got to show me love. . . . He ...Excluir    Renomear
  28. Clean Bandit - Solo (feat. Demi Lovato) I never meant to leave you hurting. . I never meant ...Excluir    Renomear
  29. Clean Bandit - Solo (Latin Remix feat. Demi Lovato) This solo, solo everybody. . This solo, e-e-e-everyb ...Excluir    Renomear
  30. Clean Bandit - Stronger People tell me to be cautious. . People tell me not ...Excluir    Renomear
  31. Clean Bandit - Symphony (Feat. Zara Larsson) I've been hearing symphonies. . Before all I heard w ...Excluir    Renomear
  32. Clean Bandit - Tears (Feat. Louisa Johnson) I tried hard to make you want me. . But we're not su ...Excluir    Renomear
  33. Clean Bandit - Telephone Banking (feat. Love Ssega) Hey Grace, guess what? Cool.. . You’re teaching in J ...Excluir    Renomear
  34. Clean Bandit - UK Shanty (feat. Eliza Shaddad) January always brings a fear of creatures. . Strong- ...Excluir    Renomear
  35. Clean Bandit - Up Again (feat. Rae Morris) [Verse 1 - Rae Morris:]. . I've given up again, mayb ...Excluir    Renomear
  36. Clean Bandit - Up Again (feat. Rae Morris) (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Remix) I've given up again, maybe I'm just tired. . Of thin ...Excluir    Renomear
  37. Clean Bandit - We Were Just Kids (feat. Craig David & Kirsten Joy) [Kirsten Joy:]. . Guess it's kind of funny, looking ...Excluir    Renomear
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