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  1. K-Sis - (K-Sis) Acreditar Em Mim; Mundo Escuro ( Barco a Vênus ); Tem Dias; Beijos, Blues E Poesia; Conselho De Um Chapado;
  2. Kairos - (Sepultura) Embrace The Storm; Born Strong; Seethe; Mask; Dialog;
  3. Kala - (M.I.A.) Far Far; Come Around; Paper Planes; XR2; The Turn;
  4. Kaleidoscope - (Siouxsie And The Banshees) Happy House; Red Light; Tenant;
  5. Kaleidoscope - (Kelis) Suspended; Game Show; Mafia; Get Along With You; Caught Out There;
  6. Kaleidoscope - (Rachael Lampa) Savior Song; I'm All Yours; Brand New Life; Lead Me (I’ll Follow); No Greater Love;
  7. Kaleidoscope Dream - (Miguel) Adorn; Don't Look Back; Use Me; Do You...; Kaleidoscope Dream;
  8. Kaleidoscope Heart - (Sara Bareilles) Kaleidoscope Heart; Uncharted; Gonna Get Over You; Hold My Heart; King of Anything;
  9. Kaleidscope (EP) - (Coldplay) Miracles (Someone Special) (feat. Big Sean); All I Can Think About Is You; A L I E N S; Something Just Like This (with The Chainsmokers); Hypnotised;
  10. Kamikaze - (Eminem) The Ringer; Greatest; Lucky You (feat. Joyner Lucas); Paul (Skit); Normal;
  11. Kansas - (Jennifer Knapp) Hold Me Now;
  12. Karametade 1999 - (Karametade) Morango do Nordeste;
  13. Karma - (Kamelot) Don't You Cry; Karma; The Spell; Forever; Wings Of Despair;
  14. Karma And Effect - (Seether) Because Of Me; Remedy; Truth; The Gift; Burrito;
  15. Karmacode - (Lacuna Coil) Fragile; To The Edge; Our Truth; Within Me; Devoted;
  16. Kasmodiah - (Deine Lakaien) Return; Kiss The Future; My Shadows; Into My Arms; Overpaid;
  17. Katharine Mcphee - (Katharine Mcphee) Dangerous; Each Other; Not Ur Girl; Home; Open Toes;
  18. Katy Hudson - (Katy Perry) Trust In Me; Piercing; Search Me; Last Call; Growing Pains;
  19. Kavita 1 - (Mariana Aydar) Minha Missão; Na Gangorra; Prainha; Zé Do Caroço; Menino Das Laranjas;
  20. Kaya - (Bob Marley) Easy Skanking; Kaya; Is This Love; Sun Is Shining; Satisfy My Soul;
  21. Kaya N'Gan Daya ao vivo - (Gilberto Gil) Could You Be Loved; Is This Love; Nos Barracos da Cidade; Extra; Garota de Ipanema;
  22. Keep It Turned On - (Rick Astley) Sleeping; Keep It Turned On;
  23. Keep The Faith - (Bon Jovi) Little Bit Of Soul; Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll; I Want You; Fear; Woman In Love;
  24. Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy - (Helloween) The King For a 1000 Years; The Invisible Man; Born On Judgment Day; Pleasure Drone; Mrs. God;
  25. Keith Sweat - (Keith Sweat) Nobody;
  26. Kelis Was Here - (Kelis) Weekend; Circus; Trilogy; Goodbyes; Blindfold Me;
  27. Kell Smith - EP - (Kell Smith) Respeita as Mina; Era Uma Vez; Meu Lugar; Viajar É Preciso;
  28. Kelly Key 2000 - (Kelly Key) Escondido; Só Quero Ficar; Bolada; Anjo; Baba Baby;
  29. Kelly Key 2005 - (Kelly Key) Papinho; Bad Boy; Sou a Barbie Girl; É Chamego ou Xaveco?; Escuta Aqui Rapaz;
  30. Kelly Key Ao Vivo - (Kelly Key) Escondido; Adoleta; Quien Eres Tu; Anjo; Por Causa de Você;
  31. Kelsea Ballerini (EP) - (Kelsea Ballerini) Love Me Like You Mean It; Yeah Boy; The First Time; Dibs; Lookig at Stars;
  32. Kenny Lattimore - (Kenny Lattimore) For You;
  33. Kerli (EP) - (Kerli) Walking On Air; Love is dead; She's In Parties;
  34. Kerosene - (Miranda Lambert) Kerosene; What About Georgia; Greyhound Bound For Nowhere; New Strings; I Can't Be Bothered;
  35. Kerplunk - (Green Day) My Generation; Strangeland; Sweet Children; Words I Might Have Ate; Who Wrote Holden Caulfield;
  36. Key To My Life: Collection - (Boyzone) Key To My Life; Will Be Yours; Love Me For A Reason; One Kiss At A Time; This Is Where I Belong;
  37. Keys To Ascension Disc 1 - (Yes) Awaken; The Revealing Science Of God;
  38. Keys To Ascension Disc 2 - (Yes) Starship Trooper; Be The One;
  39. Keystudio - (Yes) Foot Prints; Mind Drive; Bring Me To The Power; Children Of The Light; That Is;
  40. Kiara Rocks - (Kiara Rocks) Últimos Dias; Até Que Se Prove; Todos Os Meus Passos; Mais Uma Noite; Antes de Tentar;
  41. Kick - (INXS) Guns In The Sky; New Sensation; Devil Inside; Need You Tonight; Mediate;
  42. Kicker - (Zella Day) Jerome; High; Ace of Hearts; 1965; East of Eden;
  43. Kid - (Kid Abelha) De Quem É O Poder; A História Única De Todo Amor; Dizer Não É Dizer Sim; Sexo E Dólares; Paris, Paris, Paris;
  44. Kid A - (Radiohead) Kid A; Everything In Its Right Place; The National Anthem; How to Disappear Completely; Optimistic;
  45. Kiddo (EP) - (Jessie Reyez) Great One; Colombian King & Queen; Gatekeeper; Figures; Blue Ribbon (feat. Tim Suby);
  46. Kill 'Em All - (Metallica) Hit The Lights; The Four Horsemen; Motorbreath; Jump In The Fire; Whiplash;
  47. Kill Kill (EP) - (Lana Del Rey) Kill Kill; Yayo; Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven);
  48. Kill The Lights - (Luke Bryan) Kick the Dust Up; Kill the Lights; Strip It Down; Home Alone Tonight (feat. Karen Fairchild); Razor Blade;
  49. Kill The Sun - (Xandria) Kill The Sun; Mermaids; Ginger; She's Nirvana; Forever Yours;
  50. Killer - (Alice Cooper) Be My Lover; Dead Babies; Desperado; Halo Of Flies; Killer;
  51. Killer Love - (Nicole Scherzinger) Right There (feat. 50 cent); AmenJena; Casualty; Heartbeat (Rudi Wells Open Heart Remix); Everybody;
  52. Killers - (Iron Maiden) Purgatory; Prodigal Son; Twilight Zone; Killers; Innocent Exile;
  53. Killers - (Kiss) I'm A Legend Tonight; Down On Your Knees; Cold Gin; Love Gun; Shout It Out Loud;
  54. Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! - (Megadeth) Last Rites / Loved To Death; Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good; Rattlehead; Chosen Ones; Looking Down The Cross;
  55. Killing The Dragon - (Dio) Killing The Dragon;
  56. Killswitch Engage - (Kill Switch Engage) Temples from the Within;
  57. Kim Richey - (Kim Richey) From Where I Stand;
  58. Kimi Tsunagi Five M - (Asian Kung-fu Generation) Flashback; Mirai no Kakera; Denpatou; Understand; Natsunohi, Sanzou;
  59. King of Kingz - (Sean Kingston) Rewind; You Girl (feat. Akon); Say Yes (feat. Flo Rida); Twice My Age; Hope Is A River (feat B.o.B);
  60. King Of Majesty - (Australia Hillsongs) King Of Majesty; Everything To Me; God Is Great;

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