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  1. I Am - (Leona Lewis) I Got You; The Essence Of Me; Ladders; I Am; You Knew Me When;
  2. I am ... Sasha Fierce - (Beyoncé) If I Were a Boy; Halo; Disappear; Broken-Hearted Girl; Ave Maria;
  3. I am ... Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition - (Beyoncé) If I Were a Boy; Halo; Disappear; Broken-Hearted Girl; Ave Maria;
  4. I Am Me - (Ashlee Simpson) In Another Life; Boyfriend; Beautifully Broken; L.O.V.E.; Coming Back For More;
  5. I Am Not a Human Being - (Lil Wayne) Gonorrhea (Ft. Drake); What's Wrong With Them (Ft. Nicki Minaj); Right Above It (feat. Drake); Bill Gates;
  6. I Am Not a Human Being II - (Lil Wayne) Beat the Shit (Feat. Gunplay); Trigger Finger (Feat. Soulja Boy); Back To You; No Worries (Feat. Detail); Gunwalk (Feat. Gudda Gudda);
  7. I am Sam - (Sarah McLachlan) Blackbird;
  8. I Am The Club Rocker - (Inna) Un Momento (feat. Juan Magan); Club Rocker (feat. Flo Rida); House Is Going On; Endless; Sun Is Up;
  9. I Am The Cute One,  I Am The Cute One - (Olsen Twins) Don't Let Your Mom Go Shopping;
  10. I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance:The Remix Album - (Kesha) Blow (Cirkut Remix); Sleazy (remix); Tik Tok (remix); F**K Him He's a DJ; Animal Switch Remix;
  11. I Am The Night - (Pantera) Hot And Heavy; I Am The Night; Onward We Rock!; D*G*T*T*M; Down Below;
  12. I Am... - (Ayumi Hamasaki) Dearest; Evolution; Still Alone;
  13. I Am... - (Nas) K-I-S-S-I-N-G; Nas Is Like; Big Things; Life Is What You Make It; Dr. Knockboot;
  14. I Am...Sasha Fierce Platinum edition - (Beyoncé) Ave Maria; Disappear; Satellites; Save The Hero; Honesty;
  15. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me My Love - (My Chemical Romance) Demolition Lovers;
  16. I Care 4 U - (Aaliyah) Back And Forth; Are You That Somebody; One In A Million; I Care 4 U; More Than A Woman;
  17. I Choose You - (Point Of Grace) I Choose You; Down; Who Am I? (2004); Worthless; Justified;
  18. I Created Disco - (Calvin Harris) Merrymaking At My Place; Colours; This is the Industry; The Girls; Acceptable In The 80´s;
  19. I Cry When I Laugh - (Jess Glynne) Real Love (with Clean Bandit); Hold My Hand; Gave Me Something; Strawberry Fields (Intro); Ain't Got Far to Go;
  20. I Decided. - (Big Sean) Bounce Back; Light (feat. Jeremih); Intro (I Decided.); No Favors (feat. Eminem); Jump Out the Window;
  21. I Do Believe - (Bill Gaither And The Gaither Vocal Band) He's Watching Me;
  22. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got - (Sinead O'Connor) Feel So Different; I Am Stretched On Your Grave; Three Babies; The Emperor's New Clothes; Black Boys on Mopeds;
  23. I Don't Wanna Cry No More - (Helloween)
  24. I Don't Wanna Grow Up (EP) - (Bebe Rexha) I Don't Wanna Grow Up; Sweet Beginnings; I'm Gonna Show You Crazy; Pray; I Can't Stop Drinking About You;
  25. I Don't Want You Back - (Eamon) Intro; I Love Them Ho's (Ho-Wop); Somethin' Strange; On & On; Get Off My Dick;
  26. I Dreamed A Dream - (Susan Boyle) The End Of The World; Proud; Who I Was Born To Be; Amazing Grace; Up To The Mountain;
  27. I Feel Alright - (Steve Earle) More Than I Can Do;
  28. I Feel for You - (Chaka Khan) I Feel For You; Through The Fire;
  29. I Heard They Suck Live - (NOFX) Kill All The White Man;
  30. I Heard They Suck Live,  Punk In Drublic - (NOFX) Linoleum;
  31. I Heard They Suck Live,  Ribbed - (NOFX) Together On The Sand;
  32. I Heard They Suck Live,  White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean - (NOFX) Bob;
  33. I Lied My Face Off [EP] - (Alkaline Trio) Bleeder; Goodbye Forever; Ilied My Face Off; This is getting over you;
  34. I Look To You - (Whitney Houston) Million Dollar Bill; Nothing But Love; Call You Tonight; I Look To You; Like I Never Left;
  35. I Love MPB - (Marina Lima) Nada Por Mim; Veneno; Preciso Dizer Que Te Amo; Nosso Estranho Amor; Me Chama;
  36. I Love MPB: Deixa O Amor Acontecer - (Roupa Nova) Deixa o Amor Acontecer; Amor De Índio; Nascente; Seguindo No Trem Azul; Bem Maior;
  37. I Love MPB: Eu Só Sei Amar Assim - (Zizi Possi) Eu Só Sei Amar Assim; Meu Amigo, Meu Herói; Nunca; A Paz; Mais Simples;
  38. I Love To Love - (Tina Charles) Dance Little Lady Dance;
  39. I Never Learn - (Lykke Li) I Never Learn; No Rest For The Wicked; Just Like a Dream; Silver Line; Gunshot;
  40. I Never Loved A Man The Way I - (Aretha Franklin) Respect; Drown In My Own Tears; I Never Loved A Man; Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business);
  41. I Only See You When I'm Dreamin' - (Dev) 209; Have It All; All I Wanna Do; Trouble (feat. Marko Penn); Come At Me;
  42. I Remember You - (Brian McKnight) Your Love Is Ooh; Crazy Love; On The Floor; On the Down Low; Must Be Love;
  43. I Say Yes - (J Sutta) Sunday Island; Feel Nothing (feat. Hopsin); Inches Away; When a Girl Loves a Boy (feat. Pitbull); Forever;
  44. I Should Coco - (Supergrass) Alright;
  45. I To Sky - (JJ72) Always and Forever;
  46. I Wanna Be With You - (Mandy Moore) I Wanna Be With You;
  47. I Wish You Love - (Gloria Gaynor) I Never Knew;
  48. I'm a Rebel - (Accept) Im A Rebel; Save Us; Thunder And Lightining; China Lady; I Wanna Be No Hero;
  49. I'm Breathless - (Madonna) He's A Man; Sooner Or Later; Hanky Panky; I'm Going Bananas; Cry Baby;
  50. I'm Gonna Tell You a Secret - (Madonna) The Beast Within; Vogue; Nobody Knows Me; American Life; Hollywood;
  51. I'm Not Dead - (Pink) The One That Got Away; Runaway; U + Ur Hand; Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely); 'Cuz I Can;
  52. I'm Ready - (Tevin Campbell) I'm Ready;
  53. I'm So in Love: Grandes Éxitos - (Paulina Rubio) I'm So In Love; Mio; Te Daria mi Vida; Only For You; Él me Engañó;
  54. I'm With Stupid - (Aimee Mann) That's Just What You Are;
  55. I'm With You - (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Monarchy of Roses; Factory Of Faith; Brendan's Death Song; Ethiopia; Annie Wants a Baby;
  56. I'm Your Baby Tonight - (Whitney Houston) My Name Is Not Susan; Lover For Life; I'm Your Baby Tonight; All The Man That I Need; Anymore;
  57. I've Been Expecting You - (Robbie Williams) Strong; No Regrets; Millennium; Phoenix From The Flames; Win Some Lose Some;
  58. Icarus Falls - (Zayn Malik) If I Got You; Flight of the Stars; Tonight; Stand Still; Imprint;
  59. Ice Cream Man - (Master P) No More Tears;
  60. Ice On Fire - (Elton John) This Town; Soul Glove; Nikita; Too Young; Satellite;

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