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  1. Há Dez Mil Anos Atrás - (Raul Seixas) Eu Nasci Há Dez Mil Anos Atrás; Cantiga De Ninar; Os Números; O Homem; As Minas do Rei Salomão;
  2. Há Um Lugar - (Viviane) Há Um Lugar; É O Amor De Deus;
  3. Había Una Vez - (Los Enanitos Verdes) Típico Domingo; Sólo Quiero Estar Contigo; Amor Sangriento; Si es Tan Fácil Dejarme; Igual a Mí;
  4. Habitaciones Extrañas - (Los Enanitos Verdes) La Misma Luna; Atrapado Por tu Corazón; Sumar Tiempo No Es Sumar Amor; El ExtrañO Del Pelo Largo; Vivo Dos Veces;
  5. Habítame Siempre - (Thalía) Atmosfera; Hoy Ten Miedo de Mí; La Apuesta (feat. Erik Rubin); Ojala; Dime Si Ahora;
  6. Hacked Up For Barbecue - (Mortician) Abolition;
  7. Hacked Up For Barbecue,  Mortal Massacre - (Mortician) Brutally Mutilated;
  8. Hail to the King - (Avenged Sevenfold) Crimson Day; Requiem; This Means War; Doing Time; Hail To The King;
  9. Hail to the Thief - (Radiohead) 2+2=5; Sit Down Stand Up; Sail To The Moon; Backdrifts; Go To Sleep;
  10. Hair of The Dog - (Nazareth) Hair Of The Dog;
  11. Haiz (EP Japan Version) - (Hailee Steinfeld) Love Myself; You're Such A; Rock Bottom (Remix feat.DNCE); Hell No's and Headphones; Starving (Feat. Zedd & Grey);
  12. Haiz (EP) - (Hailee Steinfeld) Love Myself; You're Such A; Rock Bottom; Hell No's and Headphones;
  13. Haja Coração - (Adriana) Joguei Tudo Com Você;
  14. Halcyon - (Ellie Goulding) Don't Say A Word; Anything Could Happen; I Know You Care; Atlantis; Lights;
  15. Halcyon Days - (Ellie Goulding) Midas Touch (feat. Burns); Tessellate; How Long Will I Love You; Flashlight (Feat. DJ Fresh); Under Control;
  16. Half Horse Half Musician - (Sean Lennon) Queue; Spaceship; Dream; Heart & Lung; 5/8;
  17. Half Hour Of Power - (Sum 41) Another Time Around; Dave's Posessed Hair; Machine Gun; Makes No Difference; Second Chance For Max Headroom;
  18. Half Life - (Lacuna Coil) Stars;
  19. Half The World Is Watching Me - (Mew) Am I wry?; Mica; Saliva; King Christian; Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years;
  20. Hall of Fame - (Big Sean) Sierra Leone; Milf; Freaky; Mona Lisa; First Chain;
  21. Hall Of The Olden Dreams - (Dark Moor) Bells Of Notre Dame; Maid Of Orleans; Mortal Sin; Silver Lake; Somewere In Dreams;
  22. Halo - (Nixons) Having Fun; Phoenix; Scoop; Smile;
  23. Hammered - (Motorhead) Walk a Crooked Mile; Down The Line; Brave New World; Voices From The War; Mine All Mine;
  24. Hand On The Torch - (Us3) Cantaloop;
  25. Hands All Over - (Maroon 5) Just a Feeling; Get Back In My Life; How; Hands All Over; I Can't Lie;
  26. Handwritten - (Shawn Mendes) I Don't Even Know Your Name; Kid in Love; Never Be Alone; Stitches; Life Of The Party;
  27. Handwritten Revisited - (Shawn Mendes) Running Low; Act like You Love Me; I Know What You Did Last Summer (Feat. Camila Cabello); This Is What It Takes; A Little Too Much (Live);
  28. Hangin' Tough - (New Kids On The Block) Hold On; My Favorite Girl; What'cha Gonna Do (About It)?; I Remember When; Hanging Tough;
  29. Hannah Montana - (Miley Cyrus) Find Yourself In You; She's No You; Pop Princess; This is The Life; The other Side Of me;
  30. Hannah Montana - (Hannah Montana) The Best Of Both Worlds;
  31. Hannah Montana 2 - (Hannah Montana) We Got The Party;
  32. Hannah Montana 2 Meet Miley Cyrus Disco # 2 - (Miley Cyrus) I Miss You; Good and Broken; Clear; Start All Over; As I Am;
  33. Hannah Montana 2 Meet Miley Cyrus Disco #1 - (Miley Cyrus) True Friend; You And Me Together; Bigger Than Us; One In A Million; Life's What You Make It;
  34. Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party - (Miley Cyrus) One In A Million (remixed);
  35. Hannah Montana 3 - (Miley Cyrus) I Wanna Know You (with David Archuleta); (Let's Get) Crazy; Don't Wanna Be Torn; Let's Chill; Every Part Of Me;
  36. Hannah Montana 3 - (Hannah Montana) It’s All Right Here;
  37. Hannah Montana Forever - (Miley Cyrus) Que Sera; Gonna Get This; Ordinary Girl; Kiss It Goodbye; I'll Always Remember You;
  38. Hannah Montana Forever - (Hannah Montana) Gonna Get This;
  39. Hannah Montana: Hits Remixed - (Miley Cyrus) Pumpin' Up The Party (Remix);
  40. Hannah Montana: O Filme - (Hannah Montana) You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home;
  41. Hannah Montana: The Movie - (Miley Cyrus) Let's do this; Bless The Broken Road - Rascall Flatts; Crazier - Taylor Swift; Back To Tennessee; Backwards;
  42. Hanno Ucciso L'uomo Ragno - (883) 6/1/Sfigato;
  43. Hanno Ucciso L'uomo Ragno,  Hanno Ucciso L'uomo Ragno - (883) Non Me La Menare;
  44. Happenstance - (Fozzy) Break The Walls Down;
  45. Happiness Begins - (Jonas Brothers) Cool; Sucker; Only Human; I Believe; Used To Be;
  46. Happy - (Alexia) Happy; Change Your Life; Goodbye; Baby Baby Baby; Te Amo;
  47. Happy Birthday (EP) - (Tinie Tempah) Fuck It I'm Gone (feat. J. Warner); Lucky Cunt (feat. Big Sean); 100k (feat. G FrSH, Tinchy Stryder, Krept & Konan); Till I'm Gone (feat. Wiz Khalifa); Like It Or Love It (feat. Wretch 32, J. Cole);
  48. Happy In Galoshes - (Scott Weiland) Missing Cleveland; Tangle With Your Mind; Blind Confusion; Paralysis; She Sold Her System;
  49. Happy Nation - (Ace Of Base) Voulez-Vous Danser; All That She Wants; Münchhausen (Just Chaos); Happy Nation; Waiting For Magic;
  50. Happy Nation - US Version - (Ace Of Base) All That She Wants; Don't Turn Around; Young And Proud; The Sign; Living In Danger;
  51. Happy Nowhere - (Dog's Eye View) Everything Falls Apart;
  52. Happy Together - (Nylons) Crazy in love;
  53. Harakiry City - (Caramelos De Cianuro) Cancion Suave; Cloroformo; El Pais De Las Androides Perversas; Harakiri City; Imaginar;
  54. Harbinger - (Paula Cole) Happy Home;
  55. Hard Candy - (Madonna) Devil Wouldn't Recognize You; Spanish Lesson; Dance 2Night; Beat Goes On; Incredible;
  56. Hard Knocks - (Joe Cocker) Hard Knocks; Get On; Unforgiven; The Fall; So it Goes;
  57. Hardcore - (Lil' Kim) Crush On You;
  58. Hardcore do Mato - (Cueio Limão) Prego; Quem Matou o Bozo?; Simon's Song; Mário; Cornélio;
  59. Harden My Heart...Best Of Quar - (Quarterflash) Harden My Heart;
  60. Harem - (Sarah Brightman) Harem; What A Wonderful World; It's A Beautiful Day; What You Never Know; The Journey Home;

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