Sunny Day

A Lighter Shade of Brown

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A Lighter Shade of Brown - Sunny Day

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Female: Uhhu& Sunny Day (Repeat 2X)
(2Pac: It's just another sunny day in California)

It's just another sunny day another sunny day
And we in the golden state
And you know it just don't stop
(2Pac: As we slide a sunny glock till clock)
It's just another sunny day and we looking to parlay
And you know it just don't stop
(2Pac: As we slide a sunny glock till clock)

(Verse 1)
It's goin down
Rollin round town through the streets
Bustin a left turn at the park where the homies meet
In the sunshine
Another sunny day where the girls wear mini-skirts
And low rider six trays
Money makers...
And locced out OG's in the Rigo smoking out bumpin oldies
In the deck with mo bounce to the ounce
And don't pass me no stress cause you what I m about
Makin money and spendin the grip
You see my shit payed for
So homeboy don't trip
I got it locked down
In the California state
From city to city, worldwide
I make em shake
Steppin out the ride in my Pelle gear
Girls yellin out the window
Oh yeah Shylo come here
You know you can't knock the hustle
It's the way that we play
It's just another sunny day in Califon-I-A


(Verse 2)
You know it's just another day in the city
Ridin around, checkin out what's goin down
And the summer shinin
And every way in southern California
Where the weather is hot
And everybody on the block
Got the weekends here
You know we bumpin it, celebratin
Money makin and ain't nobody playa hatin
As I roll with the homies and we cruise up the blocks
The 17's spinnin letting down the top
From the east to the west wanna see just how ride
Wanna see how we kick it getting down all night
Crack bottles of Cris and Hennessey for them keys
Rollin up in the Lex
And the Locos own D s
Hittin the switches
And everybody getting down
Givin the heat knowin there's a party goin round
Got me lovin it
Everyday like constantly
It's just another sunny day in C-A-L for me


(Verse 3)
We in the golden state
Feelin great when you see me side
There's not a cloud in the sky when you see me ride
And we be all up in the mix
In the six
And everybody want to party when we rollin with the click
Slow down and hit the dip chrome
Shinin on the kit
Candy on the flame it's the ultimate
And we goin roll down a one way
Think it was a Sunday
Nothin like another sunny day all over Cali

(Verse 4)
Feelin the breeze
Bumpin my CD s
Lookin at the temp it's a 100 degrees
When we ride we hittin corners in the navigators
When we slide we looking out for them player-haters
Bright lights and big city feelin fitty
Havin fun in the sun wit loved ones
It's alright... OC's to IE's where I was sidin
SC's to Southern Cali's where I live by

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