Latin Active

A Lighter Shade of Brown

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A Lighter Shade of Brown - Latin Active

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When your body gets this feeling
and you don't know what it is
got you moving
got you grooving
got you rapping with the pill
and you know that you were grooving
cuz you feel it in your soul
when the Latin turns us flowing
cuz the power takes control

Latin Activity
Its that Latin Activity (Oooooh)
Lets Jam Lets Jam (Latin Activity)

Roll the track Step back
and let me activate a lighter sound provided by jam andJames on
a flex
guess what's coming next
a dope rhyme by the dttx
on the mic 2 engage in a row
pump the grounds and will act like an active flow
just for you and your crew
so you can taste the rhythm from this Latin brace
as it takes control of your body
and so it feels the physical change and you will be
so you can't stop what start to takes to take place
your body starts to grove to the digital base
that's what happens as you can see
now let the crew explain the Latin activity

Latin Activity
Its that Latin Activity (Oooooh)
Lets Jam Lets Jam (Latin Activity)

Tear drop put the others in a sickness
a Latin female dope to get witness
hype of track with a lyrical concept
a brown queen known to break it down in one step
so regent the microphone just pass it
right to me when its trustyjust grasp it

just drop the mic that you were holdin
cuz if a lighter shade of brown is coming home
Latina taking over the microphone and rockin the place witha lil
bit of soul
and treble of bass
as I rock your partner stop and make you dance
and have a question are you still in the trance?
Amigos in espanol come quieran el ritmo
muevan sus pies y bailen al ritmo
asemos bailar es me mission
y Latin active es la cancion

Latin Activity
Its that Latin Activity (Oooooh)
Lets Jam Lets Jam (Latin Activity)

I get Latin active when I grab my microphone
running on my dick begging me to come home
I know they want more screaming from an encore
fellaz get jealous so they try to ignore
the O-D-M-I-M we rock the lyrics and before
we got you dancing to our song with the lighter shade brown
well hey its on
once again my friend you gotta have this song
get on the dance floor and lose control
when I lose control I get sorta active
my mind starts bangin form of Latin
yo tengo derecho de ser una estrella
porque mi primas son marivellas
im a one dope Latino mi languaje mas fino
porque soy Latino activo

Latin Activity
Its that Latin Activity (Oooooh)
Lets Jam Lets Jam (Latin Activity)
Latin OOHHH- OHHHH Esta letra foi retirada do site

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