Dip Into My Ride

A Lighter Shade of Brown

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A Lighter Shade of Brown - Dip Into My Ride

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(Verse 1)
Now as I stroll at an ease pace
The sun is beatin on my face
From place to place I wanna get a new taste
Of that new world
That good life because you see in my society
Reality equals casualty
I'm just dippin no need for ego trippin
Clippin through my tapes cause my boom is steady hittin
Reminiscin bout the days when it used to be safe to cruise
But now days if you don't bite you lose
Huh& and I'm a man who don't deserve this static
It's gonna get tragic
If we gotta go at it
Yo, I'm just dippin in my ride
Havin a great old time
Rollin down the street bustin rhymes
I'm buggin out on the girlies on the corner
And you know they never treat ODM like a foreigner
Steady feelin the vibe
And everything is alright
When I'm dippin my ride

Dip into my ride
Dip into my ride
Dip into my ride and let me take you to the other side
Dip into my ride
Dip into my ride and let me take you
Dip into my ride
Dip into my ride
Dip into my ride and let me take you to the other side
Dip into my ride
Dip into my ride and let me take you

(Verse 2)
Well its late night
Dippin like
Like veteran
Rollin down the street
Make fat lounge in my seat
As I stroll
Time keeps skippin
Life seems hard cause the dub got me trippin
On my way
Livin it like any day
That's the way it's got to be
When it comes to being me
Pop the new hit
Dippin through the neighborhood
Coolin with the homies
Everything is lookin good
Pocket full of benjamins
Sittin like that& fat
Macks so believe that
Gas up and I'm out
Pump my brakes
Y all know what I'm talking bout
Think I get my serve on
Feel that vibe
Bumpin out the hoo-ride
As I hit the switches
Front and back, side to side
Dip into my ride


(Verse 3)
Now I'm rollin down the strip
Cruisin bout 25
I glance to the left
There go my homey up at Hayra
(Hey what's up, homey)
Well whats the haps for the night
(Well, there's a party goin on and when we ll be sure show to rock the mic)
(Women&???, be sure to bring your jeep& man)
(Cause most of these girls got&)
Yo forget that
I'm just chillin
Sit back and shoot the breeze
Now here comes my partner
Sittin fat up some D s

(Verse 4)
Well as I stroll
I steady see the O glidin on my right
Pull up as we stop at a red light
Check to see
Everything's right
Cause we ain't getting sweated by them fools in the black and white
So I roll straight to the spot
Bust that left
O, hits it next
Steady feelin the vibe
And everything is alright
As we re dippin in our ride

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