Rap Game

50 Cent

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50 Cent - Rap Game

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`The Rap Game`

Hip-hop 1-0-1

The hardest 9 to 5 you will ever have

You can’t learn this shit in no history-book

You ready to rap mothafucker?

You ready to sell your soul… gheh-gheh-gheh

`The Rap Game` ...motherfucker


I’m a disruptive nigger

You made me crazy

You should a slayed me as a baby

Behavin shadier than Wes Craven

And you aint even gotta pay me

I take pleasure of layin a nigga down daily

You face me drunk of sober

You’ll faint fast

I’m never fucked up to where I can’t whoop your ass

Your neck will get snapped wit bear hands fuck music

Is he rappin is cool but fool don’t confuse it

What happens these dudes get rude and then I lose it

Im scantlas

I blow your two kids off the atlas

With a gat that’s bigger

Then Godzilla’s back nigga

You are not real and in fact

Your fruity effect of a crack dealer

Yall president sends me smack

Den got a mack 10 wit it

So I aint gotta rap

But im thankful for that

dont mistaken me black

Or u be stankin in back of a fuckin caddillac


I’ma get snuffed

Cause I aint said enough to pipe down

I pipe down when the white house is whipped out

when I see that lil cheany dike get snipped out

lights out bitch adios goodnight

now put that in your lil pipe and bite down

think for a minute cause the hype has died down

that I wont go up in the oval office right now

and flip whatever ain’t tied down upside down

I’m all for America, fuck the government

tell that C. Doloris Tucker slut to suck a dick

mutha fucker duck what the fuck son of a bitch

take away my gun and I’m a tuck some other shit

cant tell me shit about the tricks of this trade

switch blade with a lil switch to switch blades

switch from a 6 to a 16 inch blade

shits like a samurai sword a sensei

shit just don’t change to this day

im this way still till I utslay itchbay

ucksay my ickday

scuse my igpay atinlay

but uckfay a igpay

[50 Cent]

this rap game

this rap game

I aint sellin my soul for this rap game

I aint digging a whole for this rap game

but im telling ya no it aint happ-ning

this rap game

this rap game

I aint sellin my soul for this rap game

I aint digging a whole for this rap game

this rap game

this rap game

[Kon Artis]

i bet you rather me

drink n drown in my own eniquity

but fuck that ima rap till u all get sick of me

and clutch my nut sack and spit on who pick on me

im hittin a rock next fuck a dogg who sickin me

im sayin you mutha fuckers dont know and quit playin

if im broke then im brakin open the place where you layin

you know, same shit every nigga done in his life

i lived it thats why i speak on what i want when i write

so why... should i... ever fear another man

if he bleed like i bleed take a piss an he stand

ok, you win... you can say we cant rap

but no source never mean we aint buyin on what they say is wack


i walk in the party and just start bustin

right after i hear the last verse im self-destruction

this liquor make me wanna blast the chrome

to let you know that time without more is getting jerome

im low down and shifty, quickly called swifty

to do a drive by on a 10-speed with "50"

you feelin lucky? squeeze

i catch you outside of chucky cheese

well just see, who be an unlucky G

my life style is unstable, a partyin attic

they said no fighting in the club so i brought me a matic

coughin estatic, I jump niggas call me a rabbit

popin a tablet, and guns that saw you in half

[50 cent]

beleive me

we run this rap shit fo shizzie

make makin millions look easy

every where ya turn you see me

you hear me

believe me

for ya see my pistol in 3-D

no time to call a peace treaty

dial 9-1-1 cause u need de

police to help you believe me


i snatch the tounge from the sidewalk and piss on the curb

this is absurb

these street niggas twistin my words

we finally could

say goodbye to hollywood

cause proof an shaun

share nuttin in common

the nastyest band

with gats in each hand

we never bomb down to be a flash and a pan

no remorse

fuck you stature dog

nuttin to do wit hands when i clap at yall

put ya jaw on the ground

wit the 4 and a pound

im goin out of town

for the long come around

so we can battle wit raps

so we can battle wit gats

matter fact we can battle wit plaques

[50 Cent]

this rap game


im too fuckin retarded

i dont give a fuck about my dick

thats why im dating Loraina Bobbet

my crew had an argument

who was the largest

now they all is dead

and im rolling as a solo artist

plus i made all the beats and wrote all the raps

well i really didnt

but i did according to this contract

i was stoned in the snow

wit no where to go

freezin 20 below

forced to join bail tip dafoe

my little girl she shouldnt be listening to these lyrics

thats why i glued the headphones to her ear to make sure she hear it

if rap dont work, im starting a group wit garth brooks (hahhaha)

50 sing the hook

[50 Cent]

this rap game

this rap game

I aint sellin my soul for this rap game

I aint digging a whole for this rap game

And im telling ya no it aint happ-ning

this rap game

this rap game

I aint sellin my soul for this rap game

I aint digging a whole for this rap game

this rap game

this rap game

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